"Ok guys, time to get up." You hear Walker shout to everyone. 

You wake up and stretch and see Taylor sleeping in the same 
bed with you and get confused for a second then remember, 
ZAC. You look around the room and don't see him anywhere.
"Where could he be?" You say aloud. 

Everyone begins to bustle to get their clothes packed and 
ready to go. 

"Maybe he'll be waiting for you somewhere, unexpected." 
Kristen says, trying to be encouraging. "Let's let them 
get ready." She motions towards the door. 

You walk to your room and slide the card into the slot, 
it unlocks and you walk in. You flip on the lights and
sit down on the bed. 

"OW!" Someone says from under you and you jump off the 

"ZAC!" You scream and grab him around the neck and give 
him a huge hug. "Oh my god! You scared the crack out of 
me, where have you been? What happened to your lip?" You 
ask, referring to the cut across it and the blood on his 

"Oh, well to answer your first question, I told you that 
I didn't want to go swimming so I turned around, when I 
turned back around you were gone. Then Amanda came up to 
me and said that you wanted me to meet you at the Laser 
Tag arena, I thought it was kind of weird that you would 
tell her to tell me but I went anyways. When I got there 
of course you weren't there. I began to walk back but 
Amanda followed me and kept asking me to come back to her 
room with her. We got to the lobby and she asked me again 
and I said no again and she flipped. She punched me in the 
face and ran into the elevator, that is where I was and 
that is why I have a cut on my lip." He answers. 

"Oh my god, I am so glad you are ok." You say holding him. 

"Here." Kristen says, handing him a wash clothe full of 
ice. "Put this on your lip or it is going to swell even 
more then it already is." 

He takes the wash clothe and puts it on his lip. 

"You better go get your stuff together." She says. "We 
are leaving in a half an hour." 

He gets up to leave but you pull him back down on 
the bed on top of you. 

"I missed you!" You say with a smile. 

You lean into kiss him, once your lips touch his he 
jumps back in pain. 

"I guess I won't be kissing you until this heals, it 
stings when it touches your lips." He says with 
a weak smile. 

You look pissed, not only has Amanda punched your 
Zac now she has made it impossible for you to kiss him, 
next time I see her, you think to yourself, I am going to
beat the crack out of her. 

"I'll see you when I get my stuff together." He says 
heading for the door. 

You lean down and kiss him on the cheek and he half 
kisses you back.
"Bye." You say. "Can you believe that girl?" You ask when 
Zac leaves the room. "She punched him, and now I can't kiss 
him. What am I supposed to do on the bus the whole way to 
LA? I can't kiss him, now I have nothing else to do. I am 
going to KILL her when I see her again." 

"I would kill her to if I were you." Kristen says while 
putting her clothes away. "Would you stop thinking about 
Amanda for ten freakin' seconds and get packed, once you 
are packed and we leave, then you won't have to worry about
Amanda or Michelle for the rest of the tour, you will have 
him all to yourself, well of course except for his millions 
of fans who think he loves them even though they have 
never met him." 

"Ya, I guess your right." You say, shoving your clothes 
into the suitcase without even folding them. 

Kristen looks at you in disgust. "How can you do that." 

"Do what?" You ask. 

"Just shove your clothes into the suitcase?" She answers.
"Stop worrying about my clothes and put yours away." You 
say with a smile.

       Won't they shut-up already? You say to yourself. 
Hanson has been practicing for 3 hours, with the occasi-
onal break, becuase they fouled up on "Where's the Love" 
really bad during the concert. Of course you being 
Zacless for 3 hours isn't helping any. 

"Zac your comin' in late." You hear Taylor. 

"No I'm not, you guys are later then me (where did I 
get that from?:) !" He answers. 

"No we're not, can't you just take this seriously for 
once. You're the one who threw our harmonies off at 
the concert." Taylor argues back. 

"Guys." Isaac says. 

"I did not." Zac answers. "You're the one that played the 
wrong chord." 

"Guys." Isaac says a little louder. 

"Well if you wouldn't have speeded up, I wouldn't have 
had to rush, which made me hit the wrong chord and made 
you sing off key!" Taylor yells. 

"GUYS!" Isaac finally yells. "Let's run through it one 
more time. If we get it then we're done, if we don't 
get it, then we'll work on it later." 

"Ok." They agree. 

All the while you are laying in your bunk happy that 
the singing stopped. The same song over and over does 
get a little annoying. Then it starts again. 

"Oh Man!" You say out loud covering your ears with the 

As you do this you feel the bus begin to stop. 

"Yes, I can move." You say out loud.
The bus comes to a stop and you hear the front doors 
open. Just as you are about to open the door Kristen 
walks in almost hitting you in the face with the door. 
She closse it behind herself and leans against it. 

"Um, Kristen, what are you doing?" You ask, a little 

"Um..." She says looking around. "I...uh..need to... can'" She stammers. 

"If your going to lie at least lie quickly!" You snap. 

"You can't go out there, there is a radiation leak, and 
there are martians from another planet getting ready 
to zap everyone they see." She says as you push her 
away from the door. 

You open the door and come face to face with Amanda. 

"What the hell?" You say. 

"I'm going on tour with you guys." She says, walking 
into the room with her bags. You walk out of the room. 

"WALKER!" You scream. He isn't in the bus. 

Isaac, Taylor, and Zac all turn their heads towards 
the bus when they hear you scream. 

"Well." Taylor begins. "She found Amanda." 

You come marching off the bus with me following you. 
You walk straight up to Walker who is talking to Mr. 

"Excuse me, can we talk Walker?" You ask. 

"Later Amelia." He says then keeps talking. 

"No now, I really NEED to talk to you." You say. 

"Ok, hold on a sec. Steve." He walks away to talk to you. 

"You can't let Amanda come on tour with us. We will get 
into to many fights. By the time we get done with the 
tour, it will look like she was run over by a tank." You 

"Amelia." He says. "You are going to have to learn to
control yourself. Mr. Greenburg is a good man and is 
threatening to quit. This is our way of apologizing. 
You will just have to put up with her." He walks back 
over to Mr. Greenburg and leaves you there shocked. 

Ok, you say to yourself, then I will make this the 
worst summer she has ever had. 

You walk back onto the bus and go into the bunk room 
where Kristen and Amanda are already fighting. 

"I already have the top bunk!" Kristen yells. 

"Well, I'm the guest and I want the top bunk." Amanda 
says pulling Kristen's arm, trying to get her off 
the bed. 

"Amanda you're going to make me fall, and get hurt!" 
Kristen yells. 

"That's the point!" Amanda yells back. 

With that she yanks Kristen hard off the bed and she falls 
on the floor. Amanda climbs up the ladder and lays on the 
bed. "Thank you for your cooperation." She says. 

You lean down and see if Kristen's ok. She is just 
laying there holding her arm. 

"Are you ok?" You ask. 

"God, my arm!." She says, trying desperatly not to cry. 

You touch her arm to try to look at it. 

"OW!" She screams in pain. 

"Oh shit! Amanda, you broke her arm!" You yell. You 
feel the bus start to move again. 

"STOP THE BUS!" You scream. You run out of 
the bunk room. "STOP THE BUS!" The bus driver slams on 
the breaks. 

Everyone comes out of their rooms. 

"What's going on?" Walker asks. 

"Amanda just broke Kristen's arm!" You scream.

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