"You guys did great." You tell Zac. 

"THANK YOU MAN!" He screams and gives you a big hug and kiss. 

"EWWW!" You yell. "You're all sweaty, get off me." 

He jumps back with a big grin. 

"Well, let's head back to the hotel and get packed, it's time 
to head on home." Walker says with a relieved smile.  

"Yes." You say and walk out to the van.

	"Bye!" You call out to Jamie as she gets off the bus. 

"Yes." You say out loud. "Now he is all mine." You run into 
the guys room where Zac is sleeping peacefully and you jump 
on top of him. 

"HEY!" He screams as he is startled out of his sleep. 

"Ok what should we do now." You say laying on top of him with a 

"Sleep." He says pushing you onto the floor with a thud. 

"Ouch, ZAC!" You say getting back on him. "We have four hours 
till we get back to Tulsa we have to do something."
"Yeah, let's sleep." He says. 

"SLEEP!!?? Why do you want to sleep? You were fine when Jaime was 
on the bus." You say staring down at him with an angry 

"Oh great, don't start that again." He says looking up at you. 

"Wellit's true, the minute she left I turned around and you 
were gone, in here SLEEPING!! You never sleep!! You're the 
Zac man, you don't have to sleep!!!" You say getting down on 
your knees in front of his face. "PLLLEEAASSEEE?? I am soo 
hyper, I need to get rid of some of this energy!!" 

"What do you want to do?" He asks looking into your eyes. 

"Um....well.....we that's" You 

"Exactly, there is nothing to do on this bus." He says 
turning back over and trying to go back to sleep. 

"Let's play Nintendo? You can pick the game." You say hoping 
he will agree.
"No." He says flatly. 

"Fine." You say getting up. "I will go bug Taylor." 

"WAIT!" He yells jumping out of bed. "I just got a rush of 
energy let's go do something!" 

I am so good, you think to yourself. 

"Well what?" You ask. 

"I'll play you Mario, I'm player one." He says as he jumps 
back onto the bad and turns on the game. 

"Cool!" You say and sit down next to him.

	"God it feels good to be home." You say dragging your 
stuff up the long driveway towards the Hanson's house. 

There are girls everywhere screaming and holding signs that 
say, "Welcome home HANSON" or "We love you guys". 

You laugh at this, knowing these girls obviously have nothing 
better to do then stalk three hot guys. 

"ZAC!" Diana screams as she comes running out of the house 
almost knocking you over and grabs Zac. 

"MOM!" He yells. "There are a million girls here, you are 
ruining my image!" 

"I MISSED YOU!" She screams over the girls. 

She hugs Taylor and Isaac then realize's that you are standing 
there. She hugs you and starts pulling Zac into the house. "How 
was it? Did you guys sound good? Did you get enough sleep?" She 
asks a million questions as she drags Zac into the house.
"AMELIA!" You hear a little voice scream as you turn around. 
Mackie wraps his arms around your legs. 

"Mackie!" You exclaim, picking him up. "I missed you." 

He gives you a kiss on the cheek and you walk into the house 
leaving your stuff there for one of the movers to bring in. 

Zac walks in the house with an arm load of luggage. "Oh, 
so I am gone for two seconds and you are already moving in on
my girlfriend." He asks Mackie who has a big smile on his face. 

"My girlrend!" He says, not quite pronouncing girlfriend right. 

"Oh, you have some major competition now Zac." You say. You put 
him down and begin to walk back outside to get some stuff. 

"WE LOVE YOU ZAC!" You hear some girls scream. 

You look in that direction and see Michelle and some of her friends. 
Oh great, you think to yourself. You benddown to pick up some 
luggage and look around and notice that the crowd seems to be 
getting closer and closer, the police are having a really hard 
time holding them back. 

"GET IN THE HOUSE!" You hear one of the policeman yell. 

Immediatly the three Hanson bros drop their stuff and race into 
the house which disapoints the crowd and they began to get even 
more restless. You pick up your stuff and reach the door just 
as you feel a hand on your shoulder. You turn around and come 
face to face with a fan and about a million girls behind her. 
She is just about to say something when you feel two little hands 
around your waist and hands on your arms pull you into the house 
and the door closes in front of you. 

You turn around and see everyone standing in front of the door 
looking out the windows. 

"That was close!" Zac says wrapping his arms around your waist. 
"You were almost dead, but I saved you!" 
He says slapping his chest a little to hard and ends up coughing.
"Oh yeah, my hero!" You say sarcasticly and give him a big kiss. 

"HEY!" Mackie screams and runs up to Zac and pushes him down. 
"I thought you were my girlrend." He says looking up at you. 

You laugh to yourself and look at Zac who is on the floor. 

"Well you are going to have to fight Zac for me." You say, with 
that Mackie jumps on top of Zac and starts giggling as Zac 
starts tickling him. You leave then there and walk up to your room. 
You open the door and look at the room totally surprised. While 
you were gone someone re-arranged your room. You now have a balcony, 
a big screen TV with a VCR and Nintendo 64. In another corner you 
have a huge stereo system and next to that is a big collection 
of cd's. There are posters of Hanson that no one else has on the 
walls and some posters of your other fave bands. There is a 
daybed to one side that has a Hanson pillows and Hanson bedspread 
and sheets. There is a hammock in one corner and a new computer 
with a laptop next to it. You just stand there stunned. Zac 
walks in the room and wraps his arms around you. 

"Who...who...?" You begin. 

"We all planned this but couldn't do it cause of 
the tour so we gave the plans to my mom and she talked to 
someone to have it done for you." He says smiling as everyone 
else walks into the room. 

You look on the bed and see a package with a big yellow bow. 

"Why did you guys do this?" You ask still totally shocked. 

"It's a b-day present." Taylor says. 

"Yea, since we couldn't celebrate while we were on tour we 
decided to surprise you when you got home." Isaac adds. 

"Go open your other present." Zac says pointing towards the bed 
at the big present sitting there. "It's from me." 

You walk over to the bed and take off the bow and lift the 
top off. There is white tissue in there so you move it 
and scream!!!

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Chapter 19:
Through Thick and Thin: