"Zac." You call out in the backyard. 

Then you remember you two's secret place, the tree house. 
You slowly climb into the tree house and see him huddled 
in the corner, arms around his legs and his head in his 
lap, crying. You look at him all alone up there and 
tears begin streaming into your eyes. 

Suddenly the song "Two Tears" comes into your head. 

Wow, now I understand what that song is all about.
You pull yourself into the tree house and crawl over to 
Zac's side. 

"Zac." You call softly. 

"Go away, I don't want to talk to you." He says rudely. 

Those words cut through you like a knife, but you hold 
back the tears. 

"Zac that wasn't what it looked like...." You start. 

"I don't want to talk to you, how could you do this? I 
tell you I love you and then you go and kiss my brother! 
Why does my brother always get all the the attention AND 
the girls, and when I finally get one HE TAKES HER AWAY 
FROM ME!!" Zac says loudly. 

"I'm sorry," you say breaking into tears."  He walked in 
my room and kissed me and when I was pulling away you walked 
in and then when you left he said a lot of mean things about 
you and I slapped him in the...." 

"You slapped him?" Zac asks with a little smile. 

"Yes he was being cruel and conceited and I..." You stop 
in mid-sentence and look at Zac. You compose yourself and 
stop crying. 

He wipes away a tear that was rolling down your cheek. 

"Two tears fall from mine." Is all he says and then he 
leans towards you and kisses you. 

You wrap your arms around him and pull him close, You hold 
him like you are never going to see him again. 

"I really am sorry." You tell Zac. 

"I'm sorry that I said that I didn't want to see you 
again, I just was mad. I can't believe Tay would do 
that." Zac said. 

"I know, it ticked me off when he said that stuff about 
you." You reply. 

"You actually slapped him?" Zac asks with an evil grin on 
his face. 

"Oh ya, he will have a hand print on his face for while." 
You reply with a grin. 

"That's my girl" Zac replies then pulls you close for 
a kiss. 

You kiss him then pull away. "I want you to know that I 
would never, ever do anything like that to you, never." 
You tell him looking concerned. 

"I know, well now I know." He answers and pulls you in 
for another kiss.

     "Zac are you ok, did you two make up?" Diana asks 
as you and Zac walk into the house holding hands. 

"Ya we did." Zac answers looking at you and smiling. 

"Good, would you like some brownies and milk, I just made 
them?" Diana asks. 

"YYYEEESSSSS!!!!" Zac yells. "Mom's brownies, they are 
sooo good!" He tells you getting a little fichity as 
he waits for the brownies. 

"From what I hear your brownies are extra good Mrs. 
Hanson." You remark, by looking at Zac's face. 

"It's Diana, and ya, ever since Tay said that one of his 
fave foods were brownies, my brownies have become famous!!!" 
She says with a smile. 

You and Zac finish off your brownies together then walk 
into the family room where Mackie is fast asleep on the 

"I want to go to bed, I will see you in the morning, 
Kay?" You tell Zac. 

"No don't go, I'm not tired, stay up with me!" Zac begs. 

"You are never tired and I am very tired, this has been 
a tiring day." 

"PLPLLEEEAASSSSEEEEE??" Zac cries as he lays on the floor 
and attaches himself to your foot. 

You begin to walk across the family room towards the 
stairs. "Zac c'mon let go, I want to go to bed!" You ask. 

"No, I want you to stay up and play Nintendo with me!!! PLLEEEAAASSSSEEE??" He wines. 

Then it hits you, you have the perfect way to get him to 
let go of you. You lean down and talk softly to him.

"Well I was thinking that maybe you AND I could go to 
bed and get some sleep."
"OK!" He says as he jumps off the floor. 

He runs up the stairs and by the time you are halfway 
up the stairs he is already laying on your bed waiting 
for you. 

"Thank you, now go to bed!" You say pointing to his 

"C'mon, you said WE would go to bed!" Zac says looking 
VERY excited. 

"Zac, no offense or anything, but I would NOT sleep with 
you if that is what you thought was going to happen." You 
say looking serious. 

"No, that isn't what I was thinking, but why wouldn't 
you? Am I like, not good enough or something?" He asks 
looking a little hurt. 

"No of course not, it's just that I am 15 and you are 12 
and I don't plan on losing anything until I get married, 
you can understand that can't you?" You ask hoping he 
won't have hurt feelings. 

"OH, I thought you just didn't want to me with me, but 
as long as you put it that way, it doesn't bother me." Zac 
says looking a lot more happy. 

"Good then." You say as you sit on the bed next to him. 

You reach down to take your socks of when you feel lips 
on your neck. You immediately jump.
"Stop that tickles!" You tell Zac. 

"I know!" Zac says with an evil grin. 

"Don't you dare or I will never talk to you again!!!!" 
You proclaim as Zac inches towards you. 

Finally he grabs your shoulders and pulls you backwards 
onto the bed and jumps on top of you. 

"Ha Ha, how are going to get me now, I got you when 
you least expected it??" He calls as he begins to 
tickle you. 

You take him by the shoulders and flip him over you 
on the bed, then you jump off the bed and jump back 
onto Zac. 

"Ha pinned ya!" You say while holding his arms to 
the bed. 

"Do with me what you will, over and over and over!" 
Zac says. 

"ZAC!!!!" You exclaim. "Don't say that!" 

"Why not it works in the movies?" He answers. 

"You are totally pathetic." You tell him. 

"Oh ya!" He replies. 

You lean down and kiss him. He wraps his arms 
around you and pulls you down on top of him. He slowly 
makes his way down your body to your thighs then back 
up again. He moves under shirt with both hands this 
time to (you know where again). 


You look up and see Diana standing in the doorway with 
a murderess look on her face.

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Chapter 3:
Through Thick and Thin: