"YOU GOT THEM!! YOU GOT THEM!!" You scream holding up the 
not to shiny and not to dull  Yellow Doc Martins. You run 
up to Zac and give him a hug and kiss then sit on the floor 
and put them on. "They fit perfect!!" You say standing up 
and admiring them. 

"We have something else that we want todiscuss with you." Diana 
says motioning for everone to go downstairs to the family room. 

You take one last look at your room the trot downstairs in 
your Doc's. 

"Sit down." Diana says. 

You sit down next to Zac and look at him, he has the 
most eager face you have ever seen. 

"Well." Diana starts. "Do you like your room?" 

"OH YES!" You scream and jump up and give her a big hug. 
"Thank you so much!" You sit back down. 

"Well." She begins. "Listen carefully and don't start 
screaming or talking until I am finished. Well, I talked to 
your mom over the phone while you guys were on tour and she 
flew out here for a few days, she was stoned but I managed 
to get some talk out of her, well, she agreed to let us 
adopt you." 

Your mouth drops open and you just stare at her 
with an expression of aw. 

"Say something." She says. 

"She agreed?" You whisper. 

"Yep, she signed all the papers and all that is left is your 
signature, that is if you want to stay here and live with us." 
She says wth a smile. 

"You mean, like a regular daughter?" You ask smiling. 

"Yep." She answers. 

"YES!" You scream and jump out of your chair you run over and 
give her another big hug and you give Walker a hug, this is 
awesome, now I actually have sisters and brothe...." You stop 
and frown. 

"What's wrong?" Diana asks. 

"Well, if you are adopting me then that makes everyone 
my siblings including Zac, that means INSEST!!! EWWW! Does 
that mean we can't go out anymore?" You ask looking really 

"Of course you can, you are only our daughter by 
law, not blood." She answers with a smile. 

You jump on top of Zac and give him a huge kiss. 

"I get to stay here forever!!" You tell him. 

"I know, they were walking about it before we 
left for the tour." He says with a smile. 

"But what about all of my stuff?" You ask. 

"Well, me and you are going to go shopping tomorrow for 
some new clothes and as for your stuff in Salinas (where 
you live), you are going to fly back there, with Zac and 
Isaac, and get what you want and bring it back." Diana 
answers as she gets up to go tend to Zoe. 

"Wow!" You say, and rush upstairs to check out all the 
stuff in your room.

       "Well, I will see you guys in a couple of weeks." You 
say kissing Zac goodbye and giving the rest of the family a hug. 

You pick up your back-pac and your new lap top and turn to 
walk into the plane. "I will email you guys whenever I can." 
You say then board the plane. You sit down in your assigned 
seat (First class) and Kristen comes and sits down next to 

"Thanks for waiting for me." She says sarcasticly. 

"I couldn't stay any longer cause I didn't want to see 
Zac cry." You answer. 

"Oh." Is all she says and sits down next to you. 

You look out the window to the plane and see Zac 
standing there inside the airport waving, you wave back at 
him and blow him a kiss and he blows one back. 

"This is your pilot speaking, please fasten your seat belts 
we are preparing for lift off."  The pilot announces over the

The plane begins to move and you keep your eyes 
glued to Zac until he turns and walks away with the rest 
of the family. 

"This is so unfair, why couldn't they do the interview when 
they got back?" You ask. 

"Well, you knew what you were getting into when you went out 
with him Milia, this is part of being a rock stars girlfriend, 
you have to be ready for things like this. At least I could 
come and you aren't a loner the whole way talking to yourself." 
Kristen answers. 

"Yea, I guess." You answer not sounding to happy. 

"Would you ladies like something to drink?" The flight attendent 
asks once the plane is in the air. 

"Ya, do you have water? Well duh you have water, I would like 
a cup of cold water please." You say. 

"I will have a Dr. Pepper, or a Coke if you don't have that."
The lady leaves then comes back a few mitutes later with the 

"Thanks." Kristen says. 

Well, you say to yourself, I have two hours till I get home, 
I'll listen to some music. You place the earphones on your 
head and envelope yourself into the music. 

	"Amelia!" Kristen calls. 

You wake up and look around, passengers are getting their 
stuff and getting off the plane. 

"Oh." You mumble and sleepily get your stuff together. 

You two get off the plane and find Kristen's brother 
Clark waiting for you. 

"Ok, let's get going squirt." He says to her. 

"Don't call me that monkey brains." Kristen shoots 

You get your luggage and pile into his blue Jaguar. By the 
time he makes it through the traffic and drops you off it 
is already 10:00pm. 

"Ok." Kristen says she climbs back into the car. "I will call 
you tomorrow and see when I can come over to help you get 
ready, kay?" 

"Okay." You answer closing the door. 

You watch them drive off and then walk up the path to your door. 
You struggle to get the key into the door but you finally get 
it open. You look at the couch and of course your mom is asleep 
with a bottle of beer in her hand. 

I can't believe her, you think to yourself. 

You walk up the stairs and open the door to your room. You turn on 
the light. You drop your stuff on the floor and lay down on the bed, 
you turn over on your side and scream. 

There is a guy in your bed. 

"What? What?" The guy screams jumping out of your bed. 

"NICK?" You scream. 

"Amelia!" He says with a smile and gives you a hug. 

"What are you doing here?" You ask. 

"Well I wanted to be here when you got home." He says smiling 
and kissing you. 

"Um, Nick, there is something maybe I think I should tell 
you." You say, pushing him away. 

"What?" He asks. "Well, I am kind of going out with someone 
else." You say sheepishly. 

"WHAT?" He says. "I thought you said we would be together 
forever and I wouldn't have to worry about competing with those 
HANSON girls." 

"They are not girls and frankly I was under the impression 
that you didn't want to be with me anymore since you just went 
and started going out with Maileen for no reason and with no 
explanation at all." You say. 

"I love you though." He says coming towards you again. 

"Get out of my room. The only reason you are here 
is cause she broke up with you huh? Is that it? You couldn't 
get her to sleep with you either. You are a sick pig and I 
don't want to see you anymore so please get out of my room 
and out of my house." You say sternly. 

"So which one of them is it?" He asks. 

"I am going out with Zac, the little one." You say proudly. 

"Well at least he looks a lot more like a 
guy then that middle boy." He says laughing. "Are you sure 
you want to go out with him? I mean, how are you going to do 
anything with him, I am sure his mommy won't let him out past 
his bedtime." He says laughing at his own joke. 


"Get out of my room you moron!" You say as you push him out 
of your room and down the stairs. 

"FINE!" He says walking towards the front door. "You wait 
till I see that little brat, I am going to kick his ass, and 
you can quote me on that!" He storms out of the house. 

"Jerk!" You say and walk back into your room and go 
to sleep.

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Chapter 20:
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