(Next day) 

"I'm going to the hospital!" You yell as you rush 
for the doors. 

"No your not!" Diana says stopping you. "Zac 
has surgery today and we are all going to go down to the 
hospital together, no exceptions." She walks into the kitchen 
to help Mackie with his breakfest. 

"Damnit!" You say kicking the couch causing yourself to 
fall down since you have your blades on. 

"Nice one!" Taylor says looking down at you. 

"Ya, it was wasn't it." You say with a frown. 

"What's wrong?" He asks. 

"Diana isn't going to let me go to the hospital cause 
Zac has surgery today and she doesn't want us there to early. 
I promised him I would see him before he went into surgery, I 
mean what if he doesn't come out what if..." You trail off 
tears forming in the corners of your eyes. 

"It's ok." Taylor says putting his hands on your face. "It's 
only for his leg, it will only take an hour or so." You look 
at Taylor and stare into his beautiful eyes. He just stares 
back at you, deeper and deeper into your eyes. He still has 
his hands on your face and he makes no attempt to take them 
off. He begins to lean forward towards your face, you just 
stand there transfixed. 

"Oooh! A staring contest!" Kristen says jumping next to 
Taylor and starring at you. 

"Woops!" She says noticing his hands on your face, he 
quickly let's go. "Sorry, not a contest huh? I will uh, I'll, 
um, I'll be in the kitchen." She says with a nervous smile
and speeds off into the kitchen to bug Isaac. 

"We have to stop doing this." You say looking at Taylor but 
avoiding his deep eyes. 

"Ya, I know." He says blushing badly and looking at the floor. 

"OK LET'S GO!" Walker calls walking out of his study. 

It takes half an hour to get everyone in the car. When they 
finally do get everyone in you end up being stuck next to 
Taylor, actually squashed against Taylor is the more proper 
thing to say. You finally make it to the hospital and climb 
over everyone and get out of the car and race into the elevator 
then head for Zac's room. He's not there so you just assume 
that he is still in surgery so you lay on his bed and flip on 
the Cartoon Network, Scooby Doo is on so you get comfortable 
and watch. The rest of the family finally makes it into the 
room all together. 

"Where is he?" Diana says looking worried.  "He was supposed 
to be done 3 hours ago!" 

"WHAT?" You say jumping off of the bed. 

"Honey now don't go crazy, I will go ask the nurse." Walker says 
walking out of the room. 

"Oh my gosh, what if something went wrong, what if he needs me, 
what if..." Diana continues making you more and more scared 
every second. 

Walker finally walks back into the room. "He is in ICU 
(Intensive Care Unit) apparently there were some complic-
ations during the surgery and he didn't do as good as they 
had expected." Walker says with a frown. 

"But I thought this was for his leg?" You ask, starting to 
shake, like you have the shivers or something. 

"It was but they have to put him under (to sleep) in order to 
do that and his stats (heart rate, pulse, breathing) went down 
while he was under and they had to end the surgery early and 
try to wake him up. He is still asleep in ICU." Walker answers. 

"Well then let's go." You say heading for the door. 

"You can't." Walker says. 

"Why not?" You ask angrily. 

"Because you have to be 16 or older to go into the ICU, they
are very strict, we might be able to get you in there a few 
times but not very often." He says. 

"But....." You say feeling the tears stream down your face. 
"I....I want to see him."  

"I'm sorry, Amelia. Why don't you take the children and go 
play with them in the playroom, it would be appreciated 
while Diana, me and Isaac go into see Zac." He asks. 

"Sure." You whisper and lead the kids to the playroom. 

They don't even realize what is going on. You watch 
them just play in the room not knowing what kind of trouble 
their brother is in. 

"I'm sure he'll be fine." Taylor says trying to comfort you. 

"That's what you said at home." You reply staring at the 

As you say that the hospital babysitter comes into the 

"I can watch them if you want." She offers with a smile. 

"Sure, thanks." You say giving her a weak smile, then letting 
Taylor lead you out of the room. 

"I really want to see him." You say walking towards the elev-

"I think I know a way." Taylor says with a mischievious grin. 

"How?" You ask looking at him. 

"Follow me." He says walking to the elevators. 

He brings you down to the basement 
of the hospital and into the doctors locker room. 

"There." He says pointing towards the pink and blue 
scrubs (nurses clothes). 

You walk over and find one that fits you. You tuck 
your hair into the hair cap and Taylor does the same thing. 
You finish getting everything on and put a mask around your 
neck, just in case, then head back to the elevators. 

"Oh wait." Taylor says and rushes back into the room. He 
comes back out with a clipboard. "We have to look 
professional." He says pushing the button for the 

Two doctors come out and wave hello to you two, you guys 
wave back then head into the elevator and go to the first 
floor. You reach the front doors to ICU and push the big 
metal button. The doors open loudly and you two walk in, 
no one even looks at you twice. 

"Hi, I am Doctor Greene from Oklahoma City Memorial, 
I am here to take notes on a patient by the name of.." You 
look at the clipboard. "Zachary Hanson." You smile at 
the lady. 

"Yes, he is in room 18, down there and to your left (ok so I 
know in real life they would ask for ID and stuff but this is 
my story!!!!)" 

"Thanks!" You say handing the clipboard to Taylor and heading 
towards the room. You look through the windows and see Isaac, 
Diana, and Walker standing there talking to Zac. 

"He's awake!" You say a little loudly causing a 
few nurses to look at you. 

"She is really attached to this patient." Taylor explains 
smiling to the nurses. 

They smile and keep on working. 

You walk into the room and run to Zac. 
He holds you close. 

"What in the world? How did you get in here?" Walker asks 
looking at you and Taylor and the clothes you are wearing. 

"Did you steal those?" Diana asks. 

"No, we borrowed them from the nurses lounge." You answer 
with a slight smile. 

"I can't believe you guys and of..." 

"Diana." Walker interupts. "Like they need those scrubs, 
the doctors get enough money to replace them." 

You smile at Walker and start jabbering on with Zac who is 
majorly happy to see you. 

Walker and Diana go upstairs to check on the kids while
Taylor and Isaac go to the cafeteria to get some food leaving 
you and Zac alone in the room. 

"You scared me. " You confess to him. 

"REALLY??  How?" He asks with a big smile. 

"I thought you were...I thought, you know." You say looking 

"I know." He says lifting your head up and looking into your 

"I love you." Is all you say then kiss him. 

"Excuse me." You hear a nurse say behind you. 

"What?" You say loudly jumping up from Zac. 

"Didn't you say you were a docter from Oklahoma City 
Memorial?" She asks eyeing you. 

"Well, I could be, but I'm not." You say looking at the 

"Then you are going to have to leave, sorry." She says. 

"Can I say goodbye first?" You ask hoping she'll let you. 

"I'll give you two minutes, but only cause my daughter 
loves HANSON." She says with a smile.

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