(3 days later) 

"Ok." You say looking around the room at the millions of 
things you have to pack up. You turn on your Middle of Nowhere 
cd and begin working. 

"Hey!" You hear Kristen call over the music. 

"Oh Hi!" You say and turn down the music. "Ok, everything 

"Ok." She answers and begins packing up your bookcase. 


The music shuts off and both of you turn around. Nick, your 
ex-boyfriend, is standing there. 

"And what are you ladies doing?" He asks with a smile. 

"I'm packing. The HANSON's have adopted me." You answer him. 
"I thought I told you not to come back here." 

"I couldn't leave you." He says advancing towards you. "Leave 

She looks at you and you nod your head so she goes downstairs 
and waits. 

"Now," He says still advancing, "Why do you have to break up 
with me like this?" He asks with a crazed look in his eyes. 

You keep walking backwards until your legs hit the bed. 

Oh crap! You think to yourself. 

He keeps coming towards you and pushes you down on the bed. You 
begin to get up but he climbs on top of you and starts kissing 

"Get off!" You scream. 

"Stop fighting me. I know this is what you want." He says, 
kissing your neck. 

"No, it isn't! GET OFF!" You yell pushing him with all 
your might. 

"No." He says and keeps kissing and touching you. 

"I said No! Stop!" You scream as he begins to go up 
your shirt. 

"Get off of her you asshole!" You hear a voice say as 
Nick goes flying off the bed and onto the floor. 

You look up and see Zac. 

"ZAC!" You scream and jump into his arms. You hold onto 
him tightly. 

"Get out of the way!" Nick says and pushes you to the 
ground. "Ok little man it's just you and me." 

Nick raises his fists to his face and takes a swing 
at Zac. Zac ducks and punches Nick hard in the stomach. 
Nick doubles over holding his stomach so Zac takes his 
chance and kicks Nick in the face and he goes flying backwards 
onto the floor and lays there. You just stare at Zac 
with your eyes wide. He helps you up and holds you in his arms.
You look at him. "Thank you!" You say as he kisses you tenderly 
on the lips. 

"This is it." You hear Nick say. 

You turn around and come face to face with a gun. 

"Oh my god!" You gasp. 

"I am tired of this. I am not going to let some short-ass girl 
take my chic away!" He says grabbing your arm. 

"Nick, don't do this!" You say as he pulls the hammer back 
and aims for Zac's head. 

"Bye-bye." Nick says with a smile and begins to pull the 

You grab Nick's arm right before the gun goes off and 
the bullet whizzes an inch over Zac's head. Nick hits you with 
the gun knocking you down and Zac jumps on his back. 

"KRISTEN! CALL THE COPS!" You scream, hoping she will 
hear you. 

After hearing the gun shot she came back into the house 
and heard you scream so she called the cops and ran upstairs. 
Zac is still on top of Nick and Nick has dropped the gun. 

"GET OFF!" Kristen screams at Zac, pointing the gun at them. 

Zac jumps off leaving Nick stranding there with his hands 

"Ok, of you take this thing!" She 
says as the gun shakes in her hand. You and Zac run behind 
her but don't take the gun. 

"You won't shoot me!" Nick says as he walks closer to you all. 

"Don't come any closer or I will shoot!" She says still shaking.
"No you won't." He says with a smile. He takes two more steps 
then rushes towards you. 

She closes her eyes and pulls the trigger. All you hear is a 
thud. You all open your eyes and see Nick laying on the 
floor with a gunshot in his chest. 

PRISON! I'M A HORRIBLE PERSON!" Kristen starts screaming 
once she sees him. 

Just then Taylor and Isaac run in the room. 

"Where the hell have you guys been?" Zac asks. 

"We had to go get some stuff and..." Taylor stops as he 
see's the bloody body on the floor. "Oh my god! There's a 
dead guy in your room, Amelia!" Taylor says pointing. 

"I know." You answer. 


She had already begun to calm down but when Tay says that 
she starts going crazy again. Isaac walks over and trys 
to calm her down while you go up to Nick's body and check 
for a pulse. 

"Kristen! He still has a faint pulse." You say assuring her. 

You all just stand there for a couple minutes. 

"POLICE!" You hear a man with a deep voice scream. 

"UP HERE!" You call down to them. 

They come upstairs and chaos breaks loose. 

Everyone has to be questioned and the body is removed. You 
end up spending the night at Kristen's house with the rest of 
the HANSON bros since her 'rents are out of town. 
You and Zac end up sharing a guestroom. 

"Who was that guy?" Zac asks, breaking the silence in the 

"An old boyfriend." You say then doze off into a deep sleep.


"Why do you have to go back so soon?" You ask Zac as you 
stand in front of the boarding gate at the airport.

"I told you I could only stay for a week." He says giving you 
a kiss then turning to leave. 

You grab his arm and pull him back tokiss him again, long. 

"Gate 4 now boarding." You hear a voice announce over the 

"I'll see you in three days." He says with a smile then 
follows his brothers onto the plane. 

Kristen and you stand next to each other waving to the 
boys through the windows of the plane then turn to leave.

	"Well hopefully we won't have anymore interuptions." 
You say as you and Kristen continue to pack your stuff. 

"I haven't seen much of your mom around." She says as she 
packs up your lava lamp. 

"She is probably at one of her boyfriends house's stoned to 
death. We probably won't see her at all." You say. 

"Oh." She answers. 

You two continue to pack things up when you hear a rumble 
off in the distance. 

"What the hell?" You say looking up from the box. 

"Oh shit!" Kristen screams, "GET IN THE DOORWAY!" She 
yells shoving you in the door. 

You get there just as the ground begins to shake. 

"OH MY GOD!" You scream as stuff starts falling off the 
shelves. You and Kristen both fall on the ground out of 
the doorway. The rumbling finally stops and you open your 
eyes to pitch blackness. There is dust everywhere and it 
hurts to breath. You try and push yourself up off the 
floor but realize there is stuff piled on top of you. 
You push again and manage to crawl from underneath it. You 
look around at what is left of your house. The roof is 
totally gone, that's  what had fallen on you and 
the whole upstairs is now down stairs in a pile of rubble. It 
doesn't even look like a house anymore. Every now and then a 
piece of wall falls off and hits the ground. You take a step 
and the ground begins to shake again. 

"OH GOD!" You scream and you put your head between your 

It stops. 

Aftershock, you think to yourself. 

You just stand there looking around then you realize 
Kristen's not there. 

"KRISTEN!" You scream. 

No answer. 

You try and remember where she was standing in the doorway. You 
can't remeber so you just start moving rubble and debris out 
of the way screaming her name. You move a piece of wood and 
see her bloody cast (remember her arm is broken). 

"Oh no!" You gasp and move the debrie faster. You get it 
all off of her and try and wake her up. 

"What?" She says opening her eyes. 

"Your ok!" You say helping her up. 

"Oh ya, I just thought I would take a short nap." She 
says shaking the dust off and looking around with a smile. 

"Wow!" She says then looks back at where your room was. 
"At least we don't have to pack anymore?"  

"What about the tickets?" You say. 

"Where did you leave them?" Kristen asks. 

"In my room." You say. 

"Shit." You two say in unison as you look in the direction of 
your room.

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