"Let's go skinny-dipping." He exclaims as you two take a 

"No!" You reply, smacking him playfully on the arm.

"Ok." He says with a pouty face. "Then let's go swimming!"

"No! Last time I went swimming with you, we got kicked out of the elevator, I got scared out of my mind, and you got smack- ed. Not idea of a fun night." You exclaim.

"Please?" He begs.

"Fine." You give in with a smile as you walk over to your bags and search for your bathing suit.

"Ok, I'm ready!" Zac calls from behind you as he walks out of the bathroom.

You turn around and see him in his Green board shorts.

"Wow! That was fast. Well turn around so I can get my bathing suit on." You reply.

"Why?" He asks with a huge smile.

You just roll your eyes. "Fine, then I'll change in the bathroom."

Before he canobject you slip into the bathroom, throw on your bathing suit then walk back out again.


"Come in the water Zac!" You yell from inside the pool.

"I'm working on my tan!" He calls back.

"Zac, it's an inside pool, it's 4:00am, nothing on you is going to tan." You reply rolling your eyes.

"Really? Then let me put on more sunscreen, if I'm not going to tan I most certanly don't want to burn!" He exclaims jumping up and grabbing his bottle of sunscreen.

"Zac!" You scream. "This is boring in here by myself."

"Ok, ok, I'll dive in." He remarks, trudging over to the diving board. He walks to the edge then turns around and walks back off the board.

"Zac! What are you doing?" You call from the other end of the pool.

"I have to take a running leap." He answers you with a "duh" expression on his face. He steps back onto the diving board then runs, jumps, and lands a perfect cherry bomb. The splash sends waves everywhere making you laugh.

You look around for him to come up, but you don't see him so you wait a few more seconds.

"Zac." You call quietly.

There's still no answer or appearence from him so you call his name again, still no answer.

You dive under water and search the bottom of the pool and spot him at the bottom of the pool, motionless. You immediatly swim to him, wrapping your arm under his arms and pulling him to the surface. After struggling for a little bit you finally get him and yourself out of the water. You check for a pulse, there is one, but when you check for breathing, you don't hear or see any.

Panic immediatly begins to over take you but you quickly push it back down and begin CPR. You give him three quick breathes then listen for breathing again, still none. So you repeat the process, still nothing. Thinking maybe you can pump a little of the water out you begin to feel around under his ribs for his "notch" (for those of you who haven't had CPR training, the notch is a little ditch right below your rib cage that has to be found to give chest compressions), this causes him to start giggling.

"ZAC!" You scream.

He opens his eyes and smiles at you. "Gotcha."

"ZAC!" You snap again, slapping him across the face then getting up to leave.

"What?" He calls, struggling to get up quickly then runs after you.

"What? What did I do?" He asks as you step onto the elevator.

"Zac, you pretended to be hurt! Do you know how scared I was!? Have you ever felt the pain of losing someone so close to you?!" You snap at him anrgliy.

You open your mouth to say something else but the elevator doors open and a lady walks in, starring a little at you and Zac, since you both are soaking wet and don't even have towels.

You stand there silently till the elevator reaches your floor then you push past the lady onto your floor.

"Yes I have felt the pain of losing someone close, my grandma died, you know that. Not to mention I almost lost you in Washington!" He defends.

"Washington was TOTALLY different! I would have only broken up with you, I wouldn't have been DEAD!" You snap. "You almost died once before Zac, that killed me!! Especially since I SAW it happen! And now you pull this 'pretending to die' stunt? That is cruel!" On your final words you walk into your hotel room and slam the door in his face.


"OW!" You exclaim as you fall out of your bed and hit your head on the night table.

The pounding on the door continues as you struggle to free yourself from the bed sheets.

"Coming!" You call, trying to by yourself a little time.

You finally get out of it and stumble to the door.

"Finally!" Taylor exclaims as you open it. "Pack and get ready to go, we leave in two hours." You close the door as he walks away and head back into the room.

"I'm so glad this family likes to give so much advance notice." You tell no one sarcasticly.

As you reach for your suitcase you hear someone softly knock- ing on the door.

"Great, now they're probably going to tell me we're leaving now." You tell no one and open the door.

"I know we're leav..." You start but stop when you see it's Zac standing in the doorway. He looks gorgeous in a plain white t-shirt and blue jeans.

"Oh hi." You greet flatly then walk back into the room.

"You're still mad at me?" He asks, his voice sounding a little surprised.

"Um, duh! Zac, that isn't someting you get over quickly." You snap as you throw all your clothes into your suitcase.

"I said I was sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you, I was just messin' around." He replies, wrapping his arms around you and leaning his chin on your shoulder.

"You're missing the point. You scared the crap out of me Zac, I...nevermind, you obviously don't understand." You reply, pushing him off of you and continuing to pack your clothes.

"What? What don't I understand?" He asks defensivly.

"Forget it!" You snap. "Just go pack your clothes, I'll see you later." You push him out of the room and close the door behind you then head back to your suitcase.

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