You hear laughing off in the distance. You look around. 
You are standing on clouds on everything is white. 

"Amelia!" You hear Zac call, his voice echoes a 

You turn around and see him, he looks gorgeous, then 
you start floating backwards away from Zac. 

"Amelia!" He calls again. "Amelia."
"Wait no! Zac!" You say. 

"Amelia!" You hear Zac scream and you wake up and 
look into Zac's face. 

You grab him around the neck then kiss him. 

"Wow, good morning to you too." He says with a smile. 

He gets off of you and begins to get ready.
You get out of bed and stretch then look at the clock, 

"Zac!" You scream. "Why did you wake me up so early?" 

"We have a concert today." He answers you. "Which means 
we have to leave here at nine and have a sound check 
and rehearsal at 10:00, it takes an hour to get there." 
He says walking into the bathroom with his clothes. 

You look at the other 2 beds and notice that everyone 
else is still sleeping. 

"Why didn't you wake anyone else up?" You yell into the 

"Cause I did, they fell back asleep, wake them up for 
me." He calls back to you. 

You walk over to Kristen and Isaac first and shake 
her awake. 

"I didn't do it, it was Zac." She says, still a bit 

You smile.  "Wake up Kristen." You say, then you walk 
over to Isaac and wake him up. 

"I'm up I'm up!" He says and sits up in bed. 

You walk over to Taylor and neil down in front of his 
face and blow (sicko! I know what you're thinking) his 
face twitches and you laugh and do it again. This time 
he brushes his hand across his face but stays asleep. 
You do it again and this time he wakes up and gets out 
of bed. 

Kristen sleepily walks by you to the door and leaves 
the room. You just stand there starring at the floor. 

"Uh, Amelia?" Isaac says. 

"Huh?" You say snapping out of your trance of the floor. 

"We need to get dressed." He tells you. 

"Oh ya." You say blushing a little, you begin to walk 
towards the door. "Tell Zac where I went." You know he 
won't be able to hear you since he is singing Sesame 
Street in the shower.

     Everyone finally gets ready and heads out to the 
car where Michelle and her group of girls is waiting for 
all of you. 

They see Hanson and come running towards you guys 
screaming. Since it is only five girls you push past them 
easily and get into the van. Me and Ike take the back and 
Taylor beat you and Zac to the middle so you guys are stuck 
in the front.

You drive for half an hour till you get to the 
"Ok guys." Walker says, turning around in his chair. 
"Kristen and Amelia you have a choice. You can either 
watch the concert backstage or you can watch it from the 

"What do you want to do?" You ask her. 

"I want to be in the audience." Kristen answers. 

"Ok Me and Kristen will be in the audience." You tell 

You all pile out of the van and start for the door since 
there is a mob of girls running after you. You reach the 
door and everyone makes it safely inside this time. 

Everyone walks down a long corridor which leads to the 
dressing rooms and backstage areas. 

Hanson goes onstage immediately for a sound check so 
you and Kristen start to walk around. 

"Oh look who's here." You hear a squealy voice behind you. 

You turn around and see Amanda with a huge band-aid over 
her nose and a bruised cheek. 

"Well hello Amanda." Kristen says. "You know, why don't 
you just let Amelia knock you out right now and it will 
save us all a lot of time and trouble." Kristen says with 
a smile. 

"Kristen." She says. "Why don't you go attach yourself 
to your man cause he may be next." She says with a 

Kristen advances towards her but you grab her arms and 
pull her back. 

"Don't you touch him!" Kristen yells. 

You let go and Kristen composes herself. 

"Just buzz off Amanda." You say and motion to Kristen to 
walk away but she follows. 

"You know." She begins. "By the time you leave Detroit, 
Zac will be mine." 

Kristen raises her hand and signals for you to ignore 
her, but Amanda keeps going. 

"I bet you've never even kissed him have you? I have, I 
even slept with him, something I bet he'd never do with 
a slut like you." She says with a smile. 

You don't want to listen to anymore. You clench your 

"And as for you Kristen, I doubt Isaac even likes you." 
She continues. "Now that I think about it, after their 
concert is over here I will have both of them." 

This time you motion for Kristen to ignore her. 

"And Taylor." She begins. "I guess he looks to much like 
a girl to even get a chic.." 

Kristen doesn't let her finish, she spins around and 
punches Amanda hard on the other side of her face. She 
spits blood on Kristen's shirt then falls to the ground 
holding her cheek.
"Well you're just pissen' everyone off this week aren't 

You say with a smile then run to catch up with Kristen.

     You sing and dance along with Hanson as they perform. 

They go through a lot of songs until finally they get to 
the last one. 

"What do you guys want to hear?" Taylor asks pointing the 
microphone to the audience. 

The crowd shouts out a lot of different songs. 

"Well lets take a request from the audience." Isaac says. 

"Ok." Taylor agrees. 

He looks around the audience and spots you. He lays down 
on the stage and points the mike in your direction. 

"MMMBop!" You scream, since they've already sang all 
your other favorites. 

"Aceppela or with instruments?" Taylor asks. 

Everyone is shouting "WITH INSTRUMENTS," so you agree. 

They sing MMMBop then take a bow, Zac runs behind stage 
and grabs a huge super soaker, his brothers follow him. He 
squirts you and Kristen making sure you and her are totally 
drenched then works on the crowd, of course all the girls are 
packing into the front trying to get touched by "the sacred 
Hanson water" which you think is hilarious to watch all of 
this. Hanson runs out of water, say their good-bys, then 
walk offstage. 

You and Kristen make your way to the present drop-off gate 
and flash your VIP backstage passes, the guard 
smiles and opens the gate. You walk into the backstage area 
looking like two drenched rats. Just as you guys are about to 
turn the corner you hear Zac's loud voce. 

"I made sure I got Amelia and Kristen wet, they looked 
like they needed a bath." Then falls into a fit of 
giggles. "Did you see Amelia's face when I got her the 
first time, it was hilarious." He adds. 

You turn to Kristen with a smile on your face then look 
around. You see a huge cooler jug sitting on the table. 
You take off the top and look inside. Steam comes out 
from the heat around. Ice cold water is inside. Both of 
you and Kristen pick it up and quietly walk behind Zac. 

Everyone who is talking to him see's you two and takes 
a little step back. Zac of course doesn't notice since
he is too busy talking. 

On a silent count of 3 you dump the whole cooler of 
cold water on him, and he screams. You leave 
the cooler on his head. He starts to do a crazy little 
dance then finally gets the cooler off of him. 

He see's you and Kristen standing there laughing and 
he jumps on you knocking you down. He takes this oppor-
tunity to wrestle you because once again you can't 
fight back. 

Everyone is laughing so hard at him as he trys to pin 
you to the ground. He doesn't succeed. 

You turn over and end up on top of him and you pin 
them to the ground. You are still laughing pretty hard. 

"Get off." He says with a smile. 

You stumble off of him and get up. 

"Now, that was fun." You say.

With the van finally packed up and everyone in the van, 
you head back to the hotel. Everyone is dog tired 
except for, of course, you and Zac who can't stop 
talking and laughing. 

Walker has to repeatedly tell you two to shut-up cause 
everyone else is asleep. 

"Well, they aren't supposed to be asleep, this 
is a car." Zac says, testing his dad. 

"Don't test me Zachary." He says then turns around and 
trys to sleep. 

"Ooh, full name, your busted." You whisper to Zac. 

"Oh ya?" He whispers back. "Watch this!" 

He sticks his head out the window and waits for 
a car to come by. One does that has Hanson posters in the 
windows and three hyper girls. 

"HEY!" He yells to them. 

"Oh my god!" The girls scream and start going crazy 
inside the car. 

One of them finally opens the window. 

"What?" She yells back. 

"Um..." He says. "I don't know I just felt like sticking 
my head out the window and having a million bugs slam 
into my cheek at a hundred miles per hour...." He says 
as Taylor pulls him into the car and closes the window 
at his fathers request. 

"What do you think you are doing Zac?" His dad asks loudly. 

"Well." Zac begins wiping a bug off his cheek. "I heard 
that bug guts was good for your skin, so instead of catch-
ing them I decided to stick my head out the window and 
let them slam into me." He says with a smile. 

Everyone just rolls their eyes then attempts to go 
back to sleep. 

"What? It's true. I heard it on the news." Zac says 
defending himself. 

You put your hand over his mouth then lay on his chest 
and think about your awesome day the rest of the trip 
back to the hotel.

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Chapter 12:
Through Thick and Thin: