You wake up early the next morning and get dressed. You race down the stairs and yell. "I'll be at the hospital!" "Wait!" Diana yells. You stop at the front door holding it open. "We are going to go down there as soon as everyone is ready." She says as Kristen skates into the house. "Hi Mrs. H." She greets. "You ready to go Milia?" "Please Diana?" You beg. "Ok." She says with a smile. You race past Kristen and onto the porch to get your blades on then speed down the street. "Amelia! Wait up!" Kristen calls, catching up to you. You two race down Tulsa towards the hospital. "I'm sorry, you can't wear those in here." The nurse at the front desk says pointing to your blades. You two bend down and take them off then head towards Zac's room in your socks. "Oh my god!" You say as you walk into the room. There is a nurse cleaning off the bed and putting new sheets on the bed, Zac is no where in site. "Miss." You say approaching the nurse. "Where is the patient who was in here?" "Well, I'm sorry I don't know, they told me that the patient in here didn't need the room any longer and I was called to clean it, from what I heard the patient died." She says walking out of the room to get some more sheets. You turn around and just stare at Kristen. "Maybe it was just a mix-up, they would have called if he,um, you know.." She trails off. You run to the front desk again. "Where is Zac Hanson?" You ask. "I'm sorry, who are you?" The lady asks. "I am his girl.....his sister and this is my friend, where is he? He isn't in the room he was in yesterday!" You say getting more and more frantic. "Calm down miss." The nurse says typing his name into the computer. "He is on the third floor in the childrens ward, apparently he has shown improvement." "Oh thank god!" You say and run to the elevator almost knock- ing down three people and running into a doctor. "Sorry!" You yell as you run past him. You reach the elevator and push the button a million times until it finally comes. After what seems like forever the doors finally open on the third floor. You run out then stop in the middle of the hallway causing Kristen to run into you from behind. "Don't do that!" She says. "I don't know what room." You say. "Well that's what front desk's are for." Kristen replies with a sarcastic smile. You rush over to the desk. "Can you tell me which room Zac Hanson is in please?" You ask the lady. "And who are you?" The nurse asks. "I am his sister, the lady downstairs said you moved him up here." You say. "Yes, he is in room 218." She answers with a smile. "Thanks!" You say and rush down the hall to his room. You look in the window before you open the door. There aren't as many tubes in him as there was last night and he seems to be moving. You open the door quietly and walk in. "I'll give you a few minutes alone." Kristen says. "I will be in the playroom, the play-dough is calling me." You walk in and look at Zac. He has his eyes open and is watching Animaniacs. "Hey babe!" You say. He slowly turns his head and looks at you. "Amelia!" He says in a whisper. You rush over to him and throw yourself on top of him. "OW!" He cries. "Sorry!" You say jumping ten feet backwards. "It's ok, you can touch me just don't jump on me." He says smiling. You lean down and kiss him. His mouth tastes jello. "I guess they are feeding you properly." You say standing up. "Yep." He says pulling your face back down to his, just as he does this the nurse whom you told you were his sister walks in. "Um." The nurse says looking a little disgusted. "No, I am his adopted sister, we were going out before they adopted me." You say reassuring her. "Oh good!" She says relieved. "I have more jello for you and three twinkies and chocolate milk with a straw for bubbles." "Wow!" You say looking at the food. "I guess you have gotten a little bit of your appetite back." "Oh yes." The nurse says. "This is his fifth tray of food!" She walks out of the room. "FIFTH?" You yell. "I was hungry, that truck knocked all the food out of me, I have to gain all my energy back." He says as he stuffs a big spoonful of jello his mouth. "I can't believe you." You say stealing one of his twinkies. "HEY!! That's mine." He cries, reaching for it. "I don't think so." You say, taking a big bite out of it. "HEY!!! Open your mouth, give it back." He says again. "Your gross!" You say with your mouth full. "Hey." Kristen greets, bringing in your blades in and setting them down on the floor. "Well I see you are awake....and eating." She says as she looks at the tray of junk food and steals his other twinkie. "HEY!!! THAT'S IT!! THIS IS MINE, LEAVE IT ALONE!!!" He says putting the last twinkie in his lap and pulling the bowl of jello closer to him. "I am going to laugh so hard if you forget that twinkie is there and smash it in your lap." Kristen says. "I won't forget about it." He says matter-of-factly. "Yeah, whatever." She replies. "MY BABY!!" Diana screams as she runs into the room and gives Zac a huge hug. "You're ok, I was so scared. Don't you ever do that to me ag...." She stops when she sees the twinkie smashed all over his bedspread. "What is this?" She asks, looking down at her shirt and disco- vering the same thing. "MOM!!!" He yells. "YOU SMASHED MY TWINKIE!!!!" "TWINKIE!?" She yells. "You are having TWINKIES for breakfeast, and JELLO?? What is wrong with these people?" She says as she leaves the room and goes to talk to the nurse. "Hey man, you ok?" Taylor asks taking a chunk of his jello. "I'm fine.! AND LEAVE MY FOOD ALONE! EVERYONE GO GET YOUR OWN!!!" He yells. "He's ok." Isaac says with a smile. Isaac and Kristen leave and take Taylor with them. Mackie sits up on the bed next to Zac and starts eating the jello with him, Zac lets him. You just look at him and Mackie, he is so good with kids. Him and Mackie just sit there eyes on the tv, eating jello together. "Ok, I wanted to make sure you were ok." Walker says. "but I have a meeting with all the record people, I will see you as soon as I get out." He walks out the door leaving you, Mackie, Avi, and Jess all watching tv.

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Chapter 26:
Through Thick and Thin: