"Oh my god!" Zac says as his mom walks in the door and 
pulls you off of him. 

"I can't believe you two. Your father and I trust you 
two to live in the same house, rooms right next door 
to each other and you betray our trust!" She screams. 

"What's going on?" Walker asks when he hears his 
wife screaming at the top of her lungs. 

"Zac and Amelia were making out, in bed, with ZAC'S
HANDS UP HER SHIRT!!!!!" She yells. 

"What? What are you two thinking? One thing leads to 
another, I am sure you know this. This has gone to far. 
We have out up with the making-out in front of your 
little brother and sisters in the car, at dinner, while 
watching TV, and everywhere else you two are but this 
is to much." Walker continues. "How do you expect us to 
trust you now? And Amelia I can punish you just like my 
own daughter, I HAVE permission from your parents so 
don't even think you are getting off easy on this 
one!!!! I can't believe you would have the nerve to do 

"Mr. Hanson, we weren't going to do anything. Nothing 
happened." You defend. 

"Ya, we would never do anything like that I mean 
we've done this before and we neve........oh shit" Zac 

Oh man, you think to yourself now were dead. 

"Watch your mouth young man, you better be glad that 
I don't wash your mouth out with soap right now, AND 
YOU'VE DONE THIS BEFORE???? I can't believe you. I can't 
deal with this, I am going to take care of Zoe!!" She 
says as she storms out of the room. 

"What do you expect me to do about this Zac...Amelia. 
You two are old enough to know that you have to face 
the consequences for the things you do." 

"I know, we are both very sorry!" You say trying to 
make things a little better. 

"Don't apologize to me, apologize to each other for 
getting each other into this mess. I have no choice 
and I really do hate to do this. ISAAC!" He 
calls out across the hall to the boys room. 

"Ya dad." Isaac says as he enters the room. 

"Take your brother and make sure he stays in his room. 
You two are not permitted to see, talk, or TOUCH each 
other for two weeks, NO EXCEPTIONS!!!" 

"No, you can't do that!" You say as Isaac takes Zac's 
arm and begins to take him into their room. 

"Dad come on, this is unfair, we didn't do anything, 
we weren't going to do anything!!" Zac yells as Isaac 
pulls him into the room. 

Zac immediatly starts to squirm and kick.

"ZACHARY!! Stop it or I will make it a month!!" He 
quickly stops and so do you. 

You just watch Zac as Isaac leads him into their room. 
You start to cry, you can't help it. It's like someone 
just turned on the water and the tears just started 
flowing. No matter how hard you try you can't help it. 

"I'm sorry to have to do this Amelia, but you guys have 
to learn that there is a point to physical love that 
kids your age just shouldn't hit. You know this, you are 
15 years old, Zac is 12, your hormones are going crazy 
and when it comes to that point you may not be able to 
stop. I hope you don't hate me for this." He says as he 
leaves the room. 

You just stand there crying, hurt, and stunned. How could 
they do this to us? You think to yourself. How? HOW? HOW? 
HOW? HOW? That word just repeats itself in your 
head a million times. What am I supposed to do? I live 
in the same house with him, I will see him everyday no 
matter what I do. And no matter what I won't be able to 
touch him or talk to him!!!!! This is the worst day of 
my life, you think to yourself as you fall down on your 
bed and cry yourself to sleep.

You wake up, it's 9:00am, you must have over slept. You 
get into your robe then trot downstairs to the kitchen to 
see who is awake. Everyone is bustling around the kitchen 
and you see Zac and are about to run to him when you remember 
the truth. It wasn't a dream, you really can't talk or touch 
Zac for two weeks. 

"Morning everyone!" You call trying to sound chipper as 
you head over the fridge and take out some OJ. 

You reach up into the cupboard and get a glass and pour 
yourself some juice. 

"Morning Amelia, how are you doing this morning?" Walker 
asks as you sit down at the bar.

"Fine, thank you." You say trying not to sound rude. 

Everyone looks at you real quick then continues to do 
what they were doing. 

"Where are you guys going today?" You ask. 

"They have another photo shoot today." Walker answers 
when it is apparent that no one else heard you. "Want to 
come, you can help us with the pose's and stuff like 
you did last time?" Isaac asks cheerfully. 

"No." You answer as you get up and begin to walk away. 
"I wouldn't want to worry anybody about making out with 
my BOYFRIEND at the shoot." As you say that you turn 
and hurry up the stairs. 

You get to your room and close the door and lean against it 
and take deep breath. 


You open the door and see Diana standing there 
holding Zoe. 

"Amelia since you aren't going to the shoot do you 
think you could watch the little ones for me 
please? I am going to bring Zoe with us cause I 
know that three kids and a baby can be a hassle 
so I only need you to watch Mackie, Jessie , and Avi, 
that is if you don't have any other plans." 

"No, of course I will watch them." You say with a smile. 

"Thank you so much, you don't really have to watch them 
just put Mackie in front of the Nintendo and give Jessie 
and Avi their Barbie dolls and you'll be set and you 
can do whatever you want, well as long as you stay in 
the house." Diana says sounding a little nervous. 

"Don't worry Diana, I will take good care of them 
for you." You assure her. 

"Thanks. And I am glad there are no hard feelings about 
last night. I am sorry that I acted the way that I did 
but if you were a mother and saw what I did you would 
understand where I am coming from." She tells you. 

"I know and I am not mad at you, I can kind of 
understand." You say with a weak smile. 

"Thanks again." She says and kisses your forehead then 
walks out of the room. 

You finish getting dressed and look at your room. 
What a mess, well you know what you will be doing today.

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Chapter 4:
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