(Next day)


You trudge down the stairs in your robe and head for 
the door. You glance at the clock on the way there, 7:00am, 
on a Saturday. 

"This better be good." You say as you reach the door. 
You pull it open and see the inspectors standing there, 
again with two police. 

"Hi, Amelia." The woman inspector Martha says, walking into 
the house. 

"Sure, come in!" You say. 

You walk into the livingroom and sit down in the chair 
you sat in yesterday to be questioned. You motion for Martha 
to sit down. 

"No thanks, I only came over to apologize for intruding 
so many times. I saw the toxscreen, you're clean, you 
won't be hearing from us again." 

"Thanks." You reply. 

"We have to be going, I just wanted to tell you that in 
person." She says, smiling and walking back towards the 
door. "Be good." 

"I will, bye!" You answer as you close the door behind 
her. You lean against the door and take a deep breath. 

"Who was that?" Zac asks, as he walks down the stairs 
towards you. 

"Martha, she came over to apologize and tell me I was off 
the hook." You answer with a smile. 

"Good." He says with a smile and kisses you, slowly moving 
his arms around your waist. He leans in to give you a kiss 
but you stop him again. 

"What do you want to do today?" You ask him. 

"Well.." He says with a smile and tries to kiss you again. 
This time you push him entirely off of you. 

"Stop it Zac! I mean, I love kissing you and holding you 
and makin-out with you but this has to stop. We don't do 
anything together. We don't have any fun memories, 
we don't hang out together like friends, and when we do 
hang out together we are all over each other. I want to 
have fun with you, be with you and be able to talk to you 
and not be choking on your tongue for hours at a time." 
You tell him. 

"Oh, you don't have fun when we are kissing?" He asks, 
looking really hurt. 

"No it's not that." You answer placing your hands on his 
face. "I love making out with you and I have a lot of fun, 
but I want to do something else then just that." 

"You guys are up early." Taylor says as he walks down the 
stairs fully dressed and ready to go somewhere. 

"Where are you going?" You ask. "

"I am going to the theatre, they have an early showing 
of Armegeddon and I want to see it before all the girls 
get there." He answers. 

"Awesome! Can we come?" You ask, referring to you and Zac.
"Sure!" Taylor answers. 

You and Zac rush up the stairs to get ready then run back 
down stairs and get your blades on then head for the theatre.
"These seats should be good." You say refferring to middle 
section of the theatre. 

"Let's sit in the back." Zac says, pointing to the seats 
lined up against the wall. 

You look back at those seats and wrinkle your nose but 
agree to sit there anyways. You sit down just as the lights 
begin to dim and the previews begin. You see about twelve 
previews then the movies finally starts. You sit there for 
a half an hour totally into the movie when you feel two lips 
on your neck. 

You push Zac away and quitly tell him to stop. He stops for 
a few minutes then does it again. 

"Stop!" You whisper a little louder. 

He stops then starts again ten minutes later, 
this time putting his hand on your legs. You smack him on 
the leg hard and the smack echoes through the theatre. He 
jumps back and holds his knee. You cross your arms in front 
of your chest and just stare at the screen. 

What the hell is his problem? You think to yourself. He 
can't go two seconds with out touching me, and in the middle 
of a theatre in front of his brother of all places. I don't 
want to do this any more. 

A million thoughts are going through your mind when you feel 
someone kissing your ear. 

"Damnit!" You say a little loudly, then get up and walk out 
of the theatre.

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