"Amelia!" Kristen says as she sees you in tears as you walk 
into the lobby. "Oh my god, what happened?" 

"He was kissing her and he had his hand on her boob, and 
he didn't even tell her we were going out and he didn't 
even stop her, he kissed her. I stood there watching them." 
You say exsticly. 

"Oh." Is all Kristen can think of to say. 

"Amelia." Zac calls into the lobby, just as Walker gives 
you your key and tells you where the room is. 

"Amelia!" Zac calls as you run up the stairs. 

You make it to your room and unlock the door and you just 
let the tears flow. 

"Amelia." Zac says again as he walks into the room. 

RIGHT NOW!" You yell. 

"Look if you would only let me explain..." 
He begins. 

"Let you explain?" You ask. "Let you explain? Explain what? 
I saw you, I saw where you were touching her and how you 
were kissing her, and how you have spent the last two days 
with her and how you have totally ignored me, and how you 
don't even kiss me properly anymore and how you would rather 
be with her then with me. I think that is explantion enough 
for me!" You say crying like crazy. 

"I'm sorry, but it didn't mean anything, I swear." He says. 

"Then why did you do it? Just to please her? Just to make 
her happy? Is that why you used to kiss me?" You scream. 

"No, Amelia, I love you." He says as tears swell up in his 

"No, I don't think you do anymore." You say as tears continue 
to flow. "I don't want to do this anymore Zac." 

"What do you mean?" He asks dreading the answer. 

"I don't want to be with you anymore." You answer. "I 
mean I do want to be with you more then anything but I can't 
deal with this." 

" are breaking up with me?" He says as tears start 
streaming down his face. 

You look at the floor "Yes." 

Zac looks at you with the most pitiful face you have 
ever seen, the light is actually gone out of his eyes. Tears 
are pouring out of his eyes and he puts his head down and 
walks out of the room. "I will always love you though." He 
says as he walks out of the room. 

"Oh god!" You say and fall down on your knees crying.

     "What happened?" Kristen asks you when she walks into 
the room. 

"I broke up with him." You say, looking up from the floor. 

"WHAT? ARE YOU CRAZY?" She screams. 

"Kristen, I can't just stay with him because he is 'Zac 
Hanson'." You say getting up. 

"I know that and I wouldn't expect you to but you two were 
so good together. It was like you just fit." She says trying 
to say the right thing. 

"Ya, well obviously he thinks that he fits better with 
Jamie." You say. 

"You don't believe that Amelia, I know you don't!" She says.

"But..." You can't finish, you start crying and can't talk. 

Zac walks back into the room and Kristen leaves. 

He wraps his arms around you and you think it is Taylor so 
you let him. 

"Taylor, I want to be with him still but I can't knowing 
that he would do that even though he says he loves me and 
all this. He promised me he would never do this to me when 
Amanda kissed him, and now he does....this.." You pause as 
you realize you are holding onto a chubby little body in 
a bright orange shirt. 

"Oh my god!" You say and push him away. 

"If you don't want to break up with me then why did 
you?" He asks. 

"Zac, I can't trust you. You ignore me and treat me like a 
piece of furniture when ever that girl is around."  

"I do?" He asks. 

"Yes. I never even see you anymore." You add. 

"Amelia, I love you more then anything in this world, I 
would give up my voice, my drums, and even my yellow docs 
for you, to be with you." He says. "The thing I look 
forward to everyday is getting up to see you and kiss your 
lips." He says putting his fingers on your lips. 

"Zac, why did you kiss her?" You ask looking into his 
puppy dog eyes. 

"I don't know, it just happened. We were talking and 
it just happened, if it helps any I was thinking of you 
the whole time." He says with a smile. 

"No that doesn't help any cause that tells me that you 
realized what you were doing and did it anyways." You say 
pushing him away. 

"Milia don't be like this, I don't want to be with anyone 
but you." He says. 

"Then why? I want to know why? If you love me so much 
then it shouldn't have been hard to push her away. And 
plus you put your hand on her boob I saw that." You 

"I don't know, it was like it clicked or something. Why? I 
can't tell you why. I just couldn't push her away." He says. 

"Yeah, you just couldn't push her away? Well what about when 
Taylor kissed me huh? I wanted to kiss him back but I didn't 
cause I loved you with all my heart and I didn't want 
anything to happen between us so I pushed him away, you 
could have pushed her away." You say beginning to get angry. 

"I love you Amelia, don't do this to us, we are great 

You cut him off. "Yeah, the rare moments that we are 

"But when we are together, I am totally relaxed and happy. 
Just give me another chance, let me regain your trust 
please!" He says. 

You look at him and he walks up to you and puts his hands 
on your arms. 

"Please?" He asks again. 

You just look into his eyes. 

"I..." You are about to say when Amanda walks in. 

"Wow! This is my kind of room." She says putting her 
stuff down on the bed. "Am I interupting anything?" She asks 
as Jaime walks into the room putting down her stuff. 

Jamie just looks at you and Zac with a scared expression 
on her face. 

You push Zac away and walk out of the room.

"Thanks Amanda!" Zac says as he walks after you. 

"Your welcome." Amanda calls after him with a big grin on 
her face.

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Chapter 17:
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