What to do today? You ask yourself walking aimlessly 
around the house. 

Diana and Walker are at the hospital leaving you alone 
with the kids, Isaac is at Kristen's and Taylor is in 
his room on the computer. 

"I have nothing to do?" You say aloud. 

"You can play with me!" Mackie says from behind you 
startling you. 

"No, that's ok, I don't feel like playing Nintendo 
today." You say with a smile. 

Mackie shrugs his shoulders then walks to the livingroom 
to play Nintendo. 

It has been three and a half weeks since Zac went into 
ICU, he has made major improvement. He is now breathing 
and eating on his own, the bleeding inside is totally 
fixed and healed, he can walk, and he is fully concies 
but is still in ICU for observations. His broken leg has 
even healed but the doctors won't let him out (ok 
since it is my story I made it go fast cause i really 
don't know how long it usually takes for all of that 
to heal!!). You have been going crazy and driving 
everyone around you crazy since you haven't seen him. 
You decide to go bug Taylor for awhile and you walk 
upstairs into his room and sit down next to him. 

"What cha doin'?" You ask. 

"Just updating HANSONline, it hasn't been updated in 
awhile." He says with a smile.
"Oh." You answer then get up to leave. 

"Amelia." He calls. 

"Huh?" You ask sitting back down. 

He stops what he is doing and turns to face you. 
"Um, why don't think we should, you anymore." He says blushing badly. 

"What? I mean I know, I know, um....I didn't mean to lead 
you on like that I just...I don't was an 
accident...your right, we shouldn't do it anymore...I 
am going out with Zac, I love Zac just 
...your right." You say trying desperatly to find the right 

"Ya, cool." Taylor replies with a smile. 

"Cool." You answer back. "Um, I am going to be in my room 
if you need me." You say pointing over your shoulder 
towards your room. 

"Ya, ok." He says with a smile. 

"Ya, bye." You say smiling then walk out of the room. 

Now that was pointless you say to yourself as you walk 
into your room and flip on your computer. 

"I am so bored!" You say resting your chin on your hands 
and watching the computer boot up. 

"AMEILA!" Walker calls from downstairs. "Come down here 

What now? You say to yourself as you walk downstairs. 
You turn the corner into the family room and freeze. 

"ZAC!" You scream and run to him, knocking him down and 
landing on top of him. 

"CAREFUL!" Diana yells. 

"Diana." Walker says motioning for them to leave. 

"OH MY GOD!! I missed you soo much, you just don't 
know, I have been going crazy here with out you for so 
long and then the night you got real bad I ended 
tripping over your Docs and crying all night, and then 
I just wanted to kill my self and....." You blaber on and 
on laying on the floor on top of Zac. 

He just smiles at you looking highly amused. He finally 
stops you by putting his finger on your lips. 

"Do you ever stop talking?" He asks and kisses you. 

You wrap your arms around him. He rolls over and lays on 
top of you gently kissing you and caressing your body. 

"ZAC!" You hear a little voice scream and the weight 
of someone jumping on top of Zac. 

"Mackie!" He yells back and grabs Mackie into a hug and 
starts wrestling him on the floor. 

You watch Zac, he looks so adorable and he is back to 
his old self again. You smile to yourself just thinking. 
You don't even realize that Zac and Mackie are coming 
towards you still wrestling. They end up on top of you and 
the three of you are wrestling each other on the floor. 
You pin Mackie and he starts giggling. 

"COWABUNGA!" Zac screams as he pounces on you knocking 
you off of Mackie. 

You two wrestle for a few minutes and you get Zac pinned 
then Mackie jumps on your back and pulls you off. 

"NOT FAIR!" You scream between giggles. "You guys work in 
pairs, I don't have anyone helping me." 

"BUNZAI!" You hear someone scream. 

You look up in time to see Taylor pounce on Zac. 

You just look at Taylor with an expression of aw, 
is this Taylor Hanson? You ask yourself. He is actually 
having fun (no offense to all you taylor fans!). 

You grab Mackie and start spinning him in circles while 
Taylor trys his best to pin Zac to the ground. You let 
go of Mackie and push Taylor off of Zac and jump on top 
of Zac instead and pin him there. 

"Ha Ha got ya again!" You scream over Mackies high 
pitched screams. 

"No you didn't!" He says with a smile and uses his legs 
to flip you over his head. 

You land hard on your back and Zac jumps on top of you. 

"I pinned you!" He says smiling. 

"Where did you learn that?" You ask amazed. 

"Physical therapy." He says. 

All four of you continue to wrestle and in about 
four minutes you have everyone on the floor wrestling, 
Isaac, Kristen, Avi, and Jessi have all joined in, 
it is now girls against guys. Of course the girls win.

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Chapter 29:
Through Thick and Thin: