You wake up two hours later and it is 8:30. You walk into the 
boys room and none of them are in there. You walk downstairs 
and look for Zac, not there. You get your blades on and begin 
to blade around town. You go to the blading ramp and see him 
sitting on the log that you two met, so many times, but 
this time he isn't with you, he is with Amanda. You quietly 
move closer and listen to the conversation. 

"Am I that bad to her?" He asks her. 

"No, no, Zac she is so lucky to have you. She doesn't deserve 
you at all." Amanda reassures him, touching his face. 

You lean in closer on the branch to hear more. 

"No, I don't deserve her. But how can she do this to me? She has 
kissed Taylor four times since we have been going out! There 
is something wrong with that. What is it that Taylor's got that 
I don't?" He asks. 

"Forget about her and look at what is right in front of 
you." Amanda says pulling Zac's face towards hers.
Just as their lips are about to touch, the branch you are leaning 
on breaks and you tumble to the ground right next to Zac. 

"What the hell?" He says jumping up. 

"Hi!" You say with a smile looking up at Zac. 

He helps you up and you brush yourself off.
"What do you want?" Amanda says. 

"I came here to talk to my boyfriend." You say glaring at her. 

"Your boyfriend? Oh yes, since when do you kiss your 'boyfriends' 
brother?" She asks with a know it all look. 

"Get lost." You say advancing towards her, but Zac steps in 
front of you. 

"She doesn't have to leave." He says sternly. "She was there 
for me while you were with Taylor for 2 hours." 

"I wasn't with Taylor. I ran to my room and ended 
up crying myself to sleep." You answer as tears fill your eyes. 

"You told me you saw them rollerblading together." He says, 
turning and looking at Amanda. 

"I did. She is obviously lying, trying to keep you from breaking 
up with her." She answers, wrapping her arms around his waist 
and resting her chin on his shoulder. 

You can't take it anymore, you push Zac out of the 
way and punch her right in the nose then pin her up against a 

"I have put up with you long enough. You do everything 
you can to break me and Zac up so you can have him. Well, get 
over it cause I don't plan on breaking up with him anytime soon 
cause I love him more then anything." Then you lean closer to 
her face.  "And I would kill for him." With that you throw 
her on the ground and skate over to Zac. 

"I'm sorry." You say. "I...." 

He puts his fingers on your lips reminding you of Taylor, 
you immediatly push him out of your mind and concentrate 
only on Zac as he kisses you. He kisses you sweetly and 
innocently, then pulls away leaving you wanting more. 

"Is that how you wanted to be kissed?" He asks with a smile. 

"Yes." You whisper, leaning in for another kiss. 

"We better go." He says stopping you. 

"Do we have to?" You ask watching Amanda stumble to get up 
then walk away. 

"Yes." He says taking your hand then leading you home. 

You get to the corner of your block and he turns and 
faces you. He leans in to kiss you again. 

"Where's your HANSON symbol necklace?" He asks noticing it's 
gone from around your neck. 

You feel your neck. "I don't know, crap! It must have 
fallin' off." You say looking around. 

"Oh wait, there it is." You point towards the middle 
of the street and begin to go get it. 

"I'll get it." He says, giving you a smile and a quick kiss 
then heads into the street. 

He gets to the necklace and bends down to get it when you hear 
a loud honk and a screech of tires as a semi-truck comes 
speeding down the street, Zac freezes terrified. 

"ZZZAAAAAACCCCC!" You scream as you hear a soft thud and 
the truck comes to a screeching halt.

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Chapter 24:
Through Thick and Thin: