"Is that it?" You ask as you load the last box onto the 
baggage car. 

"Yes." Kristen answers. 

"Good! let's go before our plane leaves." You say pulling 
her towards the gate. 

You two board the plane and find your seats. 

"Let's get out of here before there's another quake." You 

"Definatly!" Kristen replies as the plane takes off


	"ZAC!" You scream and run into his arms. 

He lifts you up and spins you around. 

You kiss him and he puts you down. 

"I'm glad your ok." Walker says giving you a hug. 

"Yep. That was a pretty big quake, 6.8." You say. 

"Well at least you don't live in Frisco (San Francisco) 
It was a 7.9 there." Walker states. 

"Let's go home." You say grabbing Zac's hand and walking 
towards the door.


	"Here's the last of your stuff miss." The mover says 
as he drops the last box down in your room. 

"Thanks." You say looking at the boxes. I'll unpack later, 
you say to yourself and switch on your computer. You go 
online and check out your mail from your ZacsGurl screen name. 
All junk, so you decide to go into a chat room and type;
"Hey 15/female/OK here." You get a response from 
someone named "Animal". Probably another 
HANSON lover. 

Animal:  "Wanna chat?" 

ZacsGurl: "Stats." 

Animal: "16/male/OK" 

ZacsGurl: "Oh where in OK do you live?"  

Animals: "Tulsa." 

ZacsGurl: "Same here." 

Animal: "Cool." 

ZacsGurl: "Do you like HANSON or are you here to make fun of 
HANSON lovers."  

Animal: "No, I like HANSON, those guys are really cool. I know 

ZacsGurl: "Really?" You ask, "How?" 

Animal: "Well, we go back far." 

You guys end up talking for two hours, you look at the 
clock, 11:30pm. 

ZacsGurl: "Oh, I had better go. It's late." 

Animal: "Um, ok. Hey, wanna go out?" 

ZacsGurl: "You mean, do I want to get together sometime or 
do you mean, like, boyfriend/girlfriend thing?" 

Animal: "I was asking you out, like to be my girlfriend." 

ZacsGurl: "Oh well, I have a boyfriend already sorry." 

Animal: "So, he won't find out. You seem like a really 
cool person." 

ZacsGurl: "Um...ok." 

Zac won't find out, you say to yourself, besides, 
I'll never meet this guy, it's just a thing, you say 
shutting down your computer and getting into bed. You 
can't stop thinking about this guy named "Animal", what 
does he look like? What is his real name? A million 
questions flow through your mind as you fall asleep.


	"Good morning!" Taylor says with a smile as he walks 
into the kitchen. 

"Why are you so happy?" You ask, gulping down a glass of OJ. 

"Nothing, I just am." He answers. 

You look past him and see a hankerchief dancing from the 
corner of the wall while someone sings MMMBop. Then something 
else comes out from the other side of the wall that looks 
like a.....bullet-proof marshmallow, and it starts dancing 
with the hankerchief. 

"Oh I love you!" The hankerchief says to the marshmallow 
in a high voice. 

"I love you too!" The marshmallow answers in a deep 
voice and then jumps on top of the hankerchief and you hear 
kissing sounds. 

You walk over to the marshmallow and take it off the finger. 

"OH MY GOD I'M NAKED!" You hear a high pitch 
voice scream. 

You pull the paper vest off of the marshmallow 
then eat the marshmallow. 

"Thanks!" You say as you walk back into the kitchen. 

You are about to sit down when two arms wrap around you 
from behind and you hear a deep voice say, "CAVITY SEARCH!" 

The hands grab the belt to your robe and pull. 

"Zac!" You scream and grab the belt before he gets 
it off. 

"Hey! You ruined it!" He yells. 

You give him a kiss then walk towards the stairs and begin 
to walk up them when Zac grabs your ankles making you fall 
onto the stairs. 

"Zac! What is wrong with you?" You ask laughing. 

"I love you so much." He says kissing your 
feet. "I can't ever let you go. Stay with me forever. I think 
I will die if you go." He continues to kiss your feet and you 
just laugh at him. 

"POP-TARTS ARE READY!" Diana yells. 

"FOOD!" Zac screams and forgets about your feet then heads 
straight for the kitchen. 

You pick yourself up and head towards your room.

"Are you coming to the photo shoot with us?" Zac asks sitting 
down on your bed with a chocolate pop-tart. 

"I don't know. It depends on wether or not your mom needs me 
here to watch the kids." You say as you continue to get 

"Why do girls wear bras? I mean, guys are just going to 
take them off there is no point." He says watching you 
pull on a shirt. 

"Oh you are disgusting." You yell and throw a pillow at 
him which slams his pop-tart against his face. He doesn't 
think anything of it and begins to lick it off his face. 

"Amelia," Diana asks from the doorway, "Will you be able 
to watch the kids or do you want to go with them?"  

"I will watch the kids." You answer happily. 

"WHAT?" Zac screams, "Mom, she can't go. I need someone 
to entertain me. I need a servant." He says sitting down 
on the bed like a prince. 

"Oh!" His mom says sarcasticly rolling her eyes and 
walks away. You follow her and leave Zac there waiting 
for you to jump on top of him. 

"Hey!" He screams as he opens his eyes and notices that you 
and Diana have both left.

	"I hope you have fun." You yell to Ike and Tay as 
they walk towards the van. 

"Come with us please?" Zac begs standing in front of you 
on the porch. 

"I promised your mom that I would watch the kids for 
her. There are other shoots that I will be able to go to." 
You say. 

"But I want you to come to this one." He pleads. 

"Another time, babe." You say as you give him a kiss. 

He dips you and holds you in that position as long as he 
can and then brings you back up. 

"Wow!" You exclaim. "I know, it is my princeness (not 
princess, prince-ness) coming out. I am a brilliant 
kisser and wooh..." He says as you push him off the porch. 

"Goodbye!" You say and walk into the house.

	"Now, what to do?" You say outloud. You walk around 
the house checking on the three kids and making sure that 
none of the windows or doors are open then you head up to your 
room. You look around. What to do, you say again to yourself 
this time. You turn on your stereo and MMMBop is on the radio, 
Cool, this would never happen in Salinas, you say with a smile. 
You sit down in front of your computer and decide to go online. 
I bet that guy wasn't even seriouse, he was probably joking, 
you say to yourself, kind of hoping. You check your mail and 
see that you have three emails from this guy. The first one 
tells you that his name is Brian Kattan and he lives in Tulsa, 
is 16 and has three bros and three sisters. 

"Wow!" You say outloud, "His family is as big as ours." 

You check the other email and it is a love poem (I am not 
good at poems so just imagine what you would want it to 
say.) The third email is asking if you would ever want 
to meet him. I guess it wouldn't hurt anything, as long as 
he understands that I have a boyfriend and we can't 
make this a physical relationship. 

"Oh who am I kidding?" You say outloud, "I can't do this." 
You email the guy back and tell him that you really love 
your boyfriend and that you can't really have little 
relations on the side. 

"I hope he will understand, he seems like a real nice 
guy." You say as you send the letter and 
log off. You head down stairs and look around, messy. You 
decide that you will help out Diana a bit by cleaning up 
the house, plus you have a couple hours without your Zaccy 
Pooh to kill. You turn on some music and begin to clean.

	"BOO!" Someone screams behind you and grabs your 

"AHH!" You scream, "ZAC! Don't do that!" You turn 
around and kiss him holding his face. 

"See, you survived the photo shoot without me." You say 
with a smile. 

"Actually," he says and starts choking himself, "I am 
Taylor stuck in Zac's body. HELP ME! HELP ME!" He says 
as he falls to the ground around your feet. 

"Uh-huh, race you upstairs." You say and make a mad 
dash for the stairs. 

He grabs you around the waist as you reach the stairs 
causeing you to fall on the stairs and he climbs right 
over you. You grab his leg and pull him back down. He ends 
up sliding all the way back down the stairs on his bum and 
your run upstairs. You get in your room and close the door 
and hear a loud THUD and something fall outside your door. 
You open it and find Zac on the floor. 

"Thanks." He says from the floor. "Doors are hard." 

You lay on top of him right there in the hallway and kiss 
him. He wraps his arms around you and pulls you close. He 
holds you tight and you get tingling sensation all through 
your stomach. It feels good. He begins to move his hands up 
your shirt but you stop him. 

"We are in the middle of the hallway, if your mom catches 
us she will freak again." You begin to get up when someone 
falls right on top of you. 

