This chapter is REALLY short and from Zac's point of view

(Next day) "Goodmorning!" Amelia says as she walks into the 

I walk up to her and wrap my arms around her waist 
and kiss her. 

"Goodmorning." I reply. 

I watch her walk over top to the fridge and get a 
glass of OJ. 

"Where are you guys going today?" She asks, snapping me 
out of my trance. 

"We have a photo shoot for Tiger Beat and Teen Beat 
today." Taylor answers. 

"Oh." She answers, looking disappointed. 

"Don't worry." I say holding her close. "I'll be home soon." 

I walk back upstairs and get ready for the shoot.

	"Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya!" The photographer yells as he 
snaps pics of us. 

"This is boring." Taylor mumbles under his 

"OK! NEW POSE!" The photographer yells. 

We change the way we are standing and then throw 
the camara fake smiles and seductive glances. 

"Supa dat's supa!" The photographer says (I had to use 

"What?" I call. "That's it! This is boring. We've been 
here for three hours." I say as I jump onto the bed 
and start jumping up and down. My shirt keeps flying 
up and the photographer keeps taking pictures. My 
brothers join me and we all jump from bed to bed. Now 
this is my kind of photo shoot, I think to myself.

   "Finally home." I say as I step into the house. 
Amelia is sleeping on the couch, this time she isn't 
screaming I hate you, I wonder what she was dreaming 
about. I walk over to the couch and gently kiss her on 
the cheek. She stirs a little so I kiss her lips. 
She slowly opens her eyes.
"Wow!" I exclaim. "Sleeping Beauty." 

She looks up at me and smiles. 

"You're finally back." She says, standing up. 

"Yep." I reply and pull her close for a kiss. 

She wraps her arms around me and I begin to feel her sides. 


The doorbell rings stopping us abruptly. I walk to the 
door and open it. 

"ZAC!" I hear a girl scream, and the next thing I 
know I am on the ground with this girl on top of me. 
I open my eyes and see Amanda. 

"Oh man!" I say pushing her off of me and getting up. 

"Is your dad home?" Mr. Greenburg asks me. 

"Ya, he's in his study." I answer as Amanda begins tug-
ging my arm. 

Her dad leaves and she grabs me and gives me a huge hug. 
I can hardly breathe but she continues to squeeze 
until she is pushed off of me by Amelia who is standing 
behind me. She takes my hand and leads me out the front 

"That is no way to treat a guest." Amanda says, following 
us out the door. 

"You're not a guest." Amelia replies coldly. 

We both sit down and put our blades on. 

"Where are you going?" Amanda asks, putting her hand 
on my knee. 

"Somewhere." I reply, pushing her hand off of my knee. 

"Can I come?" She asks, making a pouty face and wrapping 
her arms around my stomach. 

"No!" I reply pushing her off of me. 

She falls down the stairs and lands hard on her bum. Me 
and Amelia start laughing. 

"That isn't funny Zac Hanson!" She says getting up. 

Amelia and I rollerblade down the path with her 
following. She gets really mad and grabs 
Amelia by the shirt, causing her to fall down hard 
on her bum. 

"Now that's funny!" Amanda says laughing. 

I help Amelia up then this rush of anger pulses 
through me and without even thinking I punch her 
hard in the face. She falls to the ground holding her 
cheek and crying. I look at Milia, she is totally shocked. 
I take her hand and blade down the driveway towards 
the backwoods.

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