After about a half an hour of silence between you and Zac 
on the plane he finally gets the courage to speak up.  

"I really am sorry." He whispers convincingly as he picks up the arm rest on the chairs and scoots closer to you.

"I know, I guess I kinda over reacted." You reply with a slight smile.

"So, do you forgive me?" He asks, giving you the most innocent face possible.

You just stare at him for a few seconds then a smile breaks out across your face.

"Ya, I do." You reply.

"Good, cause all this quiteness was gettin' on my nerves." He states. "Hey, wanna run down the isle to the bathroom?"

"Why do we want to run to the bathroom?" You ask with a curious smile.

"So we can run down the isle and tick off the flight attendents." He whispers, making sure his mom and dad in fron of you two can't hear your plans.

Before you can give an answer he grabs your arm and pulls you to the back of the plane. He puts you in one isle then walks over to his isle trying not to draw to much attention to himself.

"One...two...three..." He silently lips to you.

On three both of you break into a run down the isle. As you make it to the curtain that seperates First Class from Coach you here a loud crash of metal and glasses breaking.

You stop yourself as fast as you can, causing you to fall back hard on your bum. You stand up quickly and peek through the curtains to Zac's isle. He is laying on the floor next to a very angry flight attendent with food and drinks all over both of them.

"Oh oh." You stammer quietly.


"I have NEVER been more embaressed in my life!" Diana screams as you and Zac follow her into the house with your heads down.

"Well, mom, you can't forget the time, when Zac was five, and he put a whoopee cushion on your chair at that women's meeting you had and after you sat down he ran around the room naked screaming 'My mom is fart women'." Taylor reminds.

Zac and Diana both shoot Taylor mean glares and you just stand there with your head low, trying desperatly not to laugh as you picture a young Zac doing this.

"But mom, I had to go to the bathroom REAL bad." Zac whines.

"The bathroom? Both of you? And if so why did you run from the back of the plane to the front? You could have walked casually to the bathroom!" Diana screams. "But instead you choose to embaress your family! And Amelia, you're fifteen, you should know better then that!"

"Sorry Mrs. Hanson." You stammer quietly.

"I want both of you in your OWN rooms till I can figure out what to do with you." She concludes.

You and Zac run quickly up the stairs in case she has anything else to say.

"You actually ran around a room butt naked?" You ask, releasing your laughter as you reach the top of the stairs.

"It was when I was five! How was I supposed to know any better?!" Zac asks, his face turning red.

"I thought I told you to go to your rooms!" Diana calls from the bottom of the stairs.

"Sorry." You call down to her then head into your room.

After standing and looking around your room for a few seconds, trying to figure out what to do, you decide to walk out onto your balcony.

"You know, you really do look good when you stand there like that." Zac comments from behind you.

"Ya well...whatever." You begin, but finish not knowing what else to say.

He walks up slowly behind you and spins you around to face him, then slips his arms around your waist, pulling you close.

"I love you." He whispers as he slowly leans to your face.

"I love you too." You whisper back right before he presses his lips to yours.

You immediatly slip your tongue into his mouth, causing a wave of excitment to shoot through your body. He begins to slide his hands up and down the sides of your body as he presses you against the balcony wall.

"Hmmm." You moan as he moves his lips down to your neck.

He giggles a little but continues kissing you.

You pull hisface back up to yours and press your lips roughly against his. After a few seconds of this he goes back down to your neck again, bringing his hands up and down your thighs.

"Zac." You call out quietly and unawaringly.

"Milia." He mocks back at you.

You smack him in the head and bring his face back up to yours and stare into his eyes with a smile.

"Milia." He says again.

"What?" You answer.

"Milia!" He shouts a little.

Your eyes pop wide open and you look around.

"Finally, I've been calling you for five minutes!" Kristen snaps as she walks past your bed and digs through your drawers.

"Um, where am I?" You ask a little confused.

She laughs a little. "In your room loser. In Salinas California. You know, the boringest place on earth!"

"Huh? How in the hell did I get here?" You ask, the confusion continuing to mount up in your head.

"What do you mean, hwo did you get here? You live here! Stop playing stupid and get ready, your mom is taking us to the concert in an hour." She snaps.

"To the concert? What concert? Where's Ike and Zac?"

"Um, probably in San Francisco at the amphitheatre, where they are putting on a concert for us!" She snaps.

"You're playing around right? Aren't you going out with Ike? I'm going out with Zac!"

"Um, ok, in my DREAMS I'm going out with Ike, and in yours you're going out with Zac."

"What? I'm confused!! I just spent all summer with HANSON! I'm going out with Zac! And you're going out with Isaac!"

"What? You've spent all summer in summer school dear, I think you had one awesome dream though." Kristen corrects with a laugh.

"So you mean. everything was a dream? HANSON? Amanda? David? Rosie O'Donnel?" You ramble on.

"Wow! All those people were in your dreams? Wait, who the hell is David and Amanda?"

"Oh my god! I can't believe this! I just spent the best time of my life with HANSON, and IT WAS A DREAM!?!?!" You scream. "That's it!! I'm going back to bed!! I want to finish the dream!"

"Well you can go ahead and go back to bed, but I am going to a HANSON concert and I plan on meeting my HANSON babies!" Kristen replies as she hurredly gets her stuff together.

"Oh man I can't believe this." You mumble to yourself as you jump off your bunk bed and get dressed.

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