"Home! Finally!" You exclaim as you walk in the door. 

Zac follows behind you but gets stuck in the door. 

"Um." He calls. "A little help here!" 

You smile then walk over to him and take your bags from 
his arms (so he was being a gentleman and carrying them for 
you). He walks in then follows you upstairs to your room and 
drops everything on the floor then jumps on your bed. 

"Ok, I'm ready!" He says with a smile. 

"I'm sure you are!" You reply. You walk over to him and peck 
him on the lips. Then you look up into his eyes. "Ready?" 
You ask. 

"Oh ya!" He answers with a huge smile and reaches 
up to grab your face but you quickly move and start tickel-
ing him. He starts laughing (you know that really cute laugh 
he always, well used to always do) and falls on the floor, 
you quickly run out of the room before he has the chance 
to get up and tickle you back. 

I am so good, you think to yourself as you walk out of the room 
and head down stairs to get something to drink. 


"OH MY GOD! Taylor I am so sorry!" You exclaim, helping him 
off the floor. He has grape juice all over his white shirt and 
you have it all over your orange pants. 

"I am really sorry!" You repeat. 

"It's ok." He answers, pulling off his shirt and walking to 
the sink. You just stand there starring at his arms and chest. 

Wow! You think to yourself. 

"Amelia? You in there?" Taylor asks, waving his hands in 
front of your face. 

"Oh ya sorry!" You reply, snapping out of your trance. 

"Ok, I said before that you had better wash 
those before it stains." He says, poiniting to your pants 
and walking back to the sink to continue washing his shirt.
You take off your pants (you have on boxers) then throw them 
in the sink with taylor's shirt. He scrubs both articles of 
clothing, desperatly trying to get the stains out. You just 
stand there starring at his arms and chest. Then this urge 
comes over you and you can't surpress it. You lean towards 
him and start kissing his neck gently. 

He pretends not to notice for awhile then as you begin to 
get a little more into it, he drops the clothes in the sink 
and wraps his arms around you, letting you kiss his neck. He 
moves his hands up and down your sides, puttting his fingers 
under your chin to pull your face back up to his. He presses 
his lips against yours. You respond and kiss him hard, running 
your fingers up and down his back. He grabs your wrist and begins 
to move your hand down between his legs. 

"No!" You say sharply and wretching your hand out of his, but 
still kissing him. 

"Please?" He whines. 

"No!" You repeat, a little disgusted. 

Wait, I shouldn't be doing this, you think to yourself. 

You try to push him away but it feels so good. You kiss him back 
and he breaks away from the kiss then walks you into the livingroom 
and pushes you down on the couch then lays down on top of you 
and continues to kiss you. He slowly moves his hands up your 
shirt and you place your hands on his pecks and stomach. He moans 
a little so you keep on doing it. 

"Why is it everytime I see you two, you are kissing?" You hear 
a voice ask. 

You push Taylor off of you and look up.

"Kristen!" You exclaim, getting up off the couch and helping 
Taylor off of the floor. 

"Why do you do this to Zac?" She asks, folding her arms in front 
of her chest. 

" didn'" You stumble for the right 
words but you can't find them. 

"You are so cruel!" She exclaims, then walks out of the room 
towards the stairs. 

"Wait! Kristen!" You exclaim, running after her. 

"What?" She snaps, stopping and turning around halfway up the 
"You're not going to tell Zac are you?" You ask, stopping a 
few stairs below her. 

"Someone needs to." She says, then starts up the stairs again. 

"Kristen! This is none of your business. This is between me and 
Tay and that is who it is going to stay with!" You exclaim angrily. 

She stops then turns around on the stairs. 

"First of all, I wasn't going to tell him, second of 
all don't yell at me." She snaps angrily. "And third of all, 
you are straining your relationship. This is what, the fifth 
time you have done this and...." 

"Done what?" A cheery voice interupts. 

You look up the stairs and see Zac standing at the 

"Nothing." You answer, eyeing Kristen. 

"Ya, nothing at all." She replies angrily, then pushes past 
him and storms into the guys room. 

"What's wrong with her?" Zac asks, walking down the stairs 
then kissing you. 

"I don't know." You answer as he pulls away. 

Taylor walks up the stairs and heads into his room (still no 

"Does he realize he is half..n..a..k...e...d." Zac says, then 
notices you are wearing your boxers. He gets a confused look 
on his face then looks up at you. 

"Oh, I spilled grape juice all over his shirt and my 
pants!" You answer quickly. 

"Oh, I don't mind!" He answers, throwing you a big smile. "Boxers look 
good on you." You smile then walk back down the stairs. As 
you two sit down on the couch you hear three angry voices 
arguing upstairs. "Boy! Everyone sure is in a bad mood today! 
Let's go instigate!" He says, eagerly jumping off of the couch. 
"NO!" You scream. You grab the back of his pants and pull him
 back down on the couch. "What?" He asks with a smile. "Uh, 
I don't want you to leave I...."  "Don't worry, you can come 
with me, I just want to see what they are arguing about!" 
He interupts. He begins to get up again but you pull him 
back down and jump on top of him and kiss him. He responds 
to the kiss and wraps his arms around you. "What has gotten 
into you?" He asks between kisses. "I love you." You answer 
Taylor screams from the hallway. Zac looks up but you quickly 
grab his face and distract him from the argument. "Shit!" 
You hear Taylor exclaim. You look up in time to see him walk 
back out of the room you and Zac are in. "Taylor you are be-
ing cruel and inconsiderate!" You hear Kristen scream from 
the hallway. "She came onto me!" Taylor screams back. Zac 
stops kissing you and listens to the argument. "Hey!" You 
exclaim kissing his neck, "I was having fun." "Who are they 
talking about?" He asks confused. "Probably that Brandye girl. 
I think Kristen's jealous of her." You suggest, then pull his 
face back to yours. He kisses you back as you hear the front 
door slam. "I can't believe you!" You hear Kristen exclaim. 
You look up and see her standing in the doorway with a disgu-
sted face.

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Chapter 42:
Through Thick and Thin: