(Meanwhile, above in the land of HANSON) 

"Where is she?" Zac exclaims loudly as he plops down on the 
couch. His little chest is working over time cause he has been 
looking for you for so long and is now out of breath. 

"Who knows!" Taylor answers, plopping down next to him. 

"I don't know!" Brandye says, plopping down next to Taylor. 

"You got me!" Isaac says, plopping down next to Brandye. 

"Why would she just leave with out telling me?" Zac asks 

"I think she is with that David dude." Taylor says, leaning back 
on the couch and closing his eyes. 

"Don't SAY THAT!" Zac screams, jumping back up off 
the couch and walking out of the room. 

Where could she be? He asks himself. 

He walks a few more feet then stops in front of a door that is 
slightly ajar. He opens the door and steps into the darkness. 
The door clicks closed behind him but he doesn't notice. He takes 
a step, "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" He screams as he falls down the stairs. 

(In the basement) 

"What is that?" You yell, jumping up off the floor and rushing to 
the door. 

The screaming gets louder and the noise gets stronger. Just as 
the noise gets really loud David grabs you around the waist and 
pulls you back away from the door, just as the door comes crashing 
open and a little boy in a silverish grey shirt and black jeans 
lays still on top of the door. 

You wait for the dust to clear. 

"ZAC!" You scream. 

You lean down next to him and examine him. His head is bleeding 
and he is un-concieouse. 

"Oh my god! Zac!" You scream again. 

He stirs a little then opens his eyes. 

"Wow! I must be dead!" He says, standing up and groggily looking 
at you. "Wow! Such beautful angels here in heaven!" 

"Zac! It's me Amelia! You're not dead, you fell down the 
stairs!" You say. 

He opens his eyes the whole way. 

"AMELIA!" He screams and wraps his arms around you. "Where have 
you been?"  

"David and I were exploring while you guys were on the show 
and we came down here and the door locked closed. We have been 
down here all night!" You tell him. 

He looks up then looks at David. 

"Hi, I'm David Johnson." David says politly, extending his 
hand for Zac to shake it. 

Zac refuses and looks at you. "You have been down here with him 
all night....and you're wearing his shirt!?!" Zac asks, 
surprised and stunned. 

"No! No, this isn't what it looks like Zac!" You say smiling. 
"It gets pretty cold down here at night and since I had on a 
short sleeved t-shirt and he had two long sleeved shirts, he let 
me use his, that's it! And nothing happened! Except..." 

"Except what?" Zac says giving you a mad look. 

"Except! Dodging spiders all night." You say with a smile and 
wrap your arms around him and kiss him gently on the lips. He 
smiles, satisfied with your answers and kisses you back slowly 
and satisfyingly. 

"Uh, guys. I hate to break in but could we get out of here? I don't 
want to be down here anymore." David interupts. 

Zac throws him a glare but leads you back up the stairs. 

"Wow! You took a pretty long fall." You tell him, as 
you reach the top and look back down the long staircase. 

"Don't remind me." He answers you, wiping some blood off of his 
forehead. He reaches down and turns the handle, the door doesn't 

"No! Not again!" You say and start pounding on the door screaming. 

"Amelia!" Zac says calmly. "AMELIA!" 

"WHAT?!" You say, taking a short break from the screaming. 

"It's latched closed." He says, pointing to a small latch on 
the door. 

"Oh, I knew that." You say, un-latching it and pushing the door 

"AIR!" You scream and step eagerly out the door. "I am not 
doing that again!" You say. 

Diana see's you three and comes running over to you and embraces 
you in a hug. "Oh my gosh! Where have you been?" 

She investigates you to make sure you are ok then moves onto 
Zac and literally drags him out of the building to the ambulence 
waiting outside to get his head bandaged. 

"Well, I am going to go check in with my dad." David says, and 
begins to walk away. 

"Hey!" You call after him. "If you ever come through Tulsa,
look me up." 

"I will!" He answers with a smile. You give him a hug then 
walk towards the dressing room. 

"You're ok!" Taylor yells and wraps you in a tight hug. 

"I'm fine!" You tell him, smiling. Isaac hugs you 
and then sits back down (ha ha, you thought you were going to 
get my man didn't you!!). 

"Where have you been?" Taylor asks, giving you a disgusted face 
as he looks at your dirty face and hands. 

"We were locked in the basement." You tell him. 

"We? You and David?" He asks. 

"Yep." You answer. 

"I told him but he wouldn't believe me! I kept telling Zac you 
were with him but nnoooooooo, no one ever listens to Taylor!" He 
says rolling his eyes. 

You walk out of the room and head towards the front doors. 
There are a few ambulences out there and a LOT of policeman. You 
walk out the door and find Zac. He is sitting in one of the 
ambulences trying to convince his mom that he is ok. 

"No! NO!" He screams as one of the ambulence attendents comes 
at him with a needle. 

He runs out of the ambulence and smacks right into you and 
falls down on top of you. 

"Thanks!" You say sarcasticly. 

He extends his hand to help you up and you just look at it. 

So cute and small and pudgy, you think to yourself. 

"Hello? Do you want me to help you up or are 
you going to stare at my hand all day?" He asks impatiently.
You smile and take his hand and hold it in yours. It feels so 
good to hold it again. He walks you over to the ambulence (a 
different one, there's no way he is going back to the needle 
crazy one he was at!) and you sit down inside so the guy in 
there can check you out and make sure you are ok. Aside from 
some dust in the lungs, you're fine so Zac takes you back into 
the dressing room and sits you down on the couch then immed-
iatly gets on top of you and starts kissing your neck. 

"I wish I had been locked down there with you all night." He 

"I do to." You answer. 

He brings his face up to your and holds it in his (small, pudgy, 
cute little) hands. You smile at him and he kisses you gently on 
the lips then pulls away. You look at his full lips wanting more 
and he see's this so he gives you more. 

He gently kisses you and holds you close. He moves his hands up 
and down your thigh, slowly bring it up closer and closer to 
your stomach. 

You wrap your arms around him and hold onto his chubby body as 
you run your hands up and down his back. You feel the material 
of his shirt against your face as he wraps his arms around your 
neck and kisses you softly on the cheek and neck. 

"I missed you." He says between kisses. 

"I can tell." You say smiling, and continue to kiss him.

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Chapter 41:
Through Thick and Thin: