"OW!" You scream as David pegs you in the leg with a paint pellet. So far he has given you 15 welts but you have given him 20, but you're still going. You walk behind a tree and wait. You don't hear anything but the occasional snap from someone else's gun, but that is far away. You stand there trying to catch your breath. "BOO!" David yells, grabbing you. You scream and he tackles you to the ground sending you into a fit of giggles. He gets on top of you and starts tick- ling you. How does everyone know that I am ticklish? You think to yourself. He stops tickling you then lays down next to you. "I've had fun today." He says, looking up at the dark sky. "Me too." You answer. You begin to get up when you feel two hands on your waist. David pulls you back down to the ground. He leans over you then kisses you. You just lay there with your hands on his arms as he deepens his kiss. You break away from the kiss then quickly stand up. "What's wrong?" David asks as he gets up and stares straight into your eyes. "Uh, I have a boyfriend. I'm going out with Zac." You answer nervously. "Hanson? But he's so young." He says making a disgusted face. "I know, but I love him." You reply. "Ok." He says smiling. "I'm sorry about that..I didn't know." He picks up the guns then leads you back to the main building. A blast of cold air hits you as you walk into the building. It feels good compared to the hot Tulsa air. "Want to play some arcade?" He asks. You look outside. "It's getting pretty dark. I'm sure Zac is worried about me." You answer, looking disappointed. "Ok, cool." He says. You pull up in front of your house then turn to David. "Thanks for taking me out, I had a lot of fun." You tell him with a smile. "Cool! I had fun to. I'm really sorry about kissing you." He answers blushing a little. You smile then lean over and kiss him quickly on the cheek then get out and head towards the house. You look at your watch as you walk in the door, 10:30pm. How did it get so late so fast? You ask yourself. You walk quietly up the stairs to your room and gently close the door, trying not to make a sound then you turn on the light. You notice a little body in your bed under the sheets, Zac. Smiling, you walk over to him, pull the sheets around him, then kiss him on the forehead. He stirs a little but doesn't wake up so you silently get dressed then slip into the sheets next to him, wrapping your arms around him as you slowly fall asleep. You wake up and find Zac already gone so you get dressed then walk downstairs. You walk into the kitchen and stop, David is sitting at the table eating french toast and eggs with the whole family. "Hi Amelia!" He greets as you walk in and sit down next to him. "Hi." You answer, looking confused. "Oh, I have something to show you." He says, grabbing your hand and pulling you upstairs. He drags you into your room then pushes you down on the bed and gets on top of you. "Hey!" You say, trying to push him off of you. "What?" He asks. "I thought this is what you wanted." "With Zac downstairs? I don't think so! I told you yestersday NO!" You answer as he gently kisses your neck. "Get off!" You say kind of loudly. "So this is what you had to show her?" Zac asks from the doorway. You look up and see him standing there. Tears fill his eyes as he turns and runs away. "Zac!" You scream. "Zac! No wait please! Zac!" "What? What?" You hear someone say. You open your eyes and look around. Zac is leaning over you and it is light outside. "I'm right here." He says putting his hand on your face. "Oh, I must have had a bad dream." You tell him. You glance at the clock, 9:30am, might as well get up, you think to yourself. You start to get up but Zac grabs your waist and pulls you back down next to him then gets on top of you. You smile as he leans down and kisses you. You wrap your arms around him and pull him close. "Are you ok?" He asks looking concerned. "I am now." You answer still smiling. He smiles back then slowly moves his hands to your back. "What if your mom walks in?" You ask as he smothers you in kisses. "They took the family to Okie City to do some shopping." He answers, still kissing you. "What about your brothers? Where are they?" You ask as he moves his lips down to your neck. "And how do you know all this? Did your mom see you in here?" "No, Tay covered for me. Told her I went rollerblading. I've already been up. I just came back in here with you." He expl- ains. "And Ike and Tay are somewhere around here." "Oh." Is all you say. You start to kiss him back when he suddenly pulls away. "Did you have fun yesterday?" He asks, getting off of you and standing up to strecth. "Ya, David took me to play paintball, it was fun." You answer, a little disappointed that he got up. "Why didn't you at least tell me where you were gonna go? You just suddenly left. I looked for you for awhile until my mom finally told me where you went." "I'm sorry. I was in a rush. You were still upstairs I guess and I didn't see you." You apologize, standing up and walking to your closet to find something to wear. "Oh, so, you only went paintballing? He didn't make a move on your or anything did he?" Zac asks, sounding a little defensive. A flash of nervousness shoots through you but you quickly bury that feeling and turn to face him with a smile. "Of course he didn't. He knows I am going out with you and that I am happy with you." His solemn face turns extremly happy with your answer. "Good, cause if he did anything I would have to go out there and kick his butt and take my girl back." He flexes his muscles at you with a smile. You just roll your eyes and poke his stomach, causing him to let his air out in a whoosh. "Hey! You ruined my superman image!" He exclaims, following you out of the room and down the stairs. "I think you do that on your own." You reply teasingly. "Are you saying, I'm puny?" He asks. You lead him into the kitchen where you find Taylor warming up a plate full of pizza. "Pizza? This early?" You ask. "Weird." Taylor ignores you and grabs his pizza once it has finished warming up and walks out of the room. "Meow!!" Zac calls after him, then hisses a little. You chuckle and walk to the cabinets and pull out a box of Pop-Tarts. "Yes! Food!" He exclaims, sitting himself down at the bar. "Yes, MY food." You correct him, placing the Pop-Tarts into the toaster and pushing down the lever. "Can't you make some for me too?" He asks, giving you the most pathetic face he can. "Do you have legs?" "Yes." "Do you have hands?" "Yes." "Do you know how to use them?" "Of course I do! I play the drums!" "Then I'm sure you know how to get up, walk over here, and put some Pop-Tarts in the toaster." You tease. "Girls." He mumbles under his breath as he walks over to you and snatches the box of Pop-Tarts out of your hand. You just smirk at him as he puts his own Pop-Tarts into the other side of the toaster.

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Chapter 44:
Through Thick and Thin: