"Kristen I.." You begin but stop when she walks back out of 
the room. 

"What is wrong with her?" Zac asks, looking confused. 

"Nothing." You say pulling his face back to yours and slowly 
kissing him. You two end up falling asleep on the couch until 
you are finally waken up by Diana who tells you two to go to 
bed. As you head towards your room Zac grabs your wrist and 
pulls you back into his arms and wraps them around you holding 
you close. He gently kisses your lips, so sweetly. "Goodnight."

You groan as you step put of bed and slip into your 
slippers. You don't even bother putting on a robe (your in 
boxers and a t-shirt). You glance at your bed and make a disg-
usted face. 

"Good morning Amelia!" Diana exclaims as you walk 
through the kitchen and sit down. 

"Morning." You lazily reply from the bar. 

"You seem tired." Diana states. "But you and Zac 
went to bed pretty early!" 

"Well, the more I sleep the more tired I am until I fully 
wake-up." You state. 

"Oh well, will you go wake-up Zac? His brothers left without 
waking him up." Diana asks. 

"Sure." You answer, then slowly walk up the stairs. 

You knock on the door and hear Zac's small reply. 
"I'm getting dressed!" 

You know it's Zac so you open the door. 

"Hey! I'm..." He stops as he sees it's you. 

You smile, close the door behind you, then walk towards him. 
He is only wearing boxers (which he barely got on as you 
opened the door) and you think he looks so cute. 

"Amelia, I need to get dressed." He states, fumbling through 
his closet for something to wear. 

"I know." You reply as you wrap your arms 
around his stomach ands start kissing his neck. 

He doesn't respond but keeps looking for something to wear. 
He decides upon his "Far Out" shirt and a pair of Khakis 
then wiggles out of your grasp to get dressed. 

"What's wrong?" You ask, realizing that he hasn't smiled or 
said more then 5 words to you this whole time. 

"Nothing." He replies, pulling on his 
shirt then walking out of the room. 

You walk into your room and pull on a HANSON tee and a pair 
of jeans then hurry down the stairs to find Zac. 

You find him watching TV in the family room so you sit down on 
the couch next to him and kiss him on the cheek and neck. 

"Stop!" He exclaims. 

"What?" You ask surprised. 

"I'm tired still." He mumbles.  

You look at him closely and see his eyes are still half closed.  

"Wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?" You ask 
with a teasing smile.
He just rolls his eyes at you and smiles a little.  

"Hi Kristen." You greet as she pokes her head in the room, looking 
for Isaac.  

"Hi." She replies coldly then leaves.  

You get up quickly and go after her, catching her on the 
stairs. "Look Kristen, you don't have to be so mad at me."  

"I don't?  Right.  You're a real jerk you know that?" She snaps, 
then continues walking up the stairs.  

You follow right behind her, grabbing her arm and pulling her 
into your room.  

"Ok look, no I shouldn't have kissed Tay, I know that, but you 
don't have to be mad at me about it.  It's none of your busines.  
And it won't happen again, so don't worry." You explain.  

"What won't happen again?" Zac asks walking into the room.
"Nothing." You both answer quickly in unison. 

Kristen glares quickly at you then walks out of the room, 
leaving you and Zac alone. 

"So what are we going to do today?" You ask, 
sitting cross-legged on your bed. 

Zac smiles at you then gets on top of you. 

"Zac!" You exclaim, pushing him off of you.
"What?" He asks back. 

"I want to do something fun..." Your interrupted by Walker 
calling you and Zac downstairs. 

You two walk downstairs hand in hand into the livingroom. 
Everyone is already in there so you and Zac stand next to 
the door. He wraps his arms around you then rests his chin on 
your shoulder. 

"Ok, I talked to Mark and he got us another gig on Jay Leno."

"YYYYEEEESSSSSS!" You scream, interupting him. 

"We've done it before." Taylor says walking past you and out 
the door. 

"But I wasn't there the last time!" You reply. "You 
guys should go on Rosie again. I didn't get to fully enjoy 
that one. Except for being stuck in a basement with a hottie 
all night."  

"Hey!" Zac cries angrily. 

You smile at him and kiss him on the cheek. 

"When are we going?" You ask Walker.
"One week, well actually this Friday." He answers. 

"Awesome!" You exclaim then lead Zac outside. 

(Next day) 

"Amelia!" Taylor calls you from downstairs. 
"What?" You call back. 

"Someone at the door for you!" He answers. 

You walk down the stairs and see David standing 
there by the door. 

"David?!" You say. 

He turns around and looks at you with a smile. "Hey Amelia! 
My famliy is in Okie City visiting some reletives so I thought 
I'd come see you." He states, throwing you a killer smile. 

"Hi!" You say, nevously. 

You two just stare at each other for a few minutes then 
he finally breaks the silence. 

"Are you hungry? I could take you somewhere and maybe you 
could show me the sites of Tulsa." He suggests casually. 

"Sure! As long as we can go to Taco Bell. I don't like those 
stuck-up ritzy resteraunts." You reply with a smile. 

"Cool, uh, shouldn't you tell your 'rents?" He asks. 

"Ya, um, wait in the car and um, I'll go ask them." 
You say, spinning on your heel and walking into the kitchen.
Diana says yes so you rush back out the door and see David 
waiting in a Blue Jeep. 

Wow, you think to yourself and hop in the passengers seat. 

You two immediatly start talking as he drives you to the 
nearest Taco Bell.

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Chapter 43:
Through Thick and Thin: