"Here you are!" You exclaim as you walk into the kitchen and 
see Zac sitting there, brownies smeared all over his face. 

"Are you two done arguing?" He asks you coldy. 

Sensing some hostility, Diana quietly walks out of the kitchen. 

"Ya, he apologized." You answer, pulling up a chair and sitting 
next to him. "Can I have one or are you going to hoard 
them all?" You ask with a smile, pointing to the brownies. 

He slides the plate over to you then goes back to eating 
his brownie. 

"Come on Zac, I said I was sorry!" You exclaim. 

"I know you did, but that is cruel! Every time I turn my back 
you are doing something with my brother, am I not good 
enough or something? Is there something that he is doing that 
I'm not?" He asks, staring deep into your eyes. 

"Zac it's not like that at all. First of all I would rather be 
with you then with anyone on this planet!" You tell him, 
putting your hand on his cheek. 

"Even Justin Timberlake?" He asks (for those of you who 
don't know, he is the blond with the real short curly hair 
from N'SYNC, so you have a crush on him in this story, 
a BIG one!). 

"Definetly! Why would I want him when I have the finest most 
hottest dude on the planet?" You reply, looking at him 

"So you don't like Taylor? Then why were you going out 
with him on the net?" Zac asks, breaking your gaze 
and scooting a little from you. 

"Zac, I already told you, nothing happened, he asked me out 
last night and I have always wanted to see what all the fuss 
was about with online boyfriends, I didn't know it was 
Taylor. I mean come on, his screen name was "Animal" that 
is DEFINETLY not Taylor!" You answer, scooting back over 
to Zac and putting your arm around his shoulders. 

"Ya." He says with a smile, "He is the farthest thing from 
an animal!" 

You laugh and kiss him on the cheek. 

"In fact," He continues, "I don't even think he could 
have fun if his life depended on it! And you know, with the 
tight pants he wears he couldn't even have fun! If he gets a 
hard-on he is going to be in a LOT of pain, if it's even 
possible for him to get a hard on, I don't think he has gotten 
that far in puberty!" 

"Ok, Zac, I get the picture!" You reply, rolling your 
eyes. "But do you forgive me?" You ask, leaning 
into his face. 

He looks up at you and studies your face as if debating in 
his mind if he should forgive you or not. "Ya." He finally 
answers then leans in and kisses you gently on the lips. 

You smile cause he has brownie all over his mouth and you can 
feel it smearing on yours as you kiss. You pull away and look 
at him. 

"I love you." He says, which surprises you a little. 

"I love you to." You answer, smiling at him and kissing him 

(Next day) "Want to go blading?" Taylor asks you from your 

"Go away." You tell him. 

"Oh come on Amelia you can't still be mad at me, I told you 
I was sorry, I am just as "innocent" as you. I didn't know 
you were you or I would have laid off!" He exclaims. 

You look him up and down, then stop on his lips. 

Ok not now Amelia you don't need to think like that, 
you say to yourself as you break your gaze off of his lips and 
look away. 

You smile and look back at him. "You're right, let's go!" You 
say as you and pull out your blades. You walk downstairs, get 
your blades on, then wait for Taylor on the porch. He finally 
gets down the stairs with his rollerblades and makes it out the 

"Where to?" You call out to him as both of you speed down 
the street. 

"I don't know, I thought you had some place you wanted 
to go." He calls back to you. 

"No, not really." You answer. 

"Want to go check out the mall?" He asks. 

"Hello? We have no shoes!" You answer him. 

"Then we'll go back." He replies and turns around. 

"Great!" You mumble under your breath then turn around 
and follow him. He goes inside and grabs yours and his 
shoes then you two head towards the mall. 

"Milia watch out for that.........p..o..l..e!" Taylor exclaims 
as you slam right into a stop sign and fall backwards. "You 
are such a clutz!" He exclaims throwing himself into a fit of 
laughter. He helps you up as best he can and tries to keep 
his balance. 

You just laugh it off as your face turns red. "Let's 
go!" You say trying to pull him through the parking lot to the 

"I...I......that is soo funny!" He exclaims. 

You watch him try to make his way to the front doors, he 
looks like a drunk guy on wheels. He finally catches his 
breath and composes himself as you walk into the mall. 

"Where to first?" You ask as you sit down and take off 
your blades. 

"I...don't know......Sam Goody?" He replies, struggling to 
pull off his rollerblade. 

"Ok cool, I want to get a cd." You answer, standing up and 
waiting for him to tie his shoe. 

"A cd? I thought you had every cd ever made?" He asks, as he 
stands up next to you. 

"Nope not yet!" You answer with a smile and pull him towards the 

"Did we get you the Aerosmith cd?" Taylor asks, holding 
up the "9 Lives" cd. 

"Ya." You answer, and continue looking through the cd's. "Oh 
wait, I'll get this one!" You say, pulling the cd out of the 

"N'SYNC? We got you that one! I remember cause Zac kept bugging 
us to buy it!" He tells you. 

"I know! The one you gave me is the one I listen to and then 
I'll buy this one to keep in the package in case I run down 
my other on!" You answer with a smile. 

"You have got to be kidding." Taylor says, staring at you 
with a confused look on your face. 

"Nope!" You say as you walk over to the counter to buy 
the cd.

"Ok now where?" You ask, stepping out of the store and 
heading down the mall. 

"How about...." Taylor begins. 

"OLD NAVY!" You yell as you see the store with the 
"Grand Opening" sign in the window, right next to the pair 
of Khaki pants you saw on the commercial.

"OH MY GOD! I HAVE to have those!" You yell, 
pulling Taylor across the mall to the store. 

You walk straight to the display, find your size, then 
walk into the dressing room to try them on. Once you get 
them on you walk back out to look at yourself in the mirror. 

"I love these things!" You exclaim. 

Taylor looks up from the shirts he was looking through and 
his mouth drops open. 

"Wow!" Is all he says. 

"What? Are they ugly?" You ask, looking at him confused. 

"No way! They certainly do show off your shape!" He says, 
his eyes wide. 

"Shut up!" You say with a smile, "I'll get these, I love 
them, they are so comfortable!" You walk back into the dressing 
room, get changed, then walk back out and head to the counter. 

"Ok now we are going to go to..." Taylor begins again. 

"Oh Walden's Books! Let's go there!" You say pointing and 
once again dragging him to the store. You drag him to the 
back where the Young Adult books are and you look through 
them for the HANSON Bio's (even though you already have 
them, hey, it's different when you see them in the store). 
You find one and pick it up. 

"Amelia! You have two copies of each of these books!" He 
exclaims smiling at you. 

"I know, but I still like to look at the pictures! You 
guys look so cute!" You tell him, grinning from ear to ear. 

"Now that's my kind of book!" He says picking up a Spice 
Girls book and giving you a sarcastic look. 

"Um, like, EEWW!" You tell him grabbing the book and 
putting it back on the shelf. 

"Ok can we go to the store I want to go to now?" 
He asks as you set down the book and head out of the store. 

"Well you haven't said anything, where do you want to go?" 
You ask, scanning the mall for more interesting stores. 

"I want to go to....." He begins, again. 

"Oh The pet store, I want to go look at the puppies!" You 
say and start draggin him there. 

"Amelia! I want to go to the Sweet Factory (for 
those of you who don't have that store, it's a big candy 
shop)!" He says, pulling out of your grasp and heading in 
the direction of that store. 

"Oh come one Taylor! We've been to all the stores you 
wanted to go to, I just want to..." You begin. 

"The stores I wanted to go to? I didn't want to go to 
Old Navy!" He exclaims, pulling you towards the Sweet 

"Taylor!" You exclaim, but let him drag you there. 