"OW!" Taylor screams. "What the hell are you doing on the 
floor in the middle of the hallway?" 

"Sorry Tay!" You say pushing him off of you and getting up. 
You help him up off the floor and he continues into his 

"Ya," Zac says, "What have I told you about laying down in 
the middle of the hallway?" 

You tickle him and he falls on the floor laughing. Then 
you get back up and run into your room and look for a place 
to hide. You spot a place but Zac jumps on you from behind. 
You fall face first onto the bed and he flips you over. He 
sits on top of you and starts pounding his chest, then 
coughs cause once again he has hit himself to hard. You look 
up at him, with his cute turned up nose that you always seem 
to be able to see up. He looks down at you with those adorable 
puppy dog brown eyes and brings his face closer to yours. 
He slowly kisses you. You kiss him back. His hands wander up 
and down your body ever so gently. He moves under your shirt 
and (you know where). He kisses you so softly and tenderly.
You have never been kissed like this before. Ususally it is 
a playful yet tender kiss but this is something you can't 
explain it. Your whole body feels tingly. You pull him 
closer. He takes your shirt off and continues to touch you 
so softly. You take his shirt off and feel his little chest. 
Pretty nice, you think to yourself. He isn't scrawny and he 
isn't chubby, he is like, right in the middle. He moves to 
unzip your jeans. 

"Oh god!" You say and sit up. "Um, too far, WAY to far." 

You pull your shirt back on and get off the bed. 
Zac just takes a deep breath and falls back down on the bed.
That was close, you say to yourself. 

Zac gets up and walks up to you and stands behind you 
at your computer and kisses your neck. 

"Stop." You say. "We are going to end up going way to far." 

"No we aren't I am only kissing your neck." He says and 
continues to kiss you. You go online trying to ignore 
him. You are clicking around when you get an IM from Animal.

Animal: "Hey babe!"

ZacsGurl: "Um, hi." 

Animal: "I missed you." 

Zac is obliviouse to this and continues to kiss you. 

ZacsGurl: "Did you get my email?"

Animal: "Yes, I don't think we have to worry about your 
boyfriend, come on, how is he going to find out." 

As this IM comes someone also sends you mail and 
your mail sound goes off. Zac looks up from kissing your 
neck and see's the im and backs away from you. 

"Crap!" You say outloud. 

"Who is that?" He yells. 

"Ok, Zac this isn't what it sounds like I...." As you 
begin to explain he sends you another IM.

Animal: "Have you ever cybered?" 

"WHAT?" Zac screams, "He is asking you to cyber, I don't 
believe this. IN FRONT OF ME!!!!! You could have done this 
behind my back, then I would have not known but while I am 
kissing you???" He storms out of the room and into his and 
you follow. 

Taylor is at the computer. "HEY!" He screams, "You could 
at least knock!"  

"It's my room I don't have to knock." Zac yells back. 

"Zac, we weren't doing anything." You say trying to 
continue the conversation. 

"Yeah, cause I caught you!" He screams. 

"Look I met the guy last night on a chat room, he was 
really sweet and we talked for awhile, he asked me out and I 
told him that I had a boyfriend, but he said it was ok, 
who cared, so I said yes, I have never had an online 
boyfriend before and I just wanted to see what 
everyone was talking about. I wasn't going to do anything 
with him. Really, I promise." You say. 

"Wait a minute!" Taylor says standing up. "You're ZacsGurl?" 

"Duh Taylor! Where have you been?" Zac says. 

"No, no, your screen name is ZacsGurl?" He asks. 

"Ya, how did you kn.....Oh god, you're Animal?" You ask. 

"Yes." Taylor says looking disgusted. 

YOU ARE HANSON!!" You yell. 

"How else am I going to talk to anyone, if anyone knows that 
I am Taylor Hanson then they go crazy and I have to log 
off!!!" He answers. 

"So you're saying that you were going out with Taylor 
online?" Zac asks looking confused. 

"Yes, but he said his name was Brian Kattan and he is 
16, so we didn't know we were talking to each other." You 

"Oh!" Zac says still looking confused. "You know what I am 
just going to forget about this cause I have a feeling if I 
get into it any more my head will explode cause I still 
don't get it." He walks out of the room and goes downstairs 
for some brownies leaving you and Taylor arguing in his room.

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Chapter 22:
Through Thick and Thin: