"Oh my god!" The driver says as he gets out of the truck and 
rushes to see how the person he hit is. "Oh GOD!" He says as 
he see's Zac. 

You just stand there with your mouth open. 

"Go call an ambulence!" He yells to you. 

You just stand there shaking. The guy comes up to you and 
shakes you back into reality. 

"GET HELP!" He screams. 

You turn around and slam right into a tree and fall 
backwards. You pick yourself up and roller-blade home as fast 
as you can, it is only five houses away. You get to the porch 
where Ike, Tay and Kristen are sitting there talking about 
the truck they heard. Kristen sees you coming up the path 
full of tears and stops you. 

"What's wrong?" She asks, holding your shoulders. 

You push her down and run into the house. You dial the ambulence 
and tell them what happened then slam down the phone. 

"DIANA WALKER! COME QUICK!" They come running into the family 
room where you are pacing franticly. 

"What?" They ask. 

"The corner of Leroy and Ambrose (ok so I made up the street 
names) Zac is hurt." You say. 

Kristen hears "Zac is hurt" as she walks in the door and you 
both go flying out the front door and speed down the street. 
You two get to the corner and you stop. 

"Did you get help?" The driver asks, he has blood all over 
his shirt and one of his sleeves are missing. 

"Yes, how is he?" Kristen asks. 

"Well one of you should come over and talk to him, he 
is still conciense and in a lot of pain." The driver says. 

"OH GOD!!!!" You say falling to your knees. "It's all my 
fault, he went to get my necklace." 

Kristen leaves you there and walks over to see Zac. She 
slowly walks around to the front of the truck and looks 
around it. Zac is lying there on his back, there is a pool of 
blood around him. He is moaning and crying and his fist is 
closed tight. She walks closer to him then kneels down next 
to him. He has a huge gash in his arm and there is blood 
coming down his leg and his nose is bloody. He has dirt all 
over him. 

"Zac." She whispers. 

"Amelia, Amelia." He keeps repeating. 

"AMELIA!" She calls. "Get over here." 

"I can't!" You yell back (really weak stomach!). 

"Zac, Amelia can't come over, but I'm here for ya buddy, 
just hold on the ambulence will be here soon." She looks down 
his body and notices his leg is covered in blood. 

He has a broken leg, she says to herself. 

"Hey, Zac," She says. "Hold on ok, the ambulence will be here 
soon and then they can fix you up and you will be fine, ok, and 
you and Amelia can play Nintendo and rollerblade and make-out or 
do whatever it is that you two do together." She says 
with a nervouse laughter. 

"WHERE"S THE AMBULENCE??" She screams to you. 

"They are coming." You faintly answer.
Zac starts to go into convulsions. 

"OH GOD! Zac don't do this, hold on buddy hold on. 
AMELIA!! I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!" She says as tears 
start forming in her eyes. 

She leans down in his face and realizes that his 
breathing is slowing down. She touches his face and tries 
to keep him concise. "Zac come on, don't go, just hold 
on a little longer." 

He starts coughing and ends up spitting blood all 
over her shirt just as Walker and Diana get there. 

"OH MY GOD!!" Diana screams and grabs Zac and starts 

Walker prys her off of him and brings her to you. You two 
calm each other down. 

"Oh God! He's not breathing!" You hear Kristen say to 
Walker Isaac, and Taylor. 

Walker starts CPR and the ambulence finally arrives. 

They lift him into the van. 

"Wait." Zac says faintly. 

He motions for Kristen to come up to him and she does. 
He opens her hand and puts the necklace in it, then 
passes out and the ambulence  drives off. 

She walks to you and hands you the bloody necklace. 

"Oh god!" You say and hold the necklace to your face.
"Let's go!" She yells to you. 

"WHAT? WAIT!" Diana says. "We will take the car." 

"No!" You tell her and begin to race down the street 
with Kristen right behind you, towards 
the hospital.

"Why did I have to have that necklace? I could have gone 
on with my life without it! I am such a idiot! It's all my 
fault! I can't believe this...." You go on as we wait impat-
iently in the waiting room. "Oh god, I hate myself I..." You 
are interupted by the doctor as he walks into the room. 

"Well," He begins. "He is going to pull through but barely. 
He had some internal bleeding but we caught it and his leg 
is broken. He lost a lot of blood but he a 
slight coma from a concusion but he is breathing on his 

"CAN I SEE HIM?" You yell as you jump out of your seat. 

"Yes.." He doesn't finish. 

You speed past him and run into the room and see Zac 
lying there with what looks like a million different 
tubes. You see him, so innocent, just lying there 
helplessly, not moving or talking. 

"I am so sorry!" You say taking his hand. "I didn't 
mean for this to happen." You sit down and put your 
forehead on his hand. 

He stirs a little. 

"Zac." You call. 

He stirs a little more, just his hand. 

"Zac, can you hear me? Squeeze my hand once if you can hear 
me." You say. 

He sligtly squeezes your hand. 

"Oh baby. God I am so sorry." You lean down and give him 
a kiss on the lips. 

He squeezes your hand again. 

"What? Do you want another kiss?" You ask smiling. 

He squeezes your hand and you give him another kiss. 

"Can't you just open your eyes? Just try baby, please. 
Just try." 

He squeezes your hand tightly and holds it like 
that. He trys hard and a tear falls down his cheek. 

You start crying and you lay on top of him (not your 
full body, you know, you leaned down on top of him to 
hug him.) "I love you Zac." You say and kiss him again 
on the lips. 

"Ok Amelia, we have to go." Taylor says pulling you 
off of Zac. 

"No, NO!" You scream. "I want to stay, I WANT TO STAY!!" 
You grab onto the railing of the bed and hold on for 
dear life. "PLEASE!! I don't want to go!" You yell. 

Zac's heart beat goes up on the monitor he is hooked up 
to, you can tell he is getting mad. 

"PLEASE!" You scream again. 

"I'm sorry miss, you can't." The nurse says. 

You start crying violently as Taylor drags you out of 
the hospital and puts you in the car.
You ride home in silence. Once you get to your room you fall 
down on the bed and start beating up the sheets. 

"YOU ARE SO STUPID! STUPID! STUPID!" You scream over and 
over again beating up the bed. 

"Woh, WOh" Taylor says as he grabs your arms and holds 
you down on the bed. 

"LET ME UP!" You scream. 

He lets you up and you get off the bed and stand there. 

He walks towards you and puts his hand on your face. 

"It's ok Amelia, Zac is going to be fine, you'll see. You 
know how strong he is." Taylor assures you. 

You look up at him and look into those crystal blues again. 
He leans closer and closer to you. You can't stop him, you 
are helpless in his eyes. He leans right in front of your 
face, and kisses our cheek. You close your eyes and take a 
deep breath of his cologne. 

"He'll be fine." He says as he pulls away and walks into 
his room. He stops at the door. "Goodnight." He closes the 
door behind him leaving you standing in the middle of your 

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