This chapter is really long a cut into sections to make 
reading a little less long and boring.

Section 1

"What?" You say eyeing her. 

"Well, um, I know who killed Amanda." Kristen answers 

"Well what are you waiting for, who did it?" You ask 

"I need to explain something to you first, something you 
are going to have a REAL hard time understanding but you 
have to believe me and let me finish talking before you 
say anything, ok?" Kristen says. 

"Ok." You reply, unsure if you should let her continue. 

"Ok, well let me start at the beginning. 

(The night before) 

"I am so good aren't I Kristen?" Amanda says turning to 
face Kristen.  

Kristen is in a daze and snaps out of it and looks 
at Amanda. "Oh, ya, that was real cool, now they have 
probably broken up for good and you can have Zac." 
Kristen replies, throwing Amanda a fake smile. 

"I am going to go to the hotel. I will see you tomorrow, 
I have a lot more plans for Amelia, see ya then." Amanda 
says walking away. 

Kristen picks up a handful of trash and begins to walk 
towards the Hanson's trash cans. 

"I can't believe you." Zac says, stepping in front of 
her. "Amelia is your best friend. How can you just turn 
on her like this?" 

"Zac, this is not what it looks like." Kristen answers 

"Not what it looks like? Then what is it?" Zac asks 
puzzled and a little peeved. 

"Ok, I am pretending to be friends with Amanda cause I am 
going to get her back for what she is doing to you and Amelia. 
Not only is she doing this to you and her but she is also 
starting to flirt with Isaac and that totally ticks me off." 
Kristen answers reasurringly. 

"What are you going to do?" Zac asks. 

"I am going to scare the crippies out of her. I rigged 
a blade in her hotel room, so when she opens the door....wait 
a minute." Kristen says looking at her watch. "We have to get 
there before her. Isaac is already there waiting for her, 
let's go." Kristen grabs Zac's arm and races to her driveway 
and steals her brothers car. 

Zac and her speed to the hotel and make it there before 

"Ok, 506, 507, there 508, that's her room." Kristen says 
pointing to the room at the end of the hallway. 

They walk quietly to the door and Kristen knocks softly 
three times. Isaac opens the door dressed in 

"What is HE doing here?" He asks referring to Zac.
"Don't worry, he's here to help and..." Kristen begins. 

"And so am I." Zac and Kristen spin around to see you 
standing there dressed in black as well. 

"I heard you and Zac talking from my balcony and I want 
to help." 

"Ok how much did you hear?" Kristen asks. 

"All I heard was you two were going to Amanda's hotel 
room, so I followed." You answer as you walk into the room. 

"Oh, well, do you know what we are going to do?" Kristen 
asks following you. 

"Nope." You say walking to the fridge and opening it. 

You glance inside and see little bottles full of liqour. 

"Wo, my kind of fridge. I've always wanted to try this 
stuff." You open one of the bottles and drink the whole 
thing in one gulp then start coughing and gasping for air. 

"AMELIA! What are you doing?" Zac says rushing over to 

"Wow, that was actually pretty cool." You say reaching 
for another bottle. 

"No, stop it! You don't need that!!!!" Zac says trying 
to grab the bottle out of your hand. 

"Back off shorty!! I don't seem to recall wanting to take 
orders from a thirteen year old backstaber!" You drink that 
bottle then start coughing again. 

"Guys she's coming!" Isaac says from the front door. 

They get into their positions then turn off the lights 
leaving you sitting at the table trying to open another 

Amanda gets her key out of her pocket and slides it into 
the door. You hear the click as the door unlocks and it 
sounds like thunder. Amanda pushes open the door and 
turns on the light, as she does this, Isaac drops the blade 
that he was holding and it whizzes in front of Amanda and 
you run behind her and push her forward. 

She puts her arms up in front of her to block herself from 
the blade and blood spurts onto your shirt and Amanda crum-
ples to the floor. The room starts spinning and you pass out.
"Oh my god!" Kristen says running over to Amanda. 

Amanda is sitting on the floor holding her arms. The blade 
cut her left wrist and cut the vein on her right wrist. 
Blood is everywhere, but everyone is too stunned to yell 
for help. 

"What do" Kristen stammers breaking the sil-

"I don't know." Isaac answers. 

Zac just stands there with his mouth open. 

"Help me!" Amanda whispers, as she sits on the floor 
crying and rocking back and forth. The blood just keeps 
gushing out of her arms without stopping. 

"Um....I don't know what to do." Kristen stammers. 

They all stand there just staring at her for a couple more 

"The phone...we could call someone to help her." Kristen 
says as she begins to walk towards the phone. 

"Wait, if we call for help, then we will be blamed for 
involuntary manslaughter, we could go to PRISON!" Isaac 
says stopping Kristen from calling. 

"Well then what do we do? We can't just let her die!" 
She answers Isaac. 

He doesn't say anything, he just looks at Kristen with 
a blank expression. 

"Plea....." Amanda begins then passes out on the floor 
next to you, but you are still out cold. 

"Oh no!" Kristen says. 

"Ok, here's what we do." Zac says snapping out of his 
trance. "We make it look like a suicide. Kristen, you 
find a sample of her hand-writing and write a suicide 
note. Isaac, you have gloves on so get the blade and wash 
it off in the sink, don't let any blood drip on the way there 
or anywhere but in the sink. And I will find some razor 

They just stand there. 

"GO!" Zac says. 

Isaac and Kristen jump back to life and hurredly begin 
the tasks Zac has given them. 

You start to come to and open your eyes. "


Zac runs over to you and puts his hand on your mouth. 
"It's ok, shhhhhhh!" He says quietly. "You are drunk 
Amelia, you are just imagining this. You are having a 
bad dream." 

You look up at Zac and his words are muffled and far away 
and the room is blurry so you believe him and attempt to 
get up. Zac helps you and walks you over to the bed. 

"Ok, now, you have to be real quit, lay here and don't 
move." He says. 

You lay down and watch Isaac, Kristen, and Zac run hurredly 
around the room. An hour later they have finally gotten 
everything cleaned up. 

"I couldn't find any razor blades so I just put her razer 
in her hand so it looks like she did it." Zac says. 

"Did you clean up Amelia's mess, I mean, all those 
bottles and stuff?" Kristen asks. 

"Yes, and I took one bottle away from each kind of 
liqour so if the cops look in there they won't notice 
that some are missing." Zac answers. 

"Ok, now all we have to do is get Amelia out of here." 
Isaac says walking over to the bed. 

"BIG BIRD!" You scream. 

"No Amelia, it's me Isaac, we have to go home now." He 
says as he leans down and helps you up. 

"Wow! Wait until I tell Zac about this dream, it is 
really cool. Did you know I love Mr. Rogers?" 
You say looking over at Isaac. 

"Ya, let's go." He says leading you out of the room. 

Everyone makes it home together and everyone gets rid of 
all of their "stuff". Zac helps you up to bed and lays 
you down. He changes you into your pj's. 

"Papa Smurf?" You ask, after Zac lays you back on the bed 
with your pj's on. 

"What?" He answers with a smile. 

"You do know that I have boyfreend, boyfirnnd, boyfroe... 
that's a weird word." You say smiling. 

"Good night." Zac says smiling and gives you a kiss on 
the forehead. "I hope she doesn't remember any of this." He 
says as he comes back into the hall and meets Isaac and 

"Ya, me to!" Isaac answers.

(Back to the present) 

"And then the cops came and questioned us and that's 
it." Kristen says. 

You just sit there shocked at what you are hearing. 
"I hadn't even remembered her dying from my dream, all 
I remembered was seeing Big Bird and the Smurfs, but I 
thought that was a dream." You remark. 

"Nope, you were plastered pretty bad. You can't 
hold your liqour to well." Kristen replies. "

So, I killed her?" You ask. 

"Well, technicelly yes, but if any one of us get's caught 
then we are all going to go down with that person, 
unless that person says otherwise." Kristen answers you. 

"And Taylor had nothing to do with this?" You ask. 

"Well, he planned the trick, but her getting 
killed kind of accidently happened." Kristen replies.
"Oh." Is all you can think of to say. You just sit there 
staring at the floor as Kristen leaves the room. Zac 
walks in after her and sits down next you and gives you 
a kiss on the cheek. 

"Did she tell you?" He asks curiously.
"Ya, she told me everything, I can't believe I did that." 
You answer, still in shock. 

"Well, if they find out you did it then I will take the 
blame for you." He says putting his arm around your 

You smile and look up at him. "No, we will take the 
blame together." You state.
He leans in and gives you a kiss on the lips. You want more 
then that and put your hand behind his head and pull it 
back to you for another kiss. He doesn't mind at all and 
returns the kiss. He lays you down on the bed and lays on 
top of you, then stops kissing you. 

"What?" You ask confused. 

"I am waiting to see if anyone is going to interrupt 
us before we get good and going." He answers. 

You smile and wait a few seconds just staring at his full 

"Who cares!" You say after ten seconds of waiting and 
pull him back down on top of you. 

He wrestles out of your grasp and begins tickling you. 

"NO NO NO!!!! STOP!!!" You scream, but he doesn't stop 
and continues tickling you.

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