"Ok, just stay hidden somewhere and shoot everyone but me and... shit!" You exclaim.

"What?" David asks concerned.

"Someone...." You say turning around. "ZAC!"

Zac is standing behind you with the biggest grin on his face.

"We're on the same team doofus!" You exclaim.

"No we're not. I signed up on another team!" With that said he shoots David and runs away.

"That little bunghole." You exclaim. "Fine if he wants to play like that we will." You grab David's hand and wait for both of yours energy to re-charge as you walk. You spot Zac (cause the dork forgot to change out of his Yellow Docs) crouched down in a corner. You lift your gun, aim and fire. Zac falls over from the squatting position he was in with a surprised expression on his face and looks around. You grab David and pull him back into the corner and watch Zac, wait- ing for him to move. He doesn't but when his power gets back on he gets up to move then someone shoots him again. You look over at David in time to see him lower his gun.

"Nice shot!" You exclaim with a smile.

You two sit there and keep hitting Zac till the end of the game. When you meet him outside he looks pretty pissed.

"Have fun?" You ask on the verge of giggles.

"No! Some dork kept shooting me and I couldn't get anyone!" He replies with a scowl.

"Poor baby! Maybe now you'll learn not to mess with us!" You tell him as you put your arm around David's shoulder, leading him out the door. Zac just stands behind you for a few seconds, an angry and hurt expression on his face as you walk away with David. He finally comes to his senses and follows hurredly after you two.

"Thanks for the ride, we had a lot of fun." You tell David as he stops in front of your house.

"Ya, fun." Zac says sarcasticly, and jumps out of the car slamming his door.

"Good, I'm glad!" David says with a smile and leans over to kiss you on the cheek.

Zac opens your door and glares at David. "We have to go, sorry!" He says.

You smile at how jealous he is and get out if the car. Zac puts his arm around your waist and leads you into the house, not even looking back at David.

"Thanks for coming with me." You tell him as he closes the front door.

"Ya, right." He snaps, heading quickly up the stairs.

"Did you guys have fun?" Diana asks with a smile, greeting you at the front door, burping Zoe.

"Ya." You say with a smile. "I'm going to bed. Goodnight."

"Goodnight sweety." Diana replies with a smile and walks back into the living room.

You close the door then slip into your pj's and plop down on the bed.

"OUCH!" You hear a voice scream from under the covers.

You jump off the bed and see Zac laying there, holding his head. "You sat on me!" He says with an angry expression.

"Oh I'm so sorry!" You say in a mocking baby voice. "Let me kiss it and make it better." You lay on top of him and start gently kissing his head. "Ok, now it feels better, I'll see you in the morning." He doesn't let you object but instead speeds out of the room. You lay down and fall asleep.


You stumble out of bed and get dressed. The HANSON household is once again busy. Everyone is whizzing back and forth looking for clothes, shoes, and their other stuff. You walk into the kitchen and no one is there so you walk back upstairs to the guy's room.

"What's going on?" You ask as you walk in the room.

"The date for Jay Leno has been moved so we are leaving in two hours!" Zac says as he races back and forth from his closet to his suitcase.

"Oh my god you're kidding?" You reply shocked.

"Nope!" He answers.

"I've got to pack!" You cry as you rush out of the room and run into your to get packed. Thank god I did my wash yesterday, you say to yourself as you set your Yellow Doc's to the side with the intention of wearing them on the ride. You bring about 7 outfits since you'll be there 4 days. You finish packing and just as you zip your suitcase you hear Walker call for everyone to go. You grab your shoes, back-pack, lap top, and suitcase then head downstairs.


"Thank you for choosing American Airlines non-stop flight to Los Angelas." You hear a woman's voice over the intercom.

You walk to your seat and see Zac already there sitting in your seat by the window.

"I don't think so!" You exclaim, putting your stuff down.

"Oh come on Amelia! Please?!" He asks, with a pleading face.

"No! I want the window seat!" You answer sternly.

"Man!" He says, but then his face softens and he smiles at you. "I'll move if you give me a kiss"

"Here? Now?" You ask looking around.

"Yep." He answers, putting the arms rests up on the chairs.

"Ok." You say nervously.

You sit down next to him then pull his face close and you kiss him. He responds and pulls you close, kissing you back.

"Ok, enough you guys!" Walker says as he sits in the seat behind you.

"Sorry dad." Zac says looking very disappointed.

"Ok move now!" You tell him.

"I don't want to!" He answers, crossing his arms across his chest.

"Fine." You whisper. "See if I ever kiss you again."

With those words said Zac jumps up so fast that he hits his head on the cover over head and falls back down on the chair, holding his head.

"That's gonna leave a mark!" He says as he gets up and lets you slip into his seat.

He sits down and wraps his arms around you. You lay your head on his chest and fall asleep for the rest of the ride.

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