You finally make it to the hotel. Everyone kind of drags 
themselves into their rooms except for you and Zac (of course). 

"How 'bout we sneak out and go do something?" Zac asks after 
everyone has gone into their rooms. 

"We're going to be traveling to LA tomorrow so we don't 
need a lot of rest." He says hoping you'll agree. 

"Ok." You answer. "What did you have in mind?"
"Well, we could go skinny dipping." He replies with a huge 

"I don't think so." You say wrinkling your nose. "Why 
don't we go swimming?" 

"Ok!" He says and runs into his room.

"Zac, you have to slide the key into the door then 
turn the handle." You say laughing. 

"I know." He says and 
opens the door.  "I was just making sure the door was sturdy."

 You roll your eyes then walk into your room.  You quickly 
rummage through your suitcase then pull out your bathing 
suit and a pair of orange tear-away.  You slip into them 
then wait in the hallway for Zac.

 He finally comes out the door wearing trunks and a 

"Let's go." He says, running to the elevator. 

The elevator finally gets there and the doors open. 
Standing there in the elevator is a very tired Michelle. 
She walks out of the elevator right into Zac. 

"Excuse me sir." She says then keeps walking. 

"Wo, that was weird." He says, closeing the elevator 
doors. "Have you ever kissed in an elevator?" He 

"No, but there's a first time for everything." You 

He walks up to you and wraps his arms around your 
waist and kisses you. Of course you kiss him back. You two 
just stand in the elevator kissing, not noticing the people 
getting on and off of the elevator until it's 20th trip to 
the lobby and worker gets on and tells you two that you will 
have to go to your room if you want to continue. 

"Oh sorry." You say then get off of the elevator and 
head towards the pool.
"I don't want to swim anymore." Zac says. 

"I do." You reply and keep walking towards the pool. 

Once you get in the pool room, you rip off your tear 
aways and dive into the pool. 

"Zac jump in the water...." You turn around and notice 
Zac isn't there. 

"Zac." You call. 

You look around the totally empty pool room. There is no 
where that he could he could hide so you look in the 
water, not there. You climb out of the pool, grab your 
towel, wrap it around your waist, put your shoes on, grab your 
pants then walk out into the lobby and look around. There is 
barely anyone in there just a few people at the desk. You 
walk up to the counter. 

"Um, did you see Zac Hanson walk by here?" You ask the 
lady, looking concerned. 

"I'm sorry I don't know who you are talking about." The 
lady answers with a smile. 

"Um, well he's blond, short, and he had on blue swim 
trunks." You say. 

"I'm sorry, there is no one here who looks like 

Then it dawns on you, the workers aren't aloud to say 
when celebrities are in the hotel. 

"Um, you don't understand, I am traveling with the 
band and we were going to go swimming but I seem to have 
lost him." You say frustrated. 

"I'm sorry miss I can't help you." She says. 

"Thanks." You say then walk away. 

You go back upstairs and knock on the guys door. 

"Isaac!" You yell. 

You hear the door unlock and he opens the door standing in 
his boxers. 

"What?" He says sounding angry. 

"Is Zac in here? We went to go swimming and I lost him 
in the lobby." You say as you walk in the room. You turn 
on the light. 

"What the...." The Taylor yells. 

"I'm looking for Zac." You say, looking under all the 
beds. You don't find him and you start to 
panic. You go into your room and flip on the light. 

"Zac, I swear if you do this one more..." Kristen stops 
in mid-sentence as she sees it's you in the doorway. 

"You saw Zac?" You ask excitedly. 

"Ya, he came in here a little bit ago screaming that 
he was being attacked and kidnapped, so I told him to 
shut-up and go back to bed and he did." She 

"He's not in there." You reply. 

"Well what do you want me to do about it?" Kristen says 
trying to sleep. 

"Kristen, this is seriouse he isn't in the lobby, the pool, 
his room, or in here. I don't know where he is!" You say.

"Fine!" Kristen says getting out of bed.  "Let's go look 
for him." 

You and her walk back down to the lobby and look around, 
still not there. 

"Did you check the arcade?" She asks. 

"No." You say sheepishly. 

You two walk into the arcade, not there either. You 
two stand up searching the hotel for 2 hours and didn't 
find him. 

"Well." Kristen says as you two step out on your 
floor. "Maybe we should tell Walker." 

"NO!" You say. "We would get busted for going to 
the pool so late." 

"HELLO! Earth to Amelia, your boyfriend is missing. We 
don't know where he is. He could be...." 

"Don't say it!" You interrupt. 

"C'mon, we should at least tell Isaac." She says. 

"Ok." You answer. 

You two walk in the room to wake up Isaac and Taylor 
up and tell them what's going on. 

"Well," Isaac says looking over at his watch. "It's 
3:30, we have three hours until we are supposed to be up 
so we might as well look for him.  Me and Kristen will 
check the floors above us. Amelia and Taylor check the 
floors below us and we'll all check the lobby, or any-
where else you think he might be and we will meet back 
here at 5:30am, that gives us two hours to look for 

Everyone splits up and searchs for him. 

You search the lobby, arcade, bus bathrooms, stairs, cafe,
candy store, gift shop, gym, pool, and everywhere else 
you would think he would be. 

You walk up to the front desk. 

"Ma'am, did Zac Hanson come by here a little while 
ago?" You ask smiling at the woman who wouldn't 
talk to you before. 

"Look I already told you I can't...." She looks up from 
the desk and see's Taylor. "Oh sorry, he left a couple 
of hours ago with a tall blonde girl." 

"OH MY GOD! He's with Amanda!" You scream. 

"AMANDA! Why would she be here? And where did she take 
Zac?" Taylor asks. 

"He didn't even tell me where he was going, he just 
left."  You say. 

"Where did they go? Do you know?" Tayor asks the woman at 
the desk. 

"I heard the word LaserTag, he yelled it real 
loud." She answers. 

"Thank you." You yell as you run out the door. 

You hail a taxi and jump in, Taylor gets in 
right after you. You get to the LaserTag arena and go to 
the desk. 

"Did a little blond boy and a tall blond girl 
come in here?" You ask. 

"You mean Zac Hanson? He left about half an hour ago." 
The man says. 

"Do you know where they went?" You ask. 

"The girl said going back to her room, lucky little boy 
if you ask me, but it looked like her face got run 
over by a truck." He says. 

"Thanks." You say and run outside with Taylor behind 

You hail a taxi and rush in. You get to the hotel and run 
up to the rooms, not there. 

"Where the hell is he?" You shout out loud. 

You walk back into the guys room, Isaac and Kristen are 
in there watching TV. 

"Did you find him?" Kristen asks. 

"No." You answer. 

"Well we have an hour, I am going back to sleep, turn 
off the light." Kristen says, pulling Isaac to bed with 

Taylor and you just sit on Zac's bed waiting, hoping.

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Chapter 13:
Through Thick and Thin: