After checking on Mackie, Jessie , and Avi you begin to 
clean your room but first you need music so you turn on 
your Middle of Nowhere CD and blast it. You start dancing 
and singing to the sweet tunes and then "Lucy" comes on 
and tears fill your eyes so you skip that one and move on. 
3 hours go by and you don't even realize it. You have 
replayed your CD a million times and now MMMBop is on again. 
You start dancing and singing again to the song and cleaning 
your room at the same time (ok so your room is REALLY messy). 
This whole time you don't even notice that the HANSON's 
have come back and that Zac is watching you from across 
the hall. You continue to move and sing to the song until 
you turn around to put something away and you see him just 
standing there with a pleased smile on his face. 

"You should be our back-up dancer." Zac whispers to you. 

"Well, I still have a few moves you've never seen." You say 
with a smile. 

Then Taylor bounds up the stairs. "Don't mind me I am 
just getting my blades." Taylor apologizes. 

"You're going blading?" You ask a little releived at 
the chance to get out of the house. 

"Ya want to come?" Tay asks.
"Definitely!" You reply. 

You go and get your blades thencome back into the hallway 
and Zac is gone and the door to his room is closed so 
you assume that he went back into his room. You run down 
the stairs and onto the front porch and sit down next to 
Taylor and get your blades on. 

"Where to?" He asks while putting on his blades. 

"Somewhere, with a lot of hills." You say. 

"This is Tulsa Oklahoma, we live on flatland, there 
aren't very many hills but there is the backwoods." 
Taylor says. 

"What are the backwoods?" You ask.
"The woods about 3 blocks from here, there are a lot of 
little hills and it's really quite, I like to go there to 
think or even blade." He answers. 

"Ok cool let's go there."

  You and Taylor make your way up a trail into the backwoods, 
it is so quite and peaceful there. You look around. The wind 
is rustling in the trees, you can hear birds chirping off 
in the distance and a little critter runs in front of you 
in the path. 

"Oh MY GOD!" You yell and fall over backwards.
"What?" Taylor asks sounding concerned. "What's wrong are 
you ok?" He asks extending his hand to help you up. 

"Ya, I am ok, I just saw something on the trail, I HATE 
little creatures." You reply taking his hand and pulling 
yourself up. 

"Oh, don't worry about them, as long as they run from 
you they won't hurt you. It's the ones that come up to you 
with white foam in their mouths that will hurt you." Taylor 
states matter-of-factly. 

"Thank you Mr, Science." You say with a grin. 

He smiles back at you and you continue up the trail. You 
finally reach the spot and look around. 

"Wow!" You exclaim. 

It isn't woods at all. It is an old skateboarding 
ramp (you know those big ones that they have compet-
itions on) but it is surrounded by woods and looks like 
no one had been here in a million years except for the 
track marks on the ramp so you assume that Tay or someone 
else comes here and skates. 

"Here it is." He tells you. 

"How did you know this was here?" You ask curiously. 

"I've lived here my whole life, I know where more things 
are then the Mayor!!!" Taylor responds smiling. 

"Cool!" Is all you can think of to say.
You begin to walk towards the ramp. 

"Amelia." Taylor calls. 

"Hmm." You answer. 

"Um...could I talk to you please?" He asks blushing and 
looking at the ground. 

"Sure, what about?" You ask. 

"Well." He says as you walk back up to him. "I 
wanted to apologize for what I did and what I said about 

"Really?" You ask. "Or are you just trying to win me 
over or something?" 

"No no it's nothing like that." He responds quickly. "I 
really am sorry. I shouldn't have said that about Zac 
and I DEFINITELY should NOT have kissed you, I am REALLY 
sorry that I did that. I hurt you and I hurt Zac 
and I ended up ruining our friendship or at least putting 
a strain on it. I am surprised that you even want to talk 
to me. I do really feel bad, and I am not asking you to be 
my best friend again like we were, but I am asking for your 
forgiveness. I know you can't forget about this and it will 
always be there and I know that right now you probably don't 
want to make a decision, but think about it please. I really 
want to at least be friends, since we can't be more."
"Taylor." You say. "You do not know how long I have waited 
for you to at least apologize, and as long as I am concerned 
it's forgotten. And I would love us to be as good of friends
as we were before this happened!" 

You two just sit there fora few seconds when you hear a twig 
break behind you. You spin around so fast that you fall 
backwards over the log and land on your back. When you open 
your eyes you look up and see Zac looking down at you. 

"ZAC!!" You scream and scramble to get up forgetting that 
you have rollerblades on and you end up falling down again 
this time bringing Zac down on top of you. 

"Have fun you two." Taylor says with a smile and roller-
blades down the path. 

"See." Zac says, still on top of you. "Taylor isn't that 
bad of a guy." 

"He told you to come here?" You ask with a smile. 

"Yep, he said that he felt sorry for what he had done 
and he wanted to make it up to me so he told me he was 
going to bring you here and that I could follow you guys 

"Well what took so long for you to show up, since you 
were following us?" You ask looking suspicious. 

"Well, he told me to give him a chance to apologize, plus 
it took me awhile to get up the hill I fell back down it 
three times." He says with a smile. 

"Shut-up already!" You say pulling his face 
towards you. 

You kiss him real soft on the lips then pull 
him close for an even longer kiss. You two lay there just 
kissing for a long time, it feels like you haven't seen 
each other in ten million years (which I can understand 
cause if it were me and Ike in the same situation I would 
feel the same way).

Meanwhile back at the HANSON house:
"Taylor where's Amelia?" Diana asks. 

"Um, she went over to Kristen's house with Isaac." He 

"Then where is Zac? Isaac said he was taking him over there, 
are they there together?" She asks. 

"No!" Taylor answers quickly.  "He left to go to Laser Tag 
with his friend for awhile." 

"You better not be lying to me young man cause if you 
are then you will be in just as much trouble as they will 

"Mom calm down, they aren't together." Taylor says as he 
walks upstairs to his room. 

   "Zac we better be going." You say as 
he kisses your neck. 

"But I don't want to I want to stay here forever with 
you." He says still softly kissing your neck and your face. 

"I know I do to but I really think we should go, we have 
it go home separately though." You say. 

"Ya, I am supposed to be at Laser Tag with my friend 
and you are supposed to be over at Kristen's house with 
Isaac." He says still kissing you. 

"Ok, don't forget and you better go over to the Laser Tag 
and get a ticket so that if your 'rents ask you can show 
them the ticket." You say. 

"Ok." He says getting off of you. 

He helps you stand up and you look straight into his eyes. 

"I love you Zac, no matter what anyone does or says!!" You 

"I love you to." He says with a weak smile. 

You lean forward and kiss him real long and hard. You look 
at him as tears swell up in his eyes and yours. 

"I miss you." You say as you turn and rollerblade away. 
You begin to speed down the hill as fast as you can your 
eyes blurry from tears. You make it to the front porch and 
sit down to take off your blades. You get them off then 
run up to your room and plop down on the bed face first. 
You sit down on your bed with your face in your hands 
and take deep breath. 

"Amelia." You hear Taylor call. "Are you ok, what 

You stand up and rush over to Taylor and give him a huge 
hug and just stand there holding him. He is surprised at 
first then wraps his arms around you to. 

"Thank you so much." You say. "I will owe you forever." 

"No." He says.  "I owed you, now we are even." 

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Chapter 5:
Through Thick and Thin:

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