"Milia!" Taylor says as you walk into the living room and 
sit down next to him on the couch. 

"Hi." You say quitly. 

"What's wrong?" He asks. 

"A lot of things, why are you so happy?" You ask him. 

He ignores the question then starts watching tv again. "

Hello! Did you hear me? Why are you so happy?" You ask again. 

"I'm not happy all I said was hi and what's wrong, that's it! It's 
not like I was trying to start a conversation or something." He says 
with a disgusted look on his face. He gets up and starts to leave. 

"Taylor?" You call to him stopping him. "What's wrong with you?"  

"What's wrong with me? What's wrong with me? Well where should I 
start? Um... how about........your a slut and I never want to see or 
talk to you again! How's that for a good start?" He answers you 

"What?" You ask, sounding really hurt. 

"What? You have the nerve to ask what? HELLO!! I SAW you kissing 
Isaac, RIGHT after you had made out with me! Do you enjoy leading me 
on? Is it some game for you? To make me think you like me then you
turn around and stab me in the back just to get to my brother?!" He 
answers rudely. 

"Ok, Taylor let me explain." You say as he begins to walk away, 
but you grab his arm and look pleadingly into his eyes. 

"Ok." He says softly. 

"Ok, whenever I am with you I fall apart, I can't help but kiss 
you and ever since that time in Washington DC I have had a REAL 
hard time forgetting, but I really LOVE Zac more then anything, 
and I will do ANYTHING to get him back. I am sorry for leading you 
on like that but you were there for me when I was feeling bad and 
I don't know it just happened, I am soo sorry!" You say in the 
verge of tears. 

He stares at you for a few seconds then leans towards your face 
and stops right in front of your lips. He moves his head to the 
side then kisses your cheek. 

"Ok." He whispers then walks out of the room. 


     "Zac, this is, um, I don't want to, um, I have to go." Kristen 
stammers, standing up on the porch where she has been sitting with 
Zac for an hour. 

"What's wrong? You're my girlfriend, we are supposed to do stuff 
like this!" He says looking hurt but still grabs her around the 
waist and attempts to kiss her again.

"Look." She begins, sitting down next to him and putting her hands 
on his face. "I just don't like you like that, I mean, I still 
love Isaac and Milia really likes you and we should just be friends 
like we were." 

Zac sits there with a really hurt look on his face. "So you were 
just leading me on?"  

"No, Zac I kissed you once a peck on the lips to show up Milia and 
you took it WAY to seriously, I am sorry if you did get led on, 
but I just....I don't know, I love Isaac and it won't work with 
us." She answers hoping he will understand. 

"Oh." He says softly, then gets up and runs into the house. 
He runs up the stairs and straight into your room. 

"I am so sorry!" He says as he runs in and jumps on top of you on 
your bed and starts kissing you. 

"Zac! ZAC!" You scream. "STOP!"  

"What?" He says, looking at you. 

"What the hell is your problem? You think you can just jump on 
top of me and start kissing me and all is forgotten? You put me 
through hell and I want to know why?" You tell him seriously. 

"Why? Well, because I thought you didn't like me anymore 

"I am just kidding." You tease with a smile. "I could careless!" 
You pull his face to yours and kiss him hard, and harder. 

He begins to get a little restless but you stop him, explain 
the "thing" to him then keep going. 

Ok so this day did go good, you think to yourself as Zac 
continues to kiss you.

After two hours of making-out you something finally dawns on 

"Kristen." You say. 

"WHAT?" Zac asks jumping off of you. 

"No, Kristen and Isaac, I totally screwed them up, we should try 
and get them back together." You tell him. 

"I don't want to right now." Zac says laying back on top of you 
starts kissing your neck. "I just want to stay here with you." 

"No, we have to help them. Where's Isaac?" You ask. 

Zac groans then sits up on the bed. "He is still in our room 
sulking and Kristen is, well I left her on the porch."  

"Ok let's go!" You say jumping off of the bed and grabbing your 
shirt. You begin to walk out of the room. 

"Wait." Zac calls. "What are we going to do?"  

"Well, you go talk to Kristen and tell her to meet you at the 
skating ramp, and I will tell Isaac to meet me there and then we 
will never get there but those two will, get it?" You say excitedly. 

"And what if she won't go?" Zac says. 

"Make her!" You yell and head towards Isaac's room. 

You slowly open the door and see Isaac still on his bed reading 
his book. "Isaac we need to talk." You say. 

"Not now." He answers you. 

"Yes now but not here, meet me at the skating ramp, please!" You 

"Ok." He answers rolling his eyes and looking up at you. "When?"  

"Go there now, I have to do something but I will meet you there." 
You say smiling. 

"Ok." He answers, jumping off his bed then heads to the front 

I sure hope Zac and Kristen aren't out there, you think to yourself. 

Five minutes later Zac comes back into your room with his blades 
in his hands. "Ok she left." 

"Good! Isaac left to!" You say. "Let's go watch!" You jump off 
your bed and dash to the woods then quietly creep up the hill with 
Zac holding onto the back of your pants. 

"OW!" Zac screams as he falls then pulls you down on top of him. 
"Hey this is good!" He says with a mischieviouse grin. 

You smile and get back up then continue to creep to the ramp. 

"How could you do that to me Isaac?" You hear Kristen yell. 

"Oh man!!! Why does she have to ruin this?" You whisper to Zac. 

He shrugs his shoulders and continues to watch. 

"I'm sorry, I don't know why I did it, I love you, that's all I 
know." Isaac answers. 

"Oh, that was good! He should score some points with that one!" 
You whisper smiling. 

"I love you!" Zac says smiling and batting his eyes. 

You shake your head then continue to listen. 

"You hurt me so bad Isaac, how can I even trust you again? I 
mean, you kept telling me how she was ONLY your friend. How long 
have you two been together?" Kristen asks. 

"She is going to ruin this!" You whisper impatiently. 

"We weren't going out. She walked in the room and kissed me, 
you walked in right as she was doing this! Kristen, I want to be 
with you more then anything! I love you, and as for trusting me, 
I will do anything to gain your trust back, I just want to be with you.......forever and a day." He whispers the last words and you 
can barely hear him. 

"How sweet!" You say smiling. "now if that doesn't do it I don't 
know what will!"  

"Isaac I don..." She doesn't finish, you look through the bushes 
and see her and Isaac kissing (now that's more like it!!). 

"YES!" You yell. 

Isaac and Kristen split and look around. 

"Did you hear that?" She asks. 

"Who cares?" Isaac says and kisses her again (he he I like 

"I am so good!" You tell Zac. 

"Yes you are!" He says kissing your neck. 

"Hey, you are  going to make us fall down the hiiiilll..." 

You are cut off as you and Zac end up sliding back down the hill.

"AAAGGGGGHHHHHH!" Zac screams in a high pitch girlie scream. 

This makes you start laughing so now you are trying to catch your 
balance while laughing, like that's going to work! You both hit 
the bottom of the hill with a thud. 

"Well, we beat Isaac and Kristen down!" Zac says with a smile then 
jumps on top of you. 

"AAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!" This time you scream and throw Zac off 
of you pointing and screaming. Zac trys to look at his cheek and 
see's this big black spider sitting on his cheek. 

"AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!" His turn to scream, he starts dancing around 
trying to get the thing off and repeatedly hitting himself 
in the face. This scene makes you start laughing. Zac continues 
to squirm and dance and you just keep laughing.

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Chapter 38:
Through Thick and Thin: