You are rudely awakened by someone knocking on 
the door. You grudgely get out of bed and open the door.
"Finally!" Diana proclaims. "We have another photo shoot, 
I need you to babysit." 

"Sure!" You answer with a smile.
You stumble sleepily down the stairs in your sweats and 
t-shirt, you feel queasy and you have the biggest headache 
in the world. You make it down the stairs and look around. 
It is another busy day in the Hanson's house. 

"WHERE'S MY GREEN SWEATER?" Isaac yells from upstairs. 

You cover your ears and wince in pain. 

"WHY DO YOU HAVE TO YELL SO LOUD?" You yell back up to 
him. "Your sweater is in the dryer." 

Everyone is screaming and yelling and running around 
the house. 

As you head to the kitchen Zac comes speeding around the 
corner and slams into you, causing you to fall and you end 
up pulling him down on top of you. 

"OW!" You say as you hit your head on the floor. 

"Sorry!" Zac says scrambling to get up. 

He gets up then helps you up and speeds off to his room. 
You walk into the kitchen where Walker is peacefully reading 
the paper. 

"Good morning." He calls when you walk into the room. "Are 
you coming to the shoot with us?" 

"No." You answer. "I am going to watch the kids." 

"Oh," Walker begins. 


"Coming!" He replies. "See ya later." 

He speeds out of the kitchen. 

You search the cabinets for something to eat and 
don't find anything so you trudge into the family room and 
flip on the TV. 

"In earlier news today, Amanda Greenburg, the daughter 
of the music manager, Mark Greenburg, was found dead in 
her hotel room. It has been classfied a suicide. There 
was a note which read: 'I love you forever Zac, no matter 
what, and I will miss you.' She reportedly had a love 
infatuation with the drummer from the local pop group 
HANSON, officials are still investigating this case." 

You just sit there shocked at what the news reporter said.

You hear a loud knocking at the front door and get up 
to answer it. You look through the peep hole and see a 
man and woman in a business suit, and two policemen. You 
open the door halfway. 

"May I help you?" You ask. 

"Yes." The woman says flashing her police badge. "I am 
Martha Glicson, private investigator. I am looking for 
Amelia Dillon." 

"That's me, come in." You say opening the door the rest 
of the way. 

The group of people walk in and you lead them to the 
family room and motion for them to sit down. 

"I suppose you are here about Amanda?" You say sitting 

"Yes, you saw the news?" Martha asks. 

"Yes." You answer. 

"We're going to get right to the point. There 
is evidence that Amanda was murdered, and we understand 
that you have had a lot of problems with her." Martha asks.
"Yes, she is..was obsessed with my boyfriend." You answer.
"And did you two ever get physical?" Martha asks. 

You look at her curiously. "What does my and Zac's 
relationship have to do with this?" You ask. 

"No." Martha says smiling. "Did you and Amanda ever get 
into a physical fight?" 

"Oh! Yes, we got into three or four fights, but I was 
just fighting back in self-defense, she had a very bad 
control problem." You answer. 

"And did you ever threaten to kill her?" Martha asks. 

"No, never." You answer. 

"And did she ever do anything to you, Zac, or your friends 
that would make you mad enough to kill her?" She asks. 

"Wow! You're straight to the point." You remark. "Well, 
she never did anything to make me want to KILL her, but 
she did follow me and Zac around, and she broke 
my frie......Kristen's arm." 

"And did Kristen ever get into a fight with Amanda?" 
Martha asks. 

"Well, it wasn't a fight, but she did punch her in the 
face cause Amanda was threatening to take her boyfriend 
away, but that's it. They became friends though." 
You answer. 

They question you for another hour and you are very 
relieved when the Hanson family returns. They 
question everyone and end up being there until 8:30pm. 
	"Amelia." You hear Zac call from your doorway. 

"What?" You answer coldly, not even getting up from your 

"Um, do you know what happened to Amanda?" He asks, 
sitting next to you on the bed. 

"Ya, she commited suicide." You answer him. 

"I don't think so, I think she was murdered." He tells you.
You turn over and face him. "By who?" You ask. 

"I don't know, but something just doesn't seem right. 
I mean, she manages to break you and me up, which was her 
goal, and then she goes to her hotel and kills herself? 
That doesn't seem right." He answers, looking confused. 

You put your hands on his face and pull him down on top 
of you. 

"Who said she broke us up?" You ask with a smile. 

"Well I thought...." He begins but you kiss him before he 
can finish. 

He lays his body down on top of you and kisses you back. 
This time you make the first move and pull his shirt off. 
He slides his hands up your shirt towards your chest (keep 
in mind you are still in your pj's). He moves back down to 
the bottom of your shirt then pulls it over your head, then 
lays back down on top of you. You moan a little as he moves 
his hands back up to where they were. 

"Amelia! I need to talk to you!" Kristen says storming 
into your room. 

You push Zac off of you and pull a pillow over yourself 
and scramble around for your shirt. Zac throws it to you 
then gets his shirt. You pull on your shirt then help Zac 
get his on since he seems to be trying to put his head in 
the sleeve. 

"Sorry! But I REALLY need to talk!" Kristen repeats. 

Zac gets his shirt on then walks out of the room grabbing 
Kristen's arm and bringing her out into the hall with him. 

"Don't you dare tell her!" He says glaring at her. 

"She needs to know." She answers. 

"She doesn't remember anything, that is how we should 
keep it!" Zac says. 

"No, she NEEDS to know." She says pushing past him and 
going into your room. 

She closes the door behind her. 

"This better be important Kristen, cause I REALLY don't 
want to talk to you." You say as she walks into the room.
"Amelia, I know who killed Amanda!" She says.

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