You let out a sigh as you sit on the plane. You feel two lips gently kissing your neck and face. You smile and open your eyes.

"ISAAC!" You exclaim.

He keeps kissing you.

"Isaac!" You yell again.

"Shhhhh!" He exclaims, still kissing you.

"Isaac!" You say, sounding a little annoyed.

"Amelia!" He says softly. "Amelia!"

"No, please, Isaac stop!" You exclaim.

"AMELIA!" You snap open your eyes and see Zac sitting next to you on the plane.

Isaac is looking from his seat in front of you (he is looking over the top of the chair) and Kristen is right next to him, kind of glaring at you.

"You ok?" Zac asks with a concerned look.

"Was I talking in my sleep?" You ask as your face turns redder then Taylor's during a concert.

"Ya." Isaac says with a smile. "What was I doing?"

"Isaac!" Kristen exclaims, slapping him on the arm and pull- ing him back down in his seat.

"What was he doing?" Zac repeats.

"Kissing me." You answer, as you lay your head back down on Zac's chest.

"Kissing?!" Zac exclaims. "Why are you dreaming about ISAAC kissing you?"

"Ya, why are you dreaming about Isaac kissing you?" Kristen exclaims, popping back over the chairs at the mention of "Isaac" and "kissing" in the same sentence.

"I wasn't kissing him, he was kissing me, my neck." You tell her.

"ISAAC!" Kristen exclaims, smacking him in the back of the head and sitting back down to do god knows what.

You smile then put on your earphones and plug them in.

How did Zac get the window seat back? You think to yourself, then dismiss the question all together.

"Wannabe" by the Spice Girls is on the radio so you groan and quickly turn it off. You look over at Zac and see him dancing in his chair and lipping "Wannabe". You smile and roll your eyes then keep channel surfing. "OH MY GOD!" You scream, then instantly cover your mouth and sink back into your seat as everyone looks at you. Zac starts laughing and you turn up the song, it's MMMBop. (hey, you can never hear that song to many times).

"What...are you...screaming for?" Zac asks, between giggles.

"MMMBop came on the radio." You tell him in a soft, quiet voice.

"MMMBOP!" All three boys say in unison, turning around and facing you.

You just look at them with an innocent look on your face.

"Well, I like that song." You answer.

Isaac and Taylor snicker then turn back to what they were doing but Zac keeps giggling.

"Stop!" You say, smacking his leg.

"OW!" He exclaims, grabbing his knee.

You slink back in your chair, your face still red from embaressment. Zac wraps his arms around you and pulls you close. You smile and start to get comfortable.

"We are starting our decent into the Los Angelas airport, please make sure your..." The flight attendent announces over the intercom.

You sit up a little dissapointed, take off your headphones, then buckle your seat belt. You quickly glance up and down the isle for a flight attendent, but none of them are there so you lean over Zac and watch the plane land.

"OW!" Zac screams as you move to get comfortable.

"What?" You ask.

He moves your elbow. "You smashed my manliness!" He answers.

You look up at his face and see it is tinted Green.

"Are you ok?" You ask him, sitting up.

"I'm ok." He whispers as he closes his eyes and leans against the back of his chair.

You kiss his neck then lay your head down on him and watch the plane land from there.

"Are you sure your ok?" You ask again.

"I'm fine!" He answers with a smile, but doesn't open his eyes.

You look over at Taylor and see he is trying hard not to laugh.

"What?" You ask with a smile. "What's wrong?"

"Zac gets air sick!" Taylor blurts out.

"TAYLOR!" Zac screams, then grabs his head and leans back against the chair.

"Oh how cute!" You croon him. "You get air sick? Why didn't you ever tell me?"

"Cause I wanted you to sit with me, that's why the rest of my family is sitting so far away from me." He answers, trying not to puke.

"How cute!" You say, and kiss him on the lips.

"OH GOD!" He screams, grabbing his mouth and jumping out of his seat, running to the bathroom.

You smile and continue to watch the plane come down.

"Ok do we have everything?" Walker asks as he picks up his last piece of luggage from the baggage claim. "Yes we...wait, where's Zac?" You ask, putting down your baggage and looking around.

"Oh my god! Did we lose him?" Diana states a little alarmed.

You stand there looking around when you hear a faint liitle voice singing MMMBop. You look in the direction it is coming from and see Zac sitting indian style on the baggage carosel, softly singing MMMBop to himself.

"Ok, claim me!" He says, extending his arms towards you.

You only cross your arms in front of your chest and smile at him as the carosel continues to turn. He realizes he is slowly being taken away and his smile fades.

"Hey! Amelia! It's taking me away! Help!" He screams.

You pick up your luggage and follow the rest of the family towards the exit.

"Thanks for saving me!" Zac says sarcasticly as he catches up to you.

"Welcome!" You answer with a smile.

"Oh great!" He says.

You look at him then follow his gaze towards the doors. There are what looks like a million girls out there with signs, pics, and t-shirts of the guys.

"Great!" You mimic.

Five security guards surround the family, three seperate guards and Hanson's bodyguard take the guys and escort everyone out of the airport.

You can see the bus as you run through the crowd. Girls are tugging at you and trying to pull you into the crowd but a security guard grabs you by the arm and pulls you along. You hop in the bus as the door quickly shuts behind you and the bus pulls away from the screaming girls.

"Man that was clo..." You begin.

"OW!" You hear Taylor yell from the back of the bus.

You walk back there and find Diana gently patting a damp cloth on his back. You move closer for a better view and notice that the back of his t-shirt has been ripped to shreds and there are huge claw marks on his bleeding back.

"What happened?" You ask sitting down next to him.

"A fan with catwoman claws happened!" He answers, wincing in pain.

"You'll be fine." You reply, kissing him on the cheek and getting up to leave.

"Thank you doctor Dillon!" He says in a sarcastic voice.

Diana smacks him on the head at his remark as you walk towards the front of the bus to find Zac. You find him there with Walker.

"Ok, all better!" Walker says with a smile and leaves.

"That was very close! Those police dudes didn't protect us to well. Isaac got a scrath on his arm, Tay's back is torn up, Kristen got smacked in the face and I got attacked! I think I am going to die!" Zac says as you sit down next to him.

"Oh my poor baby!" You say in a mockingly type voice and pull him into a hug.

"I know! They all want me to much!" He answers.

"Oh you loser!" You exclaim, pushing him away with a smile.

"What?" He asks with an innocent smile on his face.

You just smile and roll your eyes at him.

"Well aren't you going to kiss my owies?" He asks with a mischieviouse grin.

"Ok." You reply, reaching for his arm but he grabs your hand. "What? Your arm is hurt."

"I know, but my lips have been hurting real bad lately, I want you to make them feel better." He says smiling.

"Ok." You whisper and press your lips against his.

He responds quickly by sliding his tongue into your mouth and moving his hands down to your hips.

"HEY!" You hear a little voice scream. "That's my girl! You can't kiss her!"

You look up and see Mackie standing in the isle with his hands on his hips. You smile at him then keep kissing Zac.

"HEY! He screams again, this time pulling Zac off of you and making him land in the isle with a thud.

"Mackie!" You exclaim laughing.

"Well don't let him kiss you! I have to go, but I'll be back!" He says as he runs off towards the back where Diana has been calling him for five minutes.

"I am teaching that kid to well." Zac says, pulling himself back on the chair and laying back down on top of you.

"What if he comes back?" You ask with a smile.

"Then we will have to fight for you won't we? I beat Taylor for you, I am sure I can beat Mackie." He answers, then leans down and kisses you gently.

"Your dad is going to get mad if he catches us kissing." You whisper as he kisses your neck.

"No he won't." He answers quickly.

"Yes he will!" You answer pushing him off of you.

"No, he won't!" He answers and pulls you up to look over the seats, Kristen and Isaac are back there kissing madly.

"If he cared he would have yelled at Ike first to set a better example for me and the rest of the younger kids." He answers with a triumphant look.

"Ok, good!" You say pulling him back down on top of you.

Now I have something to do while I wait to see Jay Leno, you think to yourself as Zac kisses you.

(Next day)

"Ok, we have ten minutes before we go on, you guys ready?" Walker asks as he steps into HANSON's dressing room.

"Yep!" They answer in unsion.

"I'll miss you." Zac remarks, pretending to cry. "This time don't leave!"

You only smile as he kisses you and follows everyone out of the room.

"Ok, now what do I do?" You ask yourself outloud.

"How about taking a walk with me?" A familiar voice answers.

You spin around to find David standing in the doorway.

"Dude! How do you always find me?" You ask smiling and giving him a hug.

"My dad's am executive, we're everywhere. Plus I heard HANSON was gonna be on tonight so I assumed you were gonna be here." He answers.

"Oh, so what were you saying about walking with you?" You ask.

"Well, I was going to go exploring and I was..." He begins.

"I don't think so!" You exclaim quickly. "I'm not exploring anything with you."

He laughs as he begins to walk towards you. He stops inches from your face and takes your hand and whispers. "Then what do you want to do?"

"I..." You begin but he stops you by pressing his finger on your lips then gently kisses you. You stand there shocked until he deepens the kiss and wraps his arms around you. You begin to return the kiss but your concise gets you and you push him away.

"I can't." You remark quickly as he moves back to you and starts kissing your neck.

"Why not? No one will ever know." He replies to you.

"I will! And I will feel quilty!" You reply, sounding a little ticked as you push him off of you. "I have gotten into to many fights because of this exact same thing, I don't want to fight with Zac again, ESPECIALLY about this!"

"See, that's the thing. They should be on for another fifteen minutes, no one will ever know." He replies starring deep into your eyes. "Amelia, I fell in love with you the first time I saw you. Ever since that night in the basement I haven't been able to stop thinking about you. I had been hoping you felt the same."

"I'm sorry David, I don't. I don't want to sound cruel but that's how it is I love Zac with all my heart and I am never going to do anything to hurt him again. You have to understand, please?" You reply shyly, looking at the floor.

"Ya, I guess." He replies solemnly, you can see the hurt in his eyes. "I guess I'll see you around." With that, he walks out of the room.

"Hey!" Zac's voice snaps you out of your thinking trance. "Why was he in here?" "

He just came in to say hi." You answer with a smile. "

I don't like it when you two are alone, it makes me nervouse." He adds, defensively.

"Don't worry, we weren't doing anything." You reply quickly, hoping he will drop the subject so you don't have to look anymore guilty then you already do.

"I didn't say you were, I just said it makes me nervous." He answers you as he wraps his arms around your waist. "Let's go check out the rest of LA together."

"Zac, it's 1:00am, your parents won't let us." You answer, relieved that he had dropped the "David" subject.

"Ok, let's go!" You hear Walker call into the room.

You look around, you hadn't even noticed that everyone else had walked into the room and were busily getting their things ready to go.


After taking a half hour to get everything packed and ready in the van then another hour before you get to the hotel, you finally plop yourself down on your bed and close your eyes.

"HI-YA!" Zac screams as he lands on top of you.

"Zac! I'm tired, I want to sleep!" You exclaim, pushing him off of you and onto the floor with a thud.

"But I'm hyper and I need you to calm me down." He answers, clumsily climbing back up onto the bed and gently kissing your neck.

"Not tonight!" You snap.

He ignores you and begins to slide his hands up your shirt.

"I said, not tonight!" You snap again, angrily pushing him back onto the floor.

"Gees, ok! But can I at least sleep in here with you?" He asks innocently.

"No!" You reply quickly.

"Please? I promise I won't do anything." He asks again, crawl- ing back onto the bed wrapping his arms around you.

"As long as you promise to let me sleep." You reply, turning around to face him.

"Promise." He whispers, tracing his finger over your lips then pulling you close and laying his head on yours.

You breathe in deeply, you can smell his sweet breathe, it smells like M & M's.

I wonder if he tastes like M & M's, you think to yourself.

"Oh what the hell!" You exclaim, jumping on top of Zac and kissing him.

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