"I missed you so much!" You say between kisses, as Zac 
kisses you softly on the lips. 

"I missed you to." He answers.
He continues to kiss your neck and chest (I am not going 
to explain it again, from now on when I say chest I 
mean below your neck.) 

"Zac!" You sigh softly. 

He slowly moves his hands up your shirt (you know where 
he went). He takes your shirt off then lays back on top 
of you. He kisses your neck and then gently kisses your 
lips. He sits up and takes his shirt off to. He continues 
to touch your sides and stomach. 

"Zac, we can't." You say trying to push him off of you. 

"C'mon Amelia, I have been gone for a month, I have had 
a lot of time to think. I mean, my life, I mean, I could 
have died without even doing anything. Driving, having kids,
a wife, stuff like that and I want to be with you forever. 
I am ready to go all the way with you only if you are 
willing to. I love you so much, and we will take all 
the proper percautions, nothing bad will happen, no 
one will ever know." He says staring deep into your eyes. 

You just lay there stunned at what he is porposing. I 
can't do this, you think to yourself, but then again, I 
love him, he means everything to me and I don't want 
to lose him. What if he breaks up with me cause I don't do 
this. Who cares, let him break up with me, you say in your 
head, if he can't respect my decision then he doesn't love 
me. But then again I love him and I want to do everything I 
can to keep him happy, and if I do say no and he doesn't 
pressure me then I know he loves me. You keep debating with 
yourself when Zac interupts your thoughts. 

"What are you thinking?" He asks. 

"'s not that I don't love you....but...
I really don't want to do this until I am married." You 
answer hoping he will understand. "And don't think it is 
you cause it isn't, it's am just not ready." 
You add. 

Zac just looks at you for a few seconds. 
"Ok." He answers. 

He picks his shirt up off the ground and walks out of 
the room. 

"Zac!" You call. 

He just keeps walking. 

"I knew it." You say out loud. 

	"Good morning." You say cheerfully as you walk 
into the kitchen. 

It is another busy morning in the HANSON 
house and of course no one hears you. 

You walk to the fridge and Zac accidently runs right 
into you. 

"Sorry." He says, not even looking up then walks back to 
the table to eat his breakfest. 

"Good morning." Diana says noticing that you have walked 
into the kitchen. 

"Guys have another photo shoot?" You ask her. 

"Yep, this one is another one for Bop magazine." She 
answers trying to get Mackie to eat his breakfest. 

"Cool, make sure I get the pin-ups when the shoot is 
over." You tell her then walk over with a banana and 
sit down next to Zac.
You kiss him on the cheek. "Hey!" You say smiling. 

He just stares at his cereal. 

"C'mon, Zac, I'm sorry about last night, I just can't do 

"I know." He says getting up and putting his bowl of 
cereal in the sink. He leaves you there at the table. 

"Ok let's go!" Walker calls and the three of them and 
Diana leave, again leaving you with the kids.

	5 hours later they finally return. 

"How did it go?" You ask looking up from your book. 

"Boring." Taylor says and heads up to his room. 

"Where's Zac?" You ask. 

"He went blading after the shoot, he should be home in 
a couple of hours." Isaac answers as he walks to his 

"Oh." You answer. 

You grab your blades from the side of the door and you 
put them on then head out to see if you can find Zac. 
You search for three hours, but no sign of him, it seems 
like he has just disappeared. You decided to check the 
skating ramp again. As you are walking to the ramp you 
see Amanda and Zac walking down the trail.......holding 
hands? You can't tell, they walk closer, yes they are. 
How could he do this to me?? You take a closer look at him 
as he walks closer towards you. His hair is tousled and 
tangled and his clothes are wrinkled. Amanda looks the same. 
Her long hair is tangled and has pieces of grass and 
leaves in it. Zac clothes also have leaves and grass on it 
just like Amanda's. They walk by you and don't even see 
you hiding in the bushes. Zac sits down at the edge of 
the trail to put his baldes on. Amanda sits down next to 
him and begins to kiss him. She pulls him down and lays on 
top of him, kissing him. She moves her hands down his pants 
and he moves his hands up her shirt. 

You just stand there with your mouth wide. 

She gets off of him and lets him finish getting his 
blades on. 

"I had a lot of fun." He says as he stands up then helps 
her up. 

"Me to." She says with a smile. 

"I tried to get Amelia to do that with me but she said 
she wasn't ready and wanted to wait until she was 
married. I don't want to wait. I am glad you were here." He 
says as he kisses her again. 

"I can't believe you!" You say stepping out of your 
hiding place. 

"Amelia!" Zac says when he see's you. 

"I don't want to sleep with you so you go out with 
Amanda and sleep with her in the middle of a forest?" 
You say holding back the tears. 

"Yep!" He says grinning and puts his arm around Amanda's 
shoulders. "She was real good to." He says and kisses 
her again. 

"Zac what is wrong with you?" You ask amazed at his 

"What's wrong with me? I'll tell you. I was watching you 
that whole time. Everytime you kissed my bro I saw you 
and I hoped and prayed that you would tell me and not 
do it again, but you did and then you wouldn't even do 
anything with me, so I finally realized that you are in 
love with Taylor and that I am in love with Amanda." 

You just stand there, shocked. 

"I told you I would get him." Amanda says with a smirk. 

"OOOHHHH!! I HATE YOU!" You scream as you jump on top 
of her and start punching her in the face. "I HATE YOU! 
I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!" You scream over and over again. 

"Amelia!" You hear Zac cry. "Amelia!" He calls again. 

"I HATE YOU!" You continue to scream. 

"AMELIA!" Zac crys one last time and you shoot up 
out of the chair. "Are you ok? You were having some 
kind of nightmare." Zac says putting his hand on your 

You look around the room and notince that you are 
still in the HANSON's house, Ike and Tay are looking at 
you funny. 

"Yes I'm fine." You say. (I had you going good didn't 
I?? Youknow I did!!:)

"Want to go blading with me?" Zac asks. 

"Yes." You say relieved that you can finally talk to him. 

You get your blades on then walk out onto the porch and 
wait for him. The sun is already beginning to go down. 

"Ok let's go." Zac calls from behind. 

You two skate off towards the skating ramp. You walk up the 
trail and he doesn't even make a move to hold your hand. 
You get there and he turns around to face you. 

"Look." He starts. "I am really sorry about ignoring you 
and being rude, I guess I was just a little disapointed." 

"It's ok." You say interupting him. "You just have to 
understand though that the ONLY reason I won't is cause 
I want to wait until I am married. Hopefully to you." 
You say with a smile. 

"Are you asking me to marry you?" He asks with a 
mischieviouse grin. 

"Oh yes, I am asking you to marry me even though we 
are WAY to young." You say sarcasticly. 

He wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you close 
and kisses you hard on the lips. 

You wrap your arms around him and kiss him back. 

As you are kissing him your blades begin to slide out 
from underneath you but you don't want to stop kissing 
him so you just ignore it, well you ignore it until you 
end up on top of him on the ground cause they slipped 
out from underneath you. 

"You are such a clutz!" Zac says laughing.
"I know" You reply. 

You two end up messin' around (not like that) for the 
rest of the evening. You of course go home with a bruised 
elbow and torn pants.

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Chapter 30:
Through Thick and Thin: