"Oh my god!" Isaac exclaims as he runs into the room 
and helps Kristen up off the floor. 

"What were you thinking?" Walker asks Amanda. 

"Well, I wanted the top bunk and I pulled her a little 
to hard, it was an accident." She says and starts 

"An accident, my foot, you pulled her off the bed and 
when she told you, you were going to hurt her you said 
ya, that's the point!" You say defending Kristen. 

"Uh....guys." Kristen says, trying desperatly not to 
cry. "Could....we..please.go to the hospital...or 

"Oh ya." Walker says. "Gus (that is the drivers name) 
take us to the hospital fast." 

"Tell me what happened." Walker says. 

"Ya, I can talk." She says, wincing in 

You all finally make it to the hospital. 

Everyone is in the emergency room except for Isaac, 
Walker, and Taylor who go in the room with her. 

"You better not have hurt her seriously!" You tell Amanda, 
who is sitting on the chair with an "at ease" look 
on her face. 

"Well." Taylor says as he walks back into the lobby. 
"She's doing ok now." 

"Can we see her?" You ask. 

"Well, that is gonna be kind of hard cause when they 
started the IV to knock her out so they could fix the 
bone, she passed out and she is still out cold but she 
has to stay here over night." Taylor answers. 

"Ok well.." You begin but are interupted by Walker. 

"Kay guys let's go get a hotel room." He begins to walk 
out of the ER. 

"What about Ike?" Taylor asks. 

"He is going to stay the night here." Walker says. 

You all pile into the bus and get to the nearest 
Holiday Inn. You walk up to your room trying to beat 
Amanda so you can hopefully lock her out but you don't 
succeed, she keeps up with you plus Zac keeps stopping 
to look at things. 

"Amelia." Walker calls as you begin to walk into your 

You walk over to him. "What?" 

"I don't want you two fighting. Try and keep your temper 
under wraps ok. You can say whatever insults you want to 
her if you guys get into an argument but PLEASE don't hit 
her, I know she is a stuck-up little brat, but punching 
her just gives her attention from everyone else and that 
is what she wants so, try, please." He begs. 

"I will try, but if she even touches Zac I can't gurantee 
that I won't hit her or at least push her down." You say 
and begin to walk to your room.

	KNOCK KNOCK!! You hear someone at the door. You 
look at the clock, 5:30am. "If it's Zac I am going to kill 
him." You say as you stumble to the door. You open the 
door and a bell boy is standing there with a bouget of 

"Delivery for a Miss Amanda Greenburg." He says. 

"She's sleeping I will except it for her." You say taking 
the flowers from him. "Hold on a sec and I will get you a 

"No need miss." He says smiling and walks away. 

You walk into the room and sit down on the bed with the 
flowers and look at the card: 

"To my beautiful Amanda, Love Zac!" 

I can't believe this girl, you think to yourself, now she 
is sending herself flowers from Zac, she reminds me of Jan 
Brady. You set the flowers on the night stand and go to sleep. 
You wake up a half an hour later and start sneezing. You 
try to go back to sleep but you can't stop sneezing. 

"Shut-up!" You hear Amanda mumble from the other bed. 

You can't stop, you must be allergic to the flowers. You 
take a closer look and see Daisy's, and a bunch of other 
flowers that have pollen buds showing. 

Why would she get only pollen flowers? She knows Zac 
would send roses. Then it dawns on you, she knows I am
alergic to flowers but how? You pick up the flowers and 
put them outside the door, then you get your ice bucket, 
walk down to the ice machine and get some ice. When you 
get back into the room you fill it with water, shack it
around a little then walk in to the room. You pull up her 
covers (she is wearing sweats and a t-shirt) and you pour
the whole thing on her. 

"AHHHHHHHH!" She screams and jumps out of bed. "WHAT DID 

"Well if I have to be awake then you.....achoo (sneeze)
...have to too." You tell her with a smile. 

"What are you talking about?" She asks. 

"You sent yourself pollen filled flowers cause you knew 
I am allergic to them and I would start sneezing." You 
tell her. 

"I did not!" She says looking around. 

"You are a terrible liar, let me tell you something, since 
you want to play pranks then when Kristen get's out of 
the hospital you are in for a big surpirse cause we are going 
to make this the worst trip of your life!!" With that said you 
walk to the dresser, get your key and over night bag and head 
for the door. 

"Where am I supposed to sleep now? And where are you going?" 
She asks. 

"Well you can sleep in my bed or on the floor for all I care 
and I am going to the guys rooms so I don't end up killing 
you." You walk out the door leaving her there soaked and 
shivering cold. She deserved it, you say as you walk to 
the guys room.

       "Oooooh, Ooooooh, Ooooooh, Me your fo..." You hear 
the Hanson bros practicing. 

"Dang it Zac get that note right!" You hear Taylor yell. 

"Why can't they stop practicing for one freakin' hour." 
You say out loud. 

"What?" Kristen asks looking up from her book. 

"Oh nothing, just they keep practicing the same thing 
and Zac keeps playing around." You answer. 


"Everyone, come into the rec room please." You hear Walker 

You fall out of bed and stumble into the rec room. 

"Ok." He begins as everyone sits down. Finally you think 
to yourself as Zac sits behind you and wraps his arms around 
your stomach, he hasn't barely touched you since the last 

"As you know, well at least the three of you do." Walker 
says pointing to Isaac, Taylor, and Zac. "We are going to 
be picking up a fan from tomorrow's concert. She will be 
touring the rest of the tour with us and I want you guys 
to treat her with some respect. Especially you Amanda." 

"I will Mr. Hanson." She says flashing him her million 
dollar smile (literally, she spent a lot of money fixing 
the teeth you knocked out!)." 

"Ok, anyways, Kristen and Amelia, she is going to be 
backstage with us during the concert so I want you two 
to keep her calm and keep her from passing out, granted 
she isn't part of the scream squad, just keep reminding 
her not to scream and go crazy when she see's the guys 
kay?" He asks. 

"Sure." You answer. 

"Ok, time for bed." He says and heads for his room. 

You get up and begin to walk to your room. 

"Amelia." You hear Zac call from behind you. 

You turn around and see Zac just standing there with a 
smile on his face. You look at his full lips and long 
to kiss them but you don't. You just stand there looking 
at him. 

"What is going on?" He asks. 

"What do you mean?" You say looking at him questioningly. 

"I mean, you never talk to me or play around with me 
or..." He pauses. "Or kiss me." He says looking at the 

You walk up to him and pull his face up to yours and kiss 
him. You kiss him slow at first and put your hands on his 
sides. He pulls you close and wraps his arms around your 
waist. He lays you gently down on the couch and begins to 
rub your thighs and moves up to go under your shirt. He 
moves under your shirt (you know where) you moan a little 
and he keeps on doing what he is doing. He kisses your neck 
and chest (not down there, just where your shirt ends right 
under you neck!!). 

"It's about time you actually kiss me." He says.
"You're the one who is always doing something else, I was 
beginning to wonder if I were ever going to see you during 
this tour." You say, gently kissing his neck. 

"Didn't I say it was time for bed." Walker interupts. 

You are startled and end up knocking Zac off of you onto 
the floor. 

"Ow!" He says. 

"Sorry, you scared me Walker." You say. 

"Well go to sleep, you have a concert tomorrow Zac and I 
don't want you falling asleep in the middle of it." He says 
and walks off back into his room. 

"Goonight Zac." You say pulling him by the shirt 
back to your face and kissing him. "I will see you in the 
morning." You walk back to your room leaving Zac there with 
a pleased smile on his face.

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Chapter 15:
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