You walk downstairs after spending two hours in your room. 
You hear laughing and giggling in the livingroom so you go 
in there and you see Zac and Kristen playing Twister toget-
her (you know that game where you have to put your feet and 
hands on the certain dots). Your mouth falls open when you 
see them doing this. Zac is bent over her and she has her 
stomach up, in a crab position. You can't believe she would 
even have the nerve to do this. 

She just had a fight with her boyfriend and now she is 
playing Twister with mine! You think to yourself. 

"Zac, I have to go." She says betweeen giggles, 
snapping you out of your trance. 

"But I want to keep playin'! This game is fun! I can't 
play it by myself!" Zac protests, getting up to stop her. 

"Sorry Zac, I have to go." She answers, leaning down and 
kissing his cheek. "I will see you tomorrow."  

"Kristen!" You call, as she walks out the front door. 

"Hey!" She says with a smile and sits down on the porch 
to get her blades on. "What's up?" 

"Um, what's like going on with you and Zac?" You ask 
looking majorly confused. 

"What do you mean?" She asks you. 

"Well, are you two like, going out?" You ask looking at 
her with a cold stare. 

"No, at least I don't think we are, why? Did he tell you 
that? The little bunghole, you give a kid one kiss and he 
thinks you are going to get married." She says laughing. 

"You kissed him?" You ask getting more and more angrier. 

"Um, kissed? I meant hugged sorry I am thinking about a 
million things right now." Kristen answers looking a 
little bit nervous. 

"You kissed him didn't you?" You ask accusingly. 

"Uh, see it wasn't really a kiss, it was more like a, ya 
and then we were and it was like, and it wasn't like we 
were and.....uh....I have to go!" She says quickly then 
blades out the door. 

"No!NO! I don't think so! GET BACK HERE!" You scream to 
her and hurredly get your blades on but by the time you 
get them on and you are to the end of the driveway she is 

You blade back into the house and take off your blades 
then head towards the stairs but are stopped by a figure 
sitting on the couch in the den. You walk into the den and 
see Zac sitting there watching Animaniacs. You sit down 
next to him. 

"Hey!" You say with a smile. 

He doesn't answer you so you say it again, still no 

"Are you and out?" You ask looking 
at the floor, hoping he will say no. 

"Yes." He says, not even looking up from the tv. 

You snap your head up and look at him. 

"What?" You ask. 

"We are going out. I asked her after we got back from the 
mall, when she saw Ike kissing Marissa. You were making 
out with Taylor so she couldn't talk to you even though she 
walked in there, you didn't notice her so she came to me 
and I was there for her, we kissed and now we are going 

This whole time you are just looking at him with an 
astonished look on your face. "But she doesn't even 
like you." You tell him. 

"Well obviously she does." He says getting up and 
leaving you sitting on the couch astonished.

(Next day) 

Why? That word keeps repeating itself in your head.
All day you haven't been able to think of anything else. 
Right now Isaac is in his room doing who knows what, he 
has been really depressed lately. Taylor is on the internet,
and Zac is playing Nintendo with Kristen (and getting his 
bum kicked!!!). You were watching them for awhile but they 
never did anything. 

Why did Kristen deny that they were going out then? You 
ask yourself. God, this is so confusing, you think to 

You walk back into the den to watch Kristen and Zac play 
Nintendo. They actually don't even realize that you have 
walked into the room. You sit down on the couch in back of 
them and watch them play. Kristen beats Zac again in the 
game and he leans over and gives her a kiss. Kristen looks 
at him with a weird look on her face then continues to play 
the game. 

You sit there starring at him and you can feel the anger 
boiling up inside of you against Kristen. They play for 
another half hour then Zac puts his controller on the 

"Kristen." He says turning to look at her. 

"What?" She replies with a smile, looking at him. 

"Well, I know that you feel bad still for what Isaac did 
to you and I just broke up with Amelia but I want to go out 
with you. And I want to know if you feel the same way." 
He asks looking straight at her. 

You sit on the couch and can't hold it in any longer, 
as Kristen is about to answer you jump off your chair.
"I can't believe you Kristen!" You scream. 

She jumps up off the floor. "Where did you come from?" 

"You are supposed to be my best friend." You continue. 
"I can't believe you would just go behind my back and 
take my boyfriend." You are interupted by her. 

"We aren't going out!" 

You ignore this statement and go on. "I mean, what 
about Isaac's feelings? He kissed one girl and you flip 
and break up with him. It happens, it has happened to me 
and Zac lots of times. Sometimes the girls are going to do 
that, it's HANSON, get over it!" 

"First of all." Kristen interupts."I am not as forgiving 
as you are. Just cause he is Isaac Hanson doesn't mean I 
am going to let him kiss another girl then just take him 
back, I am not Hillary Clinton you know! I am not going 
to take him back and forgive him just cause he is someone important!"  

"You are such a bitch!" You scream. 

"Face it you are just jealous cause Zac wants to 
go out with me and not you." She says. 


You smack her hard in the face. 

She looks back at you holding her cheek. "If you 
weren't my best friend I would really hurt you Amelia." 
She says calmly. 

Zac walks up to you and is about to say something when 
Kristen grabs his face, presses her lips against his and 
kisses him hard. She pulls away then smirks at you. 

"Maybe I am a bitch!" She storms out of the house 
leaving both you and Zac astonished.

"Zac how could you...." He doesn't let you finish but 
walks out the door after Kristen. 

You just stand there for a few seconds then suddenly 
an idea hits you. You race up the stairs and stop in 
front of the guys room. You straighten your clothes and 
fix your hair then slowly open the door. Isaac is laying 
in bed reading a book alone. You walk over to his bed and 
stand on Taylor's bed so you can see Isaac'sface. 

"Ike." You call. 

"What?" He asks looking up from his book. 

"Can I talk to you down here?" You ask getting down from 
the bed and stepping onto the floor. 

Isaac bookmarks his spot in the book then jumps down 
off the bunk bed in front of you. You sit down on the 
floor and lean your back against the bed and motion for 
him to join you. 

He sits down at your request and looks straight into your 

"What's up?" He asks. 

"Well ever since Zac has broken up with me, I have real-
ized that I didn't like him as much as I thought I did, 
but that I liked someone else." You say.

"So." He says. "Who else do you like?"  

"You." You say, then you put your hand on his cheek and 
pull him to you for a kiss. 

He responds quickly and (ok, see, normally I 
wouldn't mind writing this if it were Taylor or Zac, but 
it's MY man, so just use your imagination, you and 
Isaac....sniff......are making-out, enough said!). 
He moves to kiss your neck (sniff......I'm not jealous.
....not at all!) when Taylor walks in the room. He 
doesn't even notice you and Isaac but heads straight 
for the computer. You give Isaac a quick kiss (sniff!) 
on the lips then walk out the door. 

Now let's see how Kristen feels, you say to yourself
as you walk into your room.

(Next day) 

"Amelia!" You hear someone call. 

You open your eyes and see Zac leaning over you with 
a smile. 

"Good morning beautiful." He says then leans down and 
kisses your lips and.." 

You are awaknened by someone yelling. 


ou sit up quickly in bed and see Kristen standing there 
with her arms crossed in front of her. 

"Kristen?" You ask groggily. 

"Yep, it's me, who else would it be, ISAAC?" She asks 

"Oh man!" You say. "What are you doing in here, it's 

"How could you?" She asks just staring at you. 

"How could I what?" You respond, still half asleep. 

"Go out with Isaac, what else?" She yells waking you 
up more. 

You suddenly get a rush of energy and jump out of bed. 

"Hello!" You say. "You're the one who went out with 
my man first!"  

"I AM NOT GOING OUT WITH ZAC!" She screams. 

"Then why did you kiss him?" You ask, getting mad just 
thinking about it. 

"I kissed him BARELY on the lips! THAT'S IT!! You
literally started a make-out session with Isaac!" 
She yells in reply. 

"How do you know what we were doing?" You ask eyeing 

"I just know!" She replies. 

"What's your problem anyways? You broke up with Isaac, 
he is free to roam!" You ask her with a smirk. 

"Maybe cause I could handle any other girl going out with 
him but not my best friend who knows how much he means 
to me!" She answers you. 

"Well what about Zac? He thinks you two are going out. 
Do you just enjoy hurting them?? Well you better hurry 
cause Taylor might get suspiciouse and refuse to go out
with you when you ask him!" You tell her. "What are you? 
The HANSON's slut?"  


This time Kristen smacks you in the face. 

"I am NOT a slut. YOU are the one who has had MAJOR 
make-out sessions with each and everyone of them and you 
seem to use Taylor cause everytime you get depressed you
jump on top of him and ride him like a wild horse! I wasn't 
going out with Zac but you know, with the way you keep 
bugging me it's like you WANT me to go out with him!! SO 
MAYBE I WILL!!" She yells asshe walks out the door. 

You walk out after her and see Isaac leaning against the 
wall next to your door. 

"So." He begins. "Kissing me was just a ploy to make Kristen 
jealouse so you could get Zac back?! Thanks!" He walks 
back to his room . 

"No! Isaac! Wait!" You call, but he just closes the door 
in your face. 

This is gonna be a bad day, you think to yourelf as you 
walk into your room to get dressed.

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Chapter 37:
Through Thick and Thin: