(Next day) You yawn as stretch, you notice Zac sleeping next to you, NAKED!

Oh crippies, you think to yourself, I hope I didn't do what I am thinkin' I did.

Zac stirs awake then sits up, you see a little bit of his boxers sticking out over the covers and you sigh a breath of relief.

He see's you starring there and asks. "What? Am I excited and don't know it?" He looks down his pants then looks back at you with a confused expression on his face. "What?"

"Nothing." You say smiling.

"Admiring my manlyness?" He asks, flexing his muscles. "Come with me if you want to live."

"Come with you where?" You ask.

He grabs the covers and pulls them over you two's heads and lays down on top of you. He softly kisses your neck and you moan a little.

"Like that don't ya?" He asks with a smile.

"Mmm mm!" You answer, so he does it again then starts touching you everywhere, tenderly and lovingly.

"Ok, Zac enough." You say softly.

"Ok, let's go downstairs and see who's up." He suggests.

You smile at him, he's so sweet, you think to yourself.

You pull yourself out of bed and get dressed and walk downstairs.

Kristen and Isaac are down there already watching TV together (actually we aren't watching TV but the TV is on and we are in the room! he he he!).

"So what are we going to do together today?" You ask with a smile as you and Zac walk into the kitchen hand in hand.

There is no one in the kitchen so he throws against the fridge and starts kissing you again. You smile as he moves down to your neck.

"Ok, ok already!" Taylor says with a smile as he walks into the kitchen.

"Goodmorning!" You say.

Taylor just smiles at you and continues to the cabinet to get himself a glass.

"Well what are we going to do?" You ask Zac again.

"We are packing today." Taylor jumps in.

"Packing? Where are we going?" You ask confused.

"Los Angelas, we are appearing on Rosie O'Donnel." Taylor answers.

"OH MY GOD!" You scream. "We are going to get interviewed by Rosie O'Donnel?"

"No." Taylor says with a smile. "You aren't being interviewed but Ike, Zac, and me are."

"Well duh! But I get to meet her? OH MY GOD!!!!" You scream again. "I have to go pack."

With that said you leave Zac and Taylor in the kitchen and race up the stairs to pack.

(3 days later)

"Oh my god! She is right behind that door!" You say excitedly as you walk into the backstage entrance to the soundstage for the Rosie O"Donnel show.

"Amelia, she isn't going to be standing there waiting for us!" Zac says smiling.

You have been so excited the whole trip here and frankly you have been ticking everyone off, including Zac with your non-stop talking about Rosie. But now you are finally there, you are a few feet away from meeting her.

"Who is on the show with you guys?" You ask, once it finally sinks in that the guys are going to be on the show and this isn't just a chance for you to meet Rosie.

"Beats me." Zac answers.

He pulls the door open and lets you walk in ahead of him. You look around and don't see her anywhere but you do see a guy with blond hair walk into one of the dressing rooms, probably one of the guests, you think to yourself. You follow one of the workers to the HANSON's dressing room. The room is big with a wall full of mirrors.

"Oh hi! I'm Brandye." A girl replies as you and the clan walk into the room.

"Hi." Zac says, practicly ignoring her and heading straight for the TV, pulling you along with him.

"Hi!" Taylor answers with a smile and shakes her hand.

"He looks like a giddy little school boy." Zac whispers to you.

"I know!" You answer, giggling.

"I heard that!" Taylor says, throwing you and Zac an evil look.

"Sorry!" You say, putting your hands up in front of you in defence.

"What are you doing in here?" Taylor asks, obviously very impressd with her.

"I am here to entertain you guys till your up!" She answers.

Taylor just looks at her with a love struck look on his face.

"Wow! He's really interested!" You exclaim, noticing his look. "He doesn't even know her."

Brandye offers to take Taylor on a tour of the facilities and they leave the room.

Once the other two boys are settled in you decide to go exploring, maybe meeting some celebs, and Rosie at the same time. You walk out of the room and since Zac is so immersed in watching TV, you don't think twice about it. You walk out into the hallway and people are walking hurredly around. You walk into what seems like a reception type area with a woman sitting at a desk and some couches and tables.

"Excuse me!" A guy says, as he runs into you knocking you over.

"Oh it's ok." You say taking his hand and letting him help you up.

You look up and end up looking into the most beautful Green eyes.

"Hi." You stammer.

"Hi, sorry for running into you like that. I didn't mean to, I didn't see you. My name is David." He extends his hand and you just stare at it, then finally shake it.

"I'm Amelia." You answer quietly.

"Cool, are you here with your band?" He asks.

"No, not with my band, but with my friends, HANSON." You answer.

"Oh cool, I like them, they have good music." He answers.

"Really? A guy fan? I am amazed. There aren't many of them around." You reply with a smile.

"Ya, well, those guys are talented." He adds.

"Are you hear with a band or somethin'?"

"No, I'm with my dad. He is one of the executives for the show and I wanted to come with him today. I am going to help with the camera's." He answers. "Well, I have to be going, cause um, I have some stuff to finish before the show starts, and um, do you think maybe we could get together later after the show?"

"Well, I will have to check with the guys, but I think that would be cool." You smile at him. "As long as you get some good shots of them."

"Cool! I will." He replies, then walks down the hall towards the stage.

"Wow!" You exclaim and just stare at his door.

"Ok, well the HANSON's are going on second." You hear a familiar voice say.

You walk back into the HANSON's dressing room and see Rosie O'Donnell in there, sitting down and talking to the guys.

"Oh my god!" You scream. Rosie looks up at you.

You start shaking and you all of the sudden become speechless (you act so speechless you've got nothi....sorry).

"Who are you?" Rosie asks nicely.

"This is my girl..,my friend Amelia." Zac says standing up and walking you over to her.

She stands up and extends her hand, this time you shake it right away.

"Wow!" You say staring at her.

She smiles, "Is this your girlfriend?" She asks Zac.

He blushes a little then looks at his dad. His dad nods and Zac replies yes.

"So Zac Hanson is off the market." Rosie says with a smile.

"Yes, but you can't say anything on the air, the fans would get mad." Zac says innocently, trying to protect you.

"Ok." Rosie says with a smile. "I'll see you guys on the show."

With that she walks out of the room and leaves you standing there shocked.

"Amelia!" Zac calls.

"Huh?" You reply staring at the door.

"Amelia, she's gone." He answers.

"Oh." You say snapping out of your trance.

"Oh yeah! Guys guess what?" You say eagerly as Zac leads you to the couch and sits down next to you.

"What?" Isaac asks.

"Who was that guy you were talking to outside?" Zac asks curiously.

"Oh, his name is David. I guess he works here or somethin'. I accidently ran into him. He wants to hang out after the show." You reply casually.

"You just met this guy and he already wants to hang out with you? You told him no right?" Zac snaps angrily.

"Zac it's ok, goodness. I said I would check with you guys but since you seem to be so against it I guess I won't." You reply, chuckling to yourself.

"Do you think he was a hottie?" He asks a little quietly, sitting down on the couch.

"Umm, ya, he was definetly a hottie." You answer, sitting on the couch next to him and leaning your head on the back, closing your eyes.

"Well, am I a hottie?" He asks getting on top of you.

You open your eyes and look straight into his. "Total hottie!" You answer.

He smiles and kisses you gently, then kisses you again a little harder.

"Ok guys!" Walker interupts you. "There are little kids present." He says, referring to Jess, Avi, Mackie, and Zoe.

"Sorry." Zac answers getting off of you.

"Ok guys you are up in five!" A stage hand says, poking his head into the room.

The guys jump up and rush to the stage to get ready, leaving you in the dressing room alone.

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