You walk out of the hotel and step out into the cool night. 
There is a soft breeze and it rustles through your hair. 
A million things are flowing through your head at once. Should 
I go back out with him? Should I just forget the whole thing? 
Should I.... your thoughts are interupted as Zac walks out of 
the front doors towards you. He walks up to you and looks 
straight into your eyes. 

"You didn't finish your sentence." He says looking at you 
with a hopefull expression. 

"Zac." You begin. "I think maybe we should see other 

"What?" He says, his voice shaking. 

"I think we need to get away from each other for awhile, 
a short while, I mean, you have a lot of things to do and 
we just don't seem to have that same click that we used to, 
it's like we are getting tired of each other or 
something." You answer. 

"You are getting tired of me?" He asks, looking really hurt. 

"No no." You assure him. "It just seems like we are getting 
tired of each other and I think we just need to stay away 
from each other for awhile then when we do get back together 
we will be like we were!" 

"Oh." He says.  "What do you mean by see other people?" 

"Well, I mean we should try out other people." You say. 

"You mean like go out with other people, like we were?" He 
asks looking confused. 

"Yes. like we were." You answer. 

"So you mean, like kiss other girls? I can't do that." He 

"Yes you can, I KNOW you can." You say and begin to walk 
into the hotel. 

"But I don't want that, I want to be with you." He says. 

You just look at him then go back into the hotel. 

The doors open on the elevator and you walk out onto the 
floor we are staying on. You slide your key card into the 
slot and the door clicks unlocked. You walk in and see 
Jaime and Amanda talking. 

"Oh." Jaime says standing up and walking towards you. 
"Amelia, I wanted to apologize, I didn't know you two were 
going out, no one ever said anything and you guys never 
kissed or anything so I thought you were just friends, I 
am so sorry. Are we still friends?" 

"Ya." You say with a weak smile then lay down on your bed. 

"So what happened?" Amanda asks. 

"None of your business." You say coldly. 

"You broke up with him?" She asks with a huge smile. 

"Yes, Amanda!" You say sitting up in bed. "We broke up and 
agreed to see other people. Are you happy now? You have 
accomplished what you started out to do." You snap feeling 
suddenly tired. 

"I didn't do anything." She says smiling. "But I am going 
to go talk to Zac right now and see if I can make him feel 
any better, I am sure his little heart is crushed right 
about now." She says getting out of bed and walking out of 
the room. 

       You wake up the next morning feeling a little better 
and refreshed. You slip into your blue jeans and your MON 
t-shirt (you know that brown one you have) and walk into 
the lobby for breakfeast. Everyone is already down there 
including Zac who is sitting at a table alone with Jaime. 
You look over at him and he looks at you as you walk over 
to the table with Isaac, Taylor, and Kristen. 

"Sleep well?" Taylor asks. 

"Yea, ok." You answer. "sSo what are we doing to day?" 

"Today we have a rehearsel at the amphitheatre and then we 
have the rest of the day off." Taylor answers. 

"Cool." You say not sounding to enthusiastic. 

"We are all going to go site seeing afterwards, want to 
come?" Kristen offers. 

"Sure, it will get my mind off of everything." You say as 
Walker stands up and announces that it is time to go. 

Everyone gets up and heads towards the door and you notice 
that Zac and Jaime are holding hands. I shouldn't 
have done that? You say to yourself as you walk out the door. 
You walk next to Taylor and get on the van. You sit in the back 
with Kristen, Ike, and Taylor. Amanda sits alone in the seat 
in front of you and Zac and Jaime are in the front. 

"I shouldn't have told him that we could see other 
people." You whisper to Kristen. 

"Well, maybe this is just a break that you guys needed. Just 
give him some time, he will realize that Jaime isn't right 
for him. At least he isn't going out with Amanda." She 
whispers back. 

"Everyone comfertable? We have an hour drive to the 
theatre." Walker says. 

Everyone answers yes and the driver takes off. You lay your 
head on Taylor's shoulder and doze off.

	"Amelia!" You hear Taylor call. You open your eyes 
and notice that the van has stopped. "We're here." He says. 

You lift up your head and look out the window. The theatre 
is huge. The stage is protected by a huge dome. 

You climb out of the car and begin walking to the door. 
This time you guys came in the back way and don't have to 
worry about any one chasing you. You look at Zac and he 
has his arm around Jamie's shoulder, everytime you see 
this it breaks your heart. 

"Coming?" Taylor says as he puts his arm around your 

"Yes." You say with a smile and walk in the door with him.

	"Zac! DANG IT!" Taylor yells from the stage. "You 
are off!" 

"I am not!" He argues. "You are off, I am perfect!" 

"Stop playing around, we have to get this right." Isaac 

Once again they are stuck on Where's the Love and Zac keeps 
messing up. 

"This is majorly boring." Kristen says to you as you watch 

"Yes it is, isn't there anything we can go do while we 
wait for them?" You ask. 

"Ok guys, I think you have killed that song enough, take the 
rest of the day off." Walker says walking onto the stage. 

"Finally." You say getting up and walking towards the 

"Ok, let's go check out the Washington Monument and that 
huge museum I forgot what it is called." Kristen says 
walking with you. 

"Ok." Taylor says smiling. "I guess you guys are a little 

"DUH!" You answer. 

	You end up sight seeing for the rest of the day. You 
see all the great places in Washington DC. 

"This has been a great day!" You say as you look up at the 
stars standing next to the reflectiing pool. 

"Yep." Taylor answers. 

You turn around to talk to Kristen and see Zac and Jaime 
pretty far away on the other side of the pool..kissing. You 
just stare at them for a little bit. 

"Amelia?" Taylor calls. "What's wro....." He 
doesn't finish his sentence as he looks across the water 
at Zac and Jaime. "Oh!" Taylor says. 

Zac looks up and looks across the pool. 

Taylor grabs you and kisses you. You just stand there 
stunned. He wraps his arms around you and this time you let 
him. You wrap your arms around him and kiss him back. Zac just 
stares in amazement and horror. 

"Zac are you ok?" Jaime says."Whats wro..." 

This time it is her who stops talking and looks across the 
pool and see's you and Taylor kissing. She looks at Zac and 
see's the look of pain on his face. 

"Oh." She says and gets up to leave. She turns and looks 
back at Zac and now he has his head down and he is crying, 
he doesn't even realize that Jaime has left. You continue to 
kiss Taylor but finally it hits you, you love Zac, you can't 
do this anymore. You push Taylor away and look into his 
crystal blue eyes. 

"Um." You begin. "That was definatly wrong, I shouldn't have 
done that." 

"Ya, you should have." He says. 

Oh great, he is getting conceited again. 

"Cause now you realize how much Zac really means to you." 
He says with a smile and walks away. 

You look across the pool at Zac and notice that Jamie is 
gone and that he is sitting there all alone crying. You walk
 around the pool and sit down next to him. You put your arm 
around him and he jumps into your arms. 

"I'm sorry Jamie but I can't do this I love Amelia to 
much and I really want to get back with her, so I hope 
you..." He cuts off as he looks up at you. You two just look 
at each other for awhile. 

"I don't want to do this." He says. 

"Neither do I." You answer, wiping a tear from his eye. 

"GOOD!" He screams and jumps on top of you knocking both of 
you into the pool. You stand up out of the water. 

"ZAC!" You scream with a smile.

He jumps out of the water and pulls you down on top of 
him and kisses you. You two end up staying out there for 
half an hour just playing in the water. 

"I think we had better go." 
You say getting out of the pool. "You have a concert 
tomorrow and now you are probably going to get a cold!" 

You two walk back to the hotel hand in hand. You get up to 
your door and he pulls you back towards him. 

"I love you!" He says as he kisses you. 

You kiss him back, holding him close. He begins 
to touch you all over, just touching you softly on the neck 
and the arms and your thighs. You bring your hands up to his 
hair and let it fall between your fingers. You pull away from 
the kiss. 

"I have to go now Zac." You say smiling. 

"Ok." He says and watches you as you open the door to the 
room and walk inside. 
You turn around and blow him a kiss, he just smiles at you as 
you close the door.

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