"THIS IS AWESOME!" You scream over the crowd of girls who 
are singing and screaming along with HANSON. 

"YEAH!" She yells back to you. 

"ARE YOU GUYS HAVING FUN!?" Taylor screams over the girls. 

The crowd goes wild. 

"Well, as you know, one of you girls gets the chance to go 
on tour with us and we have the winning numbers right 
here." He calls out the numbers and a little brunette girl 
about an inch shorter then Zac comes running up the stage 
with her ticket. 

"I GOT IT! I GOT IT!" She screams. 

"WE HAVE A WINNER!" Zac screams. He puts his arm around 
her shoulders and leads her off stage. 

You and Kristen come running backstage to meet the girl. 
Zac runs into you on the way back on stage. 

"Miss me!" He yells as he runs by. 

You go into the view room and see the girl sitting on the 
couch shivering and shaking and chanting.  "He touched me! 
He touched me!" Over and over again. 

"Hi." You greet as you walk in. "I am Amelia and this is 
my friend Kristen. We are friends with Hanson and are on 
tour with them." 

"Are you their girlfriends?" She asks eyeing you two. 

You don't even answer the question. 

"We are here to help you get used to the fact that you 
are going to be seeing and talking to Hanson everyday 
so you are going to have to stop hyperventilating." You 
say with a smile. 

"I can't! I can't !" She says. 

"Hey you can." You assure her. "They are normal human 
beings, just talk to them normally, it will take some 
getting used to but you will eventually, kay?" 

"OK." She says still shaking. 

"Wow that crowd was riled." Taylor says as he walks into 
the room. 

"Oh my gosh." The girl says standing up. 

"Hi, I'm Taylor, this is Isaac and this is..." 

"I'M THE ZAC MAN!!" Zac yells, standing on the couch and 
holding up his arms. 

"" The girl stammers. 

"Tell them your name." You whisper in her ear. 

"Oh um, my name is Jamie." She says with a smile. 

"Hi Jamie." Taylor says extending his hand. 

She just stares at it. 

"Shake it." You whisper in her ear again. 

"Oh." She says and shakes his hand. 

Isaac shakes her hand and Zac goes to shake it. 

"My my what lovely skin madamoiselle!" Zac says in a 
French accent and kisses her hand. 

She giggles and you just stare at him amazed at this 
sudden burst of energy. 

"Ok guys." Walker says as he walks in. "Everything is packed 
up, it is time to go. Oh I'm sorry, my name is Walker." He 
says when he see's Jamie. 

"Jamie." She says. 

"Ok, Jamie well do you have your stuff?" He asks. 

"Yes, it is in my car." She answers. 

"Good, let's go." Walker says as everyone follows him to 
the vans.

      "Oh my gosh, I am on Hanson's bus." Jamie says as 
she walks into the bus. "It's so huge!" 

"Yep." You say. "Follow me to your room." 

You pick up some of her bags. 

"Let me get that." Zac says as he gets the bags from out 
of her hands not even realizing that you to are struggling 
under the weight. He walks right by you and starts chatting 
with Jamie. 

"Thanks." You say under your breath. 

You reach the room and Jamie and Zac are sitting on the 
bed talking. 

"Here are the rest of your bags." You say smiling and 
setting them on the floor. 

"Thanks!" She says then starts talking to Zac again. 

You just look at Zac for a couple of seconds then walk 
out of the room. 

"What's wrong Milia?" Kristen asks as she sees you dazed 
and walking out of the bunk room. 

"Zac just ignores me, and talks to that girl like I don't 
even exist or something." You say. 

"I am sure he is just letting her feel at ease, this is a 
pretty big thing for her and he is just helping." Kristen 
assures you. 

"I hope so." You say.

	"So what is your fave movie?" You hear Zac asks. 

They have been talking for three hours you think to 
yourself. What is with him? He won't even talk to me when 
I walk in the room, he doesn't realize that I am there. Just 
thinking about this makes you mad so you  decide to go on 
the net in the rec room. 

You walk by the door to our bunk room and hear Jamie start 
laughing like crazy. 

"Isn't that funny?" You hear Zac say. 

"Oh yeah, hilariouse!" You mumble under your breath. 

"LIGHTS OUT!" Walker yells. 

"Great." You say and trot back to the bunk room and run 
right into Zac. 

"Sorry." He says. "Goodnight." With that he kisses you on 
the cheek and walks into his room. 

"Oh Amelia, is this my bed?" She says pointing to the bottom 
bunk under you. 

"Yes." You say and change into your boxers and t-shirt and 
climb into bed. 

"I hear you and Zac are doing pretty good, you feel a 
little more at ease?" You ask when you get into bed. 

"Yeah." She says. "He is so sweet and he is such a 
hottie, we are actually getting along pretty well. I 
guess we have good chemistry or something." She says. 

"So is Zac your fave?" You ask. 

"YES!" She answers. "He always has been. Who's your fave?"  

"I would have to go with Zac to, he has the best 
personality out of the three." 

"Oh cool, well we have something in common." Jamie says. 

"Yeah." You say, not sounding to enthusiastic. 
"It's about time!" You say as Kristen walks into the room. 

"What? I was talking to Isaac." She says with a smile. 

"Talking?" You ask with a smile. 

"Yes, talking." She answers. 

"Zac is in there yapping his head off about you to 
his brothers." Kristen tells Jamie. 

"REALLY?" She asks looking really happy. 

"Yeah, he thinks you are really nice." Kristen 

"Did he say nice or sweet?" She asks. 

"He said nice." Kristen answers. 

"Oh." She says looking disappointed.

	"Zac." You call when he walks by the rec room. 

"What babe?" He says as he walks over to you. 

You pull him down on top of you and begin to kiss him. 

"Amelia." He says. "I have to go practice." 

"Oh." You say and let him up. "How about after practice?" 
He says smiling. 

"Ok." You say and give him one last kiss. 

He walks off to go practice, well at least I know he 
still likes me and not that girl Jamie, you think to 

       (2 hours later) You sit at the computer, you have 
been answering fan mail for two hours straight, how long 
is this stupid practice you think to yourself. You walk 
towards the practice room and look inside, no one there. 
Where is he? You walk to the buys bunk room and look inside, 
everyone is in there but Zac and Jamie. Your heart starts 
to pound, she is alone with my Zacy pooh, you say, and 
you feel the bus come to a stop. You look out the window 
and see the hotel you guys are going to stay at, it is 

"Wow!" You say out loud, but then rember your mission. 

You walk into the girls bunk room and find Jamie and Zac, 

This time he isn't pushing her away like he was to Amanda,
he is actually holding her close to him. He is touching her
...( he's touching her boobie ok? But outside the shirt). 

"I...I.." You stammer and Zac looks up from Jaime. 

"OH SHIT!" He says. 

You just stand there, you don't know what to say. 

"Amelia." Zac says standing up. "This isn't what it looks 
like, um...." 

"Zac, this is your girlfriend?" Jamie asks. 

"Yes." He says. 

"Oh my god! I didn't know, you never told me." She begins. 

"I think I need to get some fesh air." You say in a whisper. 
"Um, yeah, fresh air will be good." You walk out of the 
room as Zac follows behind you. 

"Amelia, I'm sorry, it didn't mean anything, I swear, 
just happened, I'm sorry, god, I don't know what else to 

"I do." you say turning around to face him. 


"I hate you!" You whisper and walk out of the bus into the 

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