You guys arrive at the studio and head to the make-up and 
hair room. The bros get fixed up while you watch and talk to 
Zac. You occasionally look up every few minutes to see how 
the other two are coming along and every time Tay seems to 
staring at you with this blank expression on his face. This 
makes you a little uneasy, but finally they are finished.
You walk into the studio holding hands with Zac, following 
Ike and Tay. 

"Ok guys just go over there behind the blue, no green 
background." The photographer tells them. 

You let go of Zac's hand and he walks over to the 
background. They take millions, well at least it seems 
like millions, pics of the boys and of course Zac has to 
make the stupidest faces for every pic no matter how many 
times his mom and dad tell him to stop. 

"Ok, I think that's it, how about some family pics while 
we're at it?" The photographer asks Walker.
"Ok why not?" Walker says as he walks to the background.
"Well what about your sister?" The photographer asks 
referring to you. 

"That's not our sister." Zac speaks up, "That's my 
girlfriend!" He says with the biggest grin ever. 

Taylor shoots his head up and looks at you with a hurt 
yet astonished face. 

How can she do this to me, he thinks to himself, I like her 
so much, and that little twerp has to go and steal my 
chances with her, well there is no way I am going to let 
them be together. If I can't have her, neither can he. 

"Taylor, are you alive?" Diana calls. 

"Ya sorry, let's go!" He says as he throws the camera a 
fake smile.

     "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" Zac screams as he speeds down 
the hill in his rollerblades. 

"Zac, ZAC!" You scream. "No come back, put on the brakes, 
stop, DO SOMETHING!!!!" You hurriedly skate after him. 

As you reach the bottom of the hill you slow down and 
finally come to a stop and look around. Where is he you 
think, to yourself, Where did he go? 


"AHHHHHHH!" You scream as Zac grabs you from behind. 
"Don't do that!" You say with a smile. 

"Why?  Did I scare you? " He replies in a mocking voice. 

"No, I wasn't scared at all." You answer as you begin 
to skate away. 

"Yes you were!" 

" No I wasn't!" 

"Yes you were!" 

"No I wasn't!" 

You two argue the whole way home.

As you come to the front porch Zac turns around and 
stops in front of you. 

"What?" You ask him. 

"Would you think I was stupid if I told you that...
.um..... I think I love you????" Zac asks shyly. 

"No, would you think I was stupid if I said I think 
that I love you too?" You ask. 

"No." He answers smiling. 

"Then good, we now know we aren't stupid and that we love 
each other." You say. 

"Ya." He leans into kiss you when the door flies open. 

"Mom is waiting for you in the living room, she is mad 
that you left after the shoot without telling her." 
Taylor says with a smile. 

"Ah man !" Zac says as he trudges into the house, you 
follow right behind him and head up to your room. 

You turn on your computer and your music and start 
to sing and dance along when you hear a knock on the door. 

"Come in." You say in response. 

"Hey!" Taylor says as he walks in. 

"Hey." You reply with a smile. "What ya need?"

"Well, I was wondering." He asks as he walks towards 
you and stops a few inches from your face "I......." 
He doesn't finish his sentence. He grabs your shoulders 
and pulls your face to his and kisses you on the lips. 
He begins to wrap his arms around you and right as you 
are turning to pull away you hear the floor creak. 

You push Taylor away and see Zac standing in the door. 

He just stares at you and Tay with a look of horror, 
disgust, pain, and a million other emotions on his 

"Zac, this isn't what it looks like." You say breaking 
the silence. 

A single tear falls down Zac's cheek and he turns and 
walks away. 

"No, Zac don't go......" You begin after him. 

"Amelia." Taylor says grabbing your arm. "He's not right 
for you I am." He says smiling and trying to 
kiss you again. 

"Stop!" You say pushing him away. 

"C'mon, every girl in the world would kill to go 
out with me and you are turning me down?" Tay asks. 

"Yes so let go of me!" You answer sounding real 

"Why? So you can run off to your little wus of a 
boyfriend? He probably doesn't even kiss as good as I 


Taylor looks back at you with a look of surprise. 

Oh my god, you think to yourself, I just hit Taylor 
Hanson, oh who cares who he is he deserved it. 

"Don't you ever say anything like that again Taylor Hanson. 
He is your brother and my boyfriend and you should be happy 
that he is happy, well at least he was happy. You are the 
most conceited jerk I have ever met in my entire life and I 
wouldn't go out with you even if you paid me. I love Zac and 
Zac loves me and there is NOTHING you can do about it, so get 
out of my room get out of my face and leave me alone cause I 
never want to see or look at you again, IS THAT CLEAR??" You 
scream and then storm out of your room to go find Zac. 

I can't believe he said that about Zac, I can't believe 
he did that. How could he? How could he be so cruel?? A 
million questions fly through your head as you desperately 
look for Zac.

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Chapter 2:
Through Thick and Thin: