"I can't believe that perverted little bunghole!" You 
say to yourself as you walk to the lockers (ok so this 
theatre has lockers!). You walk to your locker and search 
your pockets then you realize Zac has the key. 

"Why me?" You ask out loud. 

"Cause you shouldn't leave me alone like a loner in a 
theatre." Zac answers from behind you. 

You turn around. "Can I have the key please?" You ask 
extending your hand. 

He digs in his pockets then pulls out the key and hands it 
to you. You snatch it out of his hand then walk over to the 
locker. You push the key into the lock hard and try and turn 
it, but it won't budge. You try about five times with no luck. 
So Zac slowly puts his hands on either side of you and grabs 
hold of the key. 

You push him off of you. " I can do it!" 
You snap at him. 

He backs away and watches you desperatly try to open the 
locker. You can't so you step away from the locker and let 
Zac do it. He grabs hold of the key and gently turns it, 
it opens right up. 

"Thanks." You say coldly and quickly grab your skates 
then walk out the door. He gets his skates then follows 
you out the door and hands the key to the guy. You get 
your skates on and get up to leave. Zac doesn't have his 
on yet but you leave him there anyways. You get home, 
take off your blades, then walk madly up the stairs. 
Just as you reach the top Zac comes walking in the 
door, his face bright red and he is out of breath. You don't 
even stop, but keep walking into your room and close the 
door behind you. 

Why can't we ever have fun together? You say to yourself. 
I ask him nicely not to touch me and he does anyways, 
whats his problem? You ask your self again. 

You flip on your computer then walk out onto the balcony to 
wait for it to come on. 

"Amelia!" You hear Zac call from outside your door. 

"What?" You call back. 

"Can I come in?" He asks. 

"No!" You yell. 

"Ok." He says softly. 

You don't hear anything else so you assume that he 

"I should have gone out with Taylor." You say outloud. 
"At least he respects me and wants to try and have fun!" 

Your computer is finally up and running so you decide to 
go online. 

Maybe this will take my mind off things for awhile, you 
think to yourself as you sign on.

"What's wrong Zac?" Isaac asks as Zac walks into the room. 

"Nothing." He says, falling down on Taylor's bed. 

"Well then if nothing is wrong then why do you look so 
sad?" Isaac asks, trying to get to the problem. 

DOESN'T MEAN A THING!" He yells and storms out of the 

"Kids." Isaac says and continues reading his book. 

Zac walks back to your door and knocks. 

"What?" You call again from inside. 

This time Zac doesn't wait for a reply and walks right 

"Dude? I didn't say you could come in!" You say getting up 
from your desk. 

"I don't care!" He says looking mad. 

"Then what do you want?" You ask getting a little pissed. 

"Why would Taylor be better then me?" He asks putting his 
hands in his hips. 

"Taylor wouldn't be better then you." You answer looking 

"I heard you, you said, you should have gone out with Taylor 
cause he knows how to have fun!" He looks at you with an 
expectant look on his face. 

"Well, I don't really believe that I would have more fun 
with him but at least he wouldn't be all over me all the 
time!" You snap at him. 

"WELL THEN GO OUT WITH HIM!" He yells and walks out of the 
room and slams the door behind him. 

(Next day) 
You stumble sleepily out of bed and get your robe 
on then head down the stairs. Diana is sitting at the table 
trying to get Zoe to eat and Walker is sitting at the table 
reading the newspaper. 

"Goodmorning Amelia!" He calls when he sees you walk 
into the kitchen. 

"Good morning." You answer sleepily. "Where is everyone?" 

"The boys went to the grocery store and as soon as 
they....." Diana begins but is interrupted by Zac screa-
ming at the front door. 

"I DID NOT!!" He yells. "That girl came on to me, I 
wasn't flirting!" 

"Whatever Zac!" Taylor says with a smile. 

"Hey guys!" You say with a smile as they walk into the 

"Hey!" Taylor answers. 

"Hi!" Isaac answers after Taylor. 

Zac doesn't even say anything and puts his groceries 
down on the counter. 

"Want to come to the mall with us today?" Taylor asks you 
as he sets his bags of groceries down on the counter next 
to Zac's. 

"Sure!" You answer. "When?" 

"We are leavin' in a few minutes but we will wait for 
you to get dressed." Taylor says with a big smile. 

"Cool, I will only be a sec." You say as you race up 
the stairs. 

You rustle through your clothes and decide to wear your 
yellow Docs, a white t-shirt, and your orange pants 
with the white stripe down the side. You rush back down 
the stairs and out the door. The boys are already in 
Isaac's car waiting for you so you jump in the back seat 
with Zac who has his arms crossed in front of him and is 
looking out the side window away from you. 

The ride to the mall is a quite one no matter how much you 
try and get Zac to talk. After what seems like forever you 
finally make it to the mall and step out into the warm 
Tulsa air. Taylor puts his arm around your shoulders, 
trying to be nice, and leads you into the mall. 

"Zac where did you get your tear-aways?" You ask when you 
guys walk into the mall. 

"The GAP (I don't know if that is where he got them, I am 
only naming a store that sounds like they would have 
them)." He answers quickly. 

"Cool, cause I REALLY want a pair." You answer. 

"Ok then." Taylor says. "We go to the GAP!" 

Your day at the mall turns into a long one. Zac doesn't 
talk to you at all but checks out every single girl 
that walks by. He talks to his brothers non-stop but 
only gives you one word answers. Taylor senses the 
hostility between you two and tries to help but fails.

     "Well that was fun." You say as you head up the walk 
way with a bunch of bags in your hands. 

"Yep!" Isaac says with a smile. "But it would have been 
more fun with Kristen." 

"Where is she?" You ask. 

"Friends house." He says with a frown. 

"Oh." You answer. 

You head up to your room and put your bags down on the bed 
then start hanging up your clothes when you hear a 
knock at the door. 

"C'mon in." You say turning around. 

Taylor opens the door and walks in. 

"Hey." He greets. 

"Hey." You answer. 

He walks up to you and looks you straight in the eyes. 

Not again, you think to yourself and try to break his gaze, 
but you can't. 

"What is wrong with Zac and you?" He asks looking concerned. 

"Well." You say sitting down on the bed. 

Taylor sits down next to you and looks at you expectently. 

"Well, he broke up with me." You feel the tears filling your 
eyes but you hold them back. 

"He what?" Taylor asks, looking astoinished. 

"He broke up with me." You answer again. 

"Oh I'm sorry." He says. 

"I..." You begin but your tears cut you off. 

Taylor wraps his arms around you and you lay your head 
down on his chest and wrap your arms around him. He holds 
you close and you just cry into him. 

"I'm sure it is just something he said, he didn't mean 
it." Taylor says trying to make you feel better.
You can't answer but keep crying. Taylor pulls your face  up 
to his and stares straght into your eyes. 

He wipes away your tears. "Ssssshhhhhh." 

You control yourself and stop crying. 

"Everything will be ok." He says with a smile, then 
leans in and kisses you softly on the cheek. He pulls away 
and looks at you. You stare into those deep blue eyes that 
have captivated you so many times then pull his face back to 
yours and kiss him back on the lips. He doesn't respond at 
first then he slowly wraps his arms back around you and pushes 
you back onto the bed. He begins to move his hands up your 
shirt then stops and moves his hands back down again, but 
continues to kiss you. 

"I knew it." You hear someone say softly from your doorway 
but they are interupted by Kristen's loud screams. 

She screams. 

You push Taylor off of you and rush to the guys room. 

Isaac and Kristen are in there and another girl is in there 

"Kristen, we didn't mean to, it was an accident!" Isacc 
desperetly tries to defend himself. 

"I am going to go now." The girl whispers then quietly 
exits the room and heads downstairs. 

You Taylor and Zac all stand in the doorway watching them 


With that said she speeds out of the room and down the 

You notice Zac standing there and you start to talk but 
he goes after Kristen not even giving you the chance. You 
look back into the room and see Isaac sitting on Taylor's bed, 
crying into his hands. 

"Ike it will be ok, she probably didn't mean it." You 
comfort, putting your arm around his 

"What did you do?" You ask quietly. 

"I kissed that girl that was in here, she is a friend of 
mine, Marissa, and we kissed, it was an accident but Kristen 
walked in on us and blew up." He answers. 

"It's ok." You repeat, trying to find the right words. 

"I want to be alone please." He asks, climbing up onto his 

You walk out of the room with Taylor right behind you. 

"Why did Zac go with Kristen? Those two don't get along to 
well and with her ticked off like that it's not a good time 
to be bugging her?" You ask, confused about the whole day. 

"Who knows." Taylor answers, putting his arms 
around you. 

"Taylor I need some time to think, sorry." You say, quickly 
pushing him off and walking into your room, closing the door 
behind you.

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Chapter 36:
Through Thick and Thin: