"Ok, if I were a laser Tag arena, where would I be?" 
You ask Zac. 

"Um, in the like phone book duh!!!" He says 
in a valley girl type accent. 

"Ok." You say smiling at him. "Then let's look at the 
phone book." 

You two walk to the nearest phone booth and pick up the 
heavy book. You watch Zac do this, he looks so cute. He 
has a little trouble picking it up but he finally gets 
it up on the shelf. He is wearing a blue jersey type blue 
shirt with white strips going down the sleeves and black 
baggy CK jeans. 

He looks so adorable, you think to yourself looking at 
him and smiling. 

"HELLOO!! Earth to Amelia, come in Amelia!" He says 
waving his hands in front of your face. 

"Oh sorry, did you find one?" You ask, snapping 
out of your trance. 

"Ya, but we are going to have to take a 
taxi cause it's pretty far from here." Hw says. 

"Ok cool." You say and hail a taxi.

     "Your dad will kill us if he finds out that we 
stayed out this late." You say, your arms around Zac as 
you two stand in front of the door to the hotel room 
that you are sharing with me. 

"Ya, I bet that everyone covered for us though." He says 
with a smile and kisses you. 

"Hey we aren't supposed to do anything like this in 
public, what if there is a fan or something around." 
You say looking up and down the hallway to the hotel.
"Who cares!" He says smiling and kisses you again. 

"Ok well I will see you tomorrow, Zac." You say and let 
him go. 

You give him a kiss on the cheek and FLASH!! Someone 
takes a picture of you. You both look at a young girl 
who looks about 9 or 10. She flashes us a big smile that 
is missing two teeth. 

"MICHELLE!" Zac yells a little too loud. 

"I knew you had a girlfriend, I can't believe you would 
cheat on me like this." She says walking towards you and 
Zac. You step on front of Zac putting your body in between
her and Zac. 

"Move it loser!!" The girl says to you. 

You look down at her a little amused. Here is this little 
girl aged 9 or 10 trying to tell you what to do even 
though your tower over her about 10 feet. 

You smile and move out of the way and Zac just 
looks at you with a horrified expression on his face. 

"Zac I thought we were going to be together forever." 
She says, wrapping her arms around him. 

You mouth to him to get the film out of the camera. 

"Well, I am sorry, I met someone else." He says looking 
at you and moving his fingers towards the camera around 
her neck to get the film out (luckily it is one of 
those kinds of cameras where you just put in the 
film and you don't have to load it). 

"Wooh Zac!" She says feeling his fingers on her 
chest (she is dreaming she THINKS they are on her chest
but it is only the camera against her.) 

"See I told you." He says talking to you but looking at 

He successfully gets the film out of the camera and 
pushes her away. 

You have the door to your room open and ready. 

He holds up the film and says. "Thank you!" With a smile 
and runs into the room and you slam the door closed in 
her face. 

"Give that back Zac HANSON!!!" She screams at the top 
of her lungs. 

"Hey."  A girl asks from across the hall. "Hanson is in 

"Yes" answers Michelle.
"OH MY GOD!!" The girl screams and runs into her room, 
when she comes out about four girls come out with her and 
they start pounding on the door screaming "I LOVE YOU IKE, 

"Oh great, look what she started." You tell Zac over the 

"Well I am used to it. I will just sleep in here and 
eventually they will leave." He says with a smile. 

"Ok." You say back. "I have to get ready for bed I'll be 
right back." 

You walk into the bathroom and get your shirt and 
boxers on. You come out and Zac is already in his boxers 
and a shirt waiting for you in bed. You slip into the 
sheets next to him and lay down to go to sleep. He begins 
to kiss your neck and back, you turn over and begin to kiss 
him. You two begin to really get into it, touching and 
kissing everywhere (well almost everywhere) when. 

"Guys c'mon." You hear Kristen say. "If your gonna get 
freaky at least do it quietly." 

"Sorry!" Zac says giggling. 

You two continue to kiss. He moves his hands up your 
shirt so like on cue you go down his pants. You two 
stay like that kissing for the longest time, you never 
realize that someone has began picking the lock to your 

      "Ssssh!" You hear Michelle whisper from outside 
the door. "They'll hear us." 

"It's a key card lock, how can you pick a key card 
lock?" One of the girls from across the hall asks. 

"My Zac HANSON is in there, I can pick it." She says 
looking determined. 

"What if she does get it open Zac?" You ask looking 
a little concerned. 

"She won't it's....." 


He is cut off as the door unlocks. 

You jump out of bed and wake Kristen up. 

"Kristen." You whisper. "Not now Isaac." She says in her 

"Kristen!" You whisper a little louder slapping her face. 

"OW!" She screams and sits up in bed holding her cheek. 
"What did....." She starts but you put your hand over her 

"We have to sneak through Walker's room and into the 
guys room cause some fan just picked the lock." You say 
taking your hand away from her mouth. 

As you all begin to walk over to the door connecting 
Walker's to your the front door opens real slowly. You 
all quietly open the doors that join your rooms and 
step inside Walker's room, close then lock the doors 
behind you. You quietly walk to the doors connecting to 
the guys room trying not wake up Walker. 


You trip over his shoes and fall on the floor hitting your 
head on the wall. 

"You clutz!" Kristen whispers trying not to laugh. 

Zac helps you up and you continue to the doors 
try the guys door and it is locked. 

Zac knocks softly and says. "Taylor, Isaac, anyone 

Walker stirs a little in his sleep and you all freeze 
huddled together at the door trying to blend into the 

Zac knocks again, still no answer. 

"We're going to have to go out the front." Zac whispers 

"Shoot!" Kristen says out loud.
You slap her in the back of the head and tell her to be 
quiet. You walk to the front door. 

"Wait." Kristen says.  She walks over to Zac and 
whispers. "Where's your key?" 

"Shoot!" He says slapping his forehead. "It's in 
my,oh no! With those 
girls!" He begins to run to the door and you and 
Kristen both grab him. 

"I'll get them!" Kristen volunteers. 

She walks over to the doors and says, "When I get it I"ll 
knock three times." Then disappears into the room. 

She slowly closes the doors and looks into the room. 

Two girls are going through the drawers. 

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" She says 
flicking on the lights. 

"Who are you?" Michelle says, 
dropping Zac's pants, thankfully she didn't get into 
the pockets yet. 

"That's none of your business, and why are you in 
my room?" Kristen asks glaring at her. 

"This is Hanson's room." She says putting her hands on 
her hips. 

Kristen walks over to the dresser and pulls out a bra. 
"Oh ya, I'm sure this is Taylor's favorite piece of 

Michelle's mouth drops open. "Then where's Hanson, I saw 
Zac come in here?" She asks. 

"They are on the top floor, they sneaked out a LONG 
time ago." Kristen answers. 

The girls make a mad dash for the door and run to 
the elevator. 

Kristen closes and double locks the door, gathers up 
Zac's clothes, turns off the lights then knocks 
three times softly on the door. 

You open it and she walks in and hands Zac his clothes. 

"They are gone but there is no guarantee that they 
won't be back." Kristen says queitly. 

"Ok, well then we will just have to sneak out into the hall 
and go out into the hall and go into the guys room." You say. 

You tip toe back over to the front door and you look through 
the peep hole, all clear. 

Zac opens the door and Kristen looks out. No one, so You 
and her walk out the door first and block Zac from the 
view of the elevators. 

Just as you reach the guys room Walker's door slams 

"Zac!" You whisper. "Why'd you let it slam?" 

"Sorry." He answers as he searches his pockets for his 
key card. "Oh shoot." 

"What?" You ask. 

"My key cards not in here. I must 
have left it on the dresser in your room." 

"Shit." Kristen says. 

"Well, let's go back and get it." You say. 

You begin to walk to your room when Kristen stops. 

"Dang it!!" She says. "I double locked the door in case 
those girls came back. We are going to have to go down 
to the lobby and get another key for our rooms." 

"Kristen!" You say. "What'd you do that for?" 

"Sorry, I didn't want them going through my stuff. 
Let's just go before they realize Hanson isn't on the top 
floor and they come back." 


The elevator rings and the doors open. 

Out walks Michelle and that girl from across the hall. 

"I can't believe we fell for that!" Michelle says 
then freezes. Both girls just look at us in your boxers 
(let's just pretend for a moment that we all have good enough 
bodies to be walking around a hotel in our boxers.) 

"Run!" Zac screams. 

You all run as fast as you can pushing past the 
girls and diving into the elevator. You get up and slam down 
the door close button, the doors close slowly and the girls 
begin to get up. You push the button a million times. The 
doors finally close and the elevator starts down to the lobby. 

"That was close!" You say as Zac and Kristen stumble to get 

The doors open to the lobby and you all quickly walk 
over to the desk, get your cards, then start back to the 
elevators and wait for one. You look up at the numbers and 
notice the elevator is coming down from your floor. 

"Guys, they are in this elevator." You say pointing. 

"Ok, let's use the stairs." Kristen says and pushes you 
and Zac through the door. 

The door closes just as the elevator opens and the 
two girls walk out. You run up the stairs two at a time going 
as fast as you can. You finally reach the floor tired and out 
of breath, then Kristen looks at the elevator. 

"It's coming back up, get in the room." She yells. 

You run to the door and slam a key card into the door. 


Zac pulls his out of his pocket and rams it in the door 
as the elevator dings. You close the door quietly and 
double lock it as the girls walk out into the hall. You 
can hear them talking as they walk by. 

"Ok goodnight." You hear Michelle say as a door 

Kristen goes and lays down in bed with Isaac who 
wakes up and asks what's going on. 

"I'll tell you later, go to sleep." She replies. 

You and Zac go to bed. "Well that was interesting!" You 
say as you doze off into dreamland.

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Chapter 11:
Through Thick and Thin: