Chapter 5

(Next day) 

"Hey Milia!" You turn around and see Kristen 
standing there. 

"Hey Kristen, god I haven't seen you in a long ole time. 
You have been spending to much time with Isaac." You say 
with a smile. "Come to think of it I haven't even seen 
Isaac in a long time, where is he?" 

"He went to over to one of his friends house's." She 

"Cool, are you hangin' out here today?" You ask excitedly, 
hoping you get the chance to actually talk to someone 
since you have been busted away from Zac. 

"Yep. I came over to hang with Tay, since I don't want 
to interrupt you and Zac."  She answers, then races up 
the stairs before you can explain what happened between 
you and Zac. 

You walk into the kitchen to find Diana cooking again 
as usual. 

"Hi Amelia, where have you been all day?" She asks with 
a smile. 

"Oh I went to Kristen's house with Isaac to hang for 

"Really?" She asks looking suspicious. 

"If your thinking that I was with Zac then you're wrong, 
I don't want to do anything to make you or Mr. Hanson 
extend our time away from each other."  You say with a 
convincing smile. 

"I'm glad to hear that you are taking this maturely." Diana 
says. "I want to ask you something, but I want you to 
seriously think about this." Diana asks. 

"Well what?" You say with a smile. 

"Well I talked to Walker, Isaac, Taylor, and Zac and they 
all thought this was good idea, especially Zac. How would 
you like to go on tour with them instead of....." You don't 
let her finish. 


"Well I am glad you are so excited. You do realize that 
you are going to have to do work and stuff?" She tells you. 

"Oh I know, I wouldn't dream of just sitting there doing 
nothing. Do you think they will let me set up the 
electrical stuff?" You ask. 

"Milia, I don't think they will." She says, remembering 
the last time when you killed Taylor's cat Mama when you 
accidently electrocuted him. "Taylor had enough trama for 
one day when you killed his cat." She adds. "You will 
though, be expected to help them with their clothes, 
making sure they remember everything and you can help 
them during rehearsals." She tells you. 

"Oh man this is awesome, when do we leave?" You ask way 

"Next week on Monday." She tells you with a smile. "Kristen 
and one of her friends is coming to, I think there is 
something going on with her and Isaac but neither of 
them will admit it." Diana says with a smile. 

"Oh man this is awesome. How long will we be gone?" 
You ask. 

"Well you will be gone all of June through September." She 

"Wow, and what about me and Zac? I mean how are we not 
going to see each other on the bus?" You ask with a 

"Well this is your way of proving to 
us that you can be mature and keep your hands and eyes 
off each other for a week. If you can do this then you 
will be able to see each other again, but if you can't 
then you will NOT be allowed to see each other for the 
rest of the tour. I know this sounds cruel but what you 
guys were doing was really wrong, and I know you don't 
think so now but you will when your older." 

"I understand Diana, but this is totally cool, um, I am 
going to go pack right now." You say as you run up the 

   "Isn't this awesome?" You ask Zac taking a breather from 
making-out for a half an hour (straight, no breaks). 

"I know, and if we are good for one week then we can be 
together forever!" He says smiling and kissing you softly 
on the neck. 

You and Zac have been meeting here for two days (the 
skating place). You have been a little happier since you 
have been seeing him but you still haven't been any nicer 
to Walker but he has been really nice to you. 

"I wish we could just stay like this." You begin. 

"In the woods on top of each other, I could live like 
that!" Zac says with a smile. 

"Well on top of each other yes, in the woods no, there are
way to many bugs. I meant together." You tell him. 

"Ya, I agree, my dad really overreacted, maybe if we talk 
to him, maybe if we tell him that we will be good for two 
days and he can watch us and then we can be together, I 
can't wait a whole nother week." He says. 

"Well, what do you want to do?" You ask looking up at him. 

He smiles then kisses your lips. You wrap your arms around 
him and kiss him back slowly. You hold him close to you. 
You never want this to end. 

"You know, why can't we do something else besides make-out 
every time we see each other? I mean I really like doing 
it but I want us to have fun together. What 
can we do?" You say pushing him off of you. You stand up 
and start brushing yourself off. "I don't know what to do, 
maybe we should...." 

You are cut off by the sound of a twig breaking and someone 
blading up the trail. You turn around to see Taylor 
rollerblading towards you guys as fast as he can. He stops a 
few feet in front of you way out of breath and his face 
is bright red. 

"Tay what's wrong?" You ask. 

"Mom asked Kristen where you were and Kristen said she 
didn't know cause I didn't get a chance to tell her about 
this so mom sent dad out to look for you guys and he just 
went to the Laser tag arena, so Zac you have to head over 
to your friend Max's house and pretend that you have been 
there for awhile, go, NOW!!!" He yells, pushing Zac down 
the trail.

"What about me?" You ask with butterflies in your stomach. 

"We have to get home right away before my dad gets home 
cause you were supposed to be at Kristen's until 4:00 and 
it is 6:30, my mom is trippen'!" Taylor says looking 
concerned. "She's rambling on about something about the tour 
and how she trusted you two, she is really pissed! 
Let's go!!!" He says and grabs your arm and literally pulls 
you down the hill. 

You two speed home together and get to the driveway just 
as Walker walks out of the house. 

"Where the hell have you been?" Walker asks you when you 
get to the door.

"I went to the backwoods to a place Tay had shown me, it's 
a skating ramp, I was rollerblading there." You tell him 
trying to look convincing. 

"You're a terrible lier Amelia, I want you up in your 
room now, and you are not going to see Zac for the rest 
of the tour, no exceptions this time. We trusted you and 
you snuck off with him, I can't believe you two could do 
this to us, where's Zac?" Walker asks. 

"I don't know I haven't seen him all day." You say. 

"STOP LYING TO ME!!" Walker yells at the top of his 
lungs which makes you jump back. You try hard to hold 
back the tears. "Now where is Zac?" Walker asks again. 

"I thought he went to the Laser tag arena, I really don't 
know!" You lie again. 

"I was just at the arena and he's not there, and I am 
tired of your lying." He says again.
"What makes you think I am lying? How do you know for 
sure? Do you have cameras watching our every move?" You 
ask feeling really pissed. 

"No I don't have cameras but I have someone who saw you 
go into the backwoods and then Zac followed ten minutes 
later!" Walker says matter-of-factly. 

"WHAT?? We didn't go in there, we 
haven't been together all day!!" You say really crying 

"Dad why don't you just leave her alone?" You turn 
around and see Zac standing there with Max. 

"You watch how you are talking to me young man, Amelia 
go to your room right now, and neither of you are to see 
each other until after the tour." He says. "Wait a minute, 
Amelia, you're staying here." 

"What you just told me to go to my 
room." You say sounding confused. 

"No I mean you are staying here, you are NOT going on 
tour with us, we obviously can't trust you and Zac 
together so your are staying here for the summer." He 
says. "Now go to your room and stay there." 

"You know." You say walking up to him. "I came up here to 
have a cool summer away from my drunk mom who drinks and 
yells and hits me for no reason at all. And I come 
down here expecting a really fun summer and all I get is 
kept away from my boyfriend, stuck in my room, and now 
you are telling me that I can't see any of them for the 
whole summer. No offense to you or Diana but, WHAT'S THE 
POINT?? You know, everyday I wish more and more 
that I didn't even come here this summer. You have treated 
me like crap ever since I got here and don't know why. Is 
it because I going out with Zac and I am 15 and he's 12? 
Is it because I actually wasn't in love with Taylor like 
every other 15 year old girl? Or is it because you caught 
me with Zac? I know you did those things with Diana when 
you guys first fell in love, and all I want is for you to 
look back on that time and realize what you are doing to 
me and Zac!" With that you skate into the house take off 
your blades and walk upstairs to your room leaving Walker 
stunned and speechless on the porch. 

"You were a little hard on her honey." Diana finally 
speaks up. 

"I know." He replies, then walks into the house into his 

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