"You're not going to go watch them perform?" Someone asks you 
from the doorway. 

You look up and see David standing in the doorway. 

He is wearing a white t-shirt with black jeans that 
have a white and black stripe down the side. 

"No, I've seen them perform a million times." You answer with 
a smile. 

"Oh, you travel with them on tour?" He asks, walking over 
to the couch. "May I?" He asks, referring to sitting next 
to you on the couch. 

"Sure!" You answer. "And yes I travel with them. We just got 
back from the tour. They did really well." 

"My dad travels a lot, and sometimes lets me come with 
him, but we never have any cute girls traveling with us." 
He replies, looking straight in your eyes with a smile. 

"Oh." You say, feeling a little awkward. 

He can tell you are nervouse. 

"Sorry I didn't mean to make you feel uneasy, I was only 
stating the facts." He says, putting his hand on your knee 
then quickly taking it away. 

"Oh, you aren't making me nervous." You lie. "I, uh, you just 
caught me offguard that's all." 

"Oh, cool." He answers. "I don't get to talk to too many girls. 
Since I usually travel around with my dad, I don't have time 
to talk to anybody really."  

"I know exactly what you mean! The guys have the same problem. 
But for them it's cause whenever they go out in public they 
have girls there waiting to mob them! It's like the girls have 
HANSON trackers and they all happen to be at the mall at the 
same time as us!" You answer. 

He chuckles a little then looks back at you. "So what do you do 
while you're waiting for them to finish performing and their 

"Well, I like to investigate. Look around and see the pics and 
snoop, I guess you could call it." You answer shyly. 

"Awesome! Me to! Some of these buildings have some really creepy 
things about them!" He answers. 

"Hey want to come look around with me?" You ask, half hoping 
he'll say yes. 

"Ya!" He says. 

He gets up and extends his hand you help you off the couch, 
you except and he pulls you up. You two walk out into the 

"Where to first?" You ask. 

"Well." He begins. "I heard this building has a old basement 
and some guy was killed down there." 

"Really?" You ask, your heart starts pounding.
"Yep, I walked by the door on the way here but it is locked, 
is that a prob?" He asks, smiling at you. 

"Of course not." You walk back into the room, grab a bobby pin, 
then come back out. 

He leads you to the door and you look at the ancient lock. "This 
might not be as easy as I thought." 

He blocks you from everyone's view as you crouch down and 
begin your work on the lock. 

"Got it!" You exclaim, he spins around and opens the door, allowing 
you to walk in first. 

Amazingly everyone around you is to busy to see you two do-
ing this. You take a step forward into the pitch blackness 
to let him in when you realize these are steps. You begin 
to fall but David catches you around the waist and holds 
onto you. This time you take a step down and let him close 
the door almost all the way, in case it locks from the ins-
ide as well as the outside, then you two slowly make your 
way down the dark staircase with him holding onto your waist. 

You reach the bottom and take few more steps then run right 
into a door. 

"Ow!" You say holding your forehead. 

He starts laughing but stops when he senses you glaring at 

"Sorry!" He says, still trying not to laugh. 

He leans over and opens the door. The nastiess smell fills 
your nose as you two walk into the room. You feel the wall 
on either side looking for a light switch. 

"AAAAHHHHHH!" You scream and jump backwards, almost trampling 

"WHAT? WHAT?" He screams as you jump and squirm around. 

He finally calms you down and holds you by the shoulders. 

"What?" He asks again. 

"Something moved under my fingers." You answer innocently. 

"That's it?" He asks, you can tell he is smiling. 

"Well, it was slimy and gross." You answer. 

You are about to turn around and leave when a light flicks 
on over head and floods the room with light. You see David
against the far wall, with his hand on the light switch. 

"There!" He proclaims. 

You look around the basement and see spider 
webs and the spiders on top of them scurrying everywhere.
"Gross!" You say. 

David comes up behind you and wraps his arms around your 
shoulders. "Don't worry, I'll smash 'em for ya'." 

He leads you more into the basement. 


You hear a door close and you spin around quickly. 

"What was that?" You ask. 

"Oh shit!" David exclaims. 

You follow his glance and look at the door. 

"Oh no!" You exclaim and run to the door. You grab the door 
handle and pull, it doesn't open, so you try again. 

"No! No! No! This isn't happening!" You say, as David walks up 
behind you and helps you try and pull it open. 

"HELP!" He screams, pounding on the door. 

When he yells a few spiders fall on the floor 
right in front of you. 

"AAAAHHHHHH!!" You scream causing even more to fall all around 
you. "OH MY GOD! GET ME OUT OF HERE!" You scream and throw yourself 
against the door and start pounding with David. You look at 
the door and see the biggest spider you have ever seen in your 
life come crawling down the door. You scream so loud the windows 
could break but still no one comes. 

"Amelia! AMELIA!" David yells. 

You start to shake and go crazy so he grabs you and 
holds you in a hug and rocks you back and forth. 

"It's ok! It's ok!" He repeats over and over.

You begin to calm down and he starts to sing a sweet slow song 
to you, you listen and realize he is slowly singing MMMBop. 
You start to sing it with him and this helps calm you down. He 
walks you over to a wall on one side of the basement and sits you 
down on the cold cement floor then sits down next to you, still 
holding you and rocking you back and forth. You calm down 
entirely then look up at him. 

"How are we going to get out of her?" You ask. 

"Well, someone had to have seen us come down here, but was to 
busy to think anything of it. I am sure they will find is in a 
few minutes, after all I have to....shit! I have to work the 
camera in ten minutes! Great!" He answers. 

You lay your head down on his chest and begin to doze off. 

     "Amelia!" You hear someone call. You open your eyes 
and see David leaning over you. You sit up quickly almost 
knocking him in the face with your head. 

"Woh! It's ok! We're still down in the basement." He tells you. 

You look around and notice that it is light outside, it 
looks like morning light. 

"How long have I been asleep?" You ask, as 
you stand up. You realize that his shirt (don't worry he 
has a t-shirt in under neath) is on you so you begin to take 
it off. 

"That's ok." He says stopping you. "It's still kind 
of cold and you need that more then I do with that short 
sleeve shirt on. And we have been down here all night, you 
slept through it." 

"Oh, have you knocked on the door at all or tried to holler 
for help?" You ask. 

"No I was keeping you warm for awhile. I just got up right 
now and decided to wake you up." He answers, walking over to 
the door and trying to open it again. 

"They are probably going crazy looking for us." You tell him 
and join him at the door. 

He slams his shoulder against it hoping it will fly open 
the other way, which makes the whole room shake it seems 
and the spiders start falling again. 

"OH GOD!! STOP THAT!!" You scream, and press yourself against 
him, making him stop. 

"Amelia! We have to get out of here somehow, the spiders 
won't hurt you." He continues to slam up against the door 
and the spiders keep scurrying and running for shelter 
under the piles of junk, but you keep your cool then start 
slamming your shoulder up against the door to. 

"This isn't working." He says. 

"We have to get out of here." You answer. 
"Well, I will think of something." He answers. 

You walk back over to the wall and sit down and wrap yourself 
into a ball and try to keep warm.

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