"Now this is a store!" He says, looking at the huge stands 
of candy and the display of Jelly Bellys. He walks straight 
for the jelly beans and you head for the suckers. He comes 
back with a huge bag of Jelly Beans and you come back with 
five lolly pops and a jaw breaker. 

"Enough Jelly beans?" You ask smiling. 

"Nope, but I don't have all my money with me right now!" He 
tells you. 

"No red ones?" You ask, looking confused. 

"I have rooms full of red Jelly Beans at home, I don't need 
to buy anymore!" He answers giving you a "Duh!" look. 

"Sorry, I didn't think about it." You pay for the Jelly beans 
then walk out of the store. 

You two walk around the mall with him for a few more hours 
then finally decide to go home.

"That was fun." You say sitting down on the porch to take 
off your blades. 

"Yep." Taylor says sitting next to you. 

You watch him take off his blades. 

Wow, you think to yourself, I never realized he was 
so cute. You look at his naturally pouty lips, baby blue eyes, 
perfect eyebrows, and shiny blond hair. Before you know it 
you are on top of him remembering the kiss from Washington 
DC by the reflectiong pool. You lay him back on the porch 
and kiss him hard. He wraps his arms around you and kisses 
you back then rolls over on top of you. He begins to touch 
your sides and back, gently kissing your neck. You move down 
and kiss his neck and feel his stomach and chest. 

Wow, you think, not as scrawny as I thought it 
would be. 

"If Zac see's you, he'll kill both of you." Kristen 
says as Isaac and her walk up to the porch, unlock the door, 
then walk inside. 

"Shit." You say, then look at Taylor who is starring at 
you with those crystal blue eyes. 

"They're right." Is all he says as he gets up and walks 
into the house. 

"Oh god, why did I do that?" You ask out loud putting your head 
in your hands. 

"Do what?" You hear Zac ask. 

You spin around fast and see him walking towards you with 
a smile. You turn back around and finish taking off your 
blades. Zac sits real close and wraps his arms around your 
waist and starts kissing your neck. 

"You smell like Taylor." He says still kissing you. 

"Um, I borrowed some of his CK cologne." You answer. 

"Oh," Zac says still kissing you. 

He pulls your face to his and kisses you on the lips. 

"Stop drooling all over me. Everytime we see 
each other you have to crowd me and start kissing me." With 
that said, you get up, grab your bags and go to your room 
leaving a very surprised Zac sitting alone on the porch.
"Amelia." Taylor calls as he walks into your room. 

"Oh, Taylor. I am so sorry about what happened on the 
porch I...." You begin but Taylor presses his finger 
against your lips, then leans down and kisses you. You 
don't know what to do this time. You leave your hands at 
your sides and then decide that it would be better to just 
push him away but then he wraps his arms around you and 
kisses you exactly how you have always wanted to be kissed. 
Zac has never kissed you like this before. 

You wrap your arms around Taylor and begin to kiss him 
back. He walks you over to the bed and lays you down. 

"No, Taylor." You whisper but he keeps on going. He 
kisses your neck and your chest (right below your neck). 
It feels so different from Zac. When it's Zac you can stop 
him but Taylor is different. No matter how hard you try or 
think, you just can't make him stop. 

"What if Zac walks in?" You whisper as he gently kisses your 
"We'll deal with that if it happens." He says then brushes his 
lips against your lips as if asking for permission to kiss you 

You close your eyes and kiss him. You kiss like you have 
never kissed anyone before. 

"Amelia I..." Someone begins. 

You push Taylor off of you and he lands on the floor with a 
thud. You jump off the bed and fix your hair. 

"We weren't doing anything." You say. 

"Relax, it's only me." Kristen says helping Taylor off 
the floor. 

"Oh, um, we weren't doing anything." You repeat. 

"I don't care what you were or weren't doing. I just 
want a pencil." She say. 

"Oh." You get a pencil and hand it to her. "You aren't 
going to tell Zac are you?" 

"No, I didn't see anything." She says with a smile and walks 
out of the room.


It's been two weeks since your, kiss, with Taylor and things 
have been pretty rocky between you and Zac. You two get into 
arguments over the stupidest things and you seem to be 
wanting to spend more and more time with Taylor. But you 
know you can't and you try to avoid him but it doesn't work.

	You walk out onto your balcony and look up at the 
beautiful stars. You close your eyes as the wind rustles 
through your hair. 

"You should be a model." You hear someone and spin around. 

Zac is slowly walking towards you with a smile. He is 
wearing blue jeans with a tight black shirt. 

He looks so good, you think to yourself. 

He walks onto the balcony and climbs up onto the wall (you 
know the wall around the balcony to keep you from falling.) 
He sits there and just looks at you. You walk in front of 
him and place your hands on top of his legs. 

"What's going on with us?" He asks, starring deep into 
your eyes. 

"I don't know." Is all you can think to say. 

You walk over next to him, lean on the wall and look towards 
the city. 

"Why don't you want to be with me anymore?" He asks playing 
with your hair. 

"I still want to be with you." You answer. 

"Then why are you and Tay always together, and why do you 
two look at each other funny, and why does he leave the room 
everytime I kiss you, on the rare occasion that you let 
me kiss you." He asks. "And another thing, why won't you kiss 
me anymore? I try to kiss you but you push me away and leave? 
Why?" As he says why he pulls your face to look at him. 

"I don't know why Taylor does that." You lie. "And as for 
not kissing you, I just don't feel comfortable kissing you 
in front of everyone." 

"WHAT? You used to kiss me on the porch, in the hallway, 
in the car and they weren't kisses, they were....kisses." 
He exagerates on the last word "kisses" and let's go of 
your chin. 

"I don't know, I just don't like doing that in front of 
the whole world anymore." Is all you can think of to say. 

"Then kiss me now." He says. 

You look at him then walk in front of him and 
place your hands on his lap then lean in and kiss him softly 
on the lips. He carefully gets down off the wall then leans 
you against the opposite wall and kisses you hard letting his 
hands travel up and down your body. All of the sudden Taylor 
comes into your head and the perfect kiss. The way he keeps 
you wanting more. 

"I'm sorry." You say pushing Zac away. 

You run downstairs and into the tree house hoping he won't 
follow you. You sit in the darkness alone, trying to put 
together what happened. You hear footsteps on the ladder 
and a blond head appears in the dark. The person crawls 
over to you and places his body on top of you and gently 
kisses your lips. 

"Taylor." You say and the person stops. 

"What?" You hear Zac's voice. 

"Zac! I meant Zac." You say trying to cover your lies.
"You called me Taylor. Is he why you won't kiss me? Are you 
guys having an affair?" He doesn't even let you finish. 

He jumps out of the window to the tree house and runs into the 
house straight to his room. You follow him and walk into the 
room just as he punches Taylor in the face. 

"ZAC!" You scream at him then run to Taylor and help him up. 
You feel his cheek making sure he is ok, then you turn and 
face Zac. 

"What the hell is your problem?" You yell. 

"I hate you Taylor!" He says ignoring your question. "How 
could you? You took my girl-friend!" 

"I..." Taylor begins. 

"He didn't 'take me' Zac. We aren't going out. We kissed 
once but that's it and I loved you to much to go on so I 
just started avoiding him and..." 

You tell him everything. How you think of Taylor and how 
you want to be with Zac. You are crying so much and Zac 
just looks at you with a look of hate and disbelief. After 
you finish you look at Zac. 

"Say something." You ask. 

"I hate you, both of you." After he says that he grabs his 
rollerblades and walks down the stairs. 

You begin to follow him but Taylor grabs your 

"Let him go. He needs time to think." 

You agree then walk to your room and cry yourself to 

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Chapter 23:
Through Thick and Thin: