Chapter 6

"Walker." Diana says quietly as she walks into the den. 

"What?" He says. 

"You were way to hard on Zac and Amelia, 
she is right. Don't you remember when we got caught 
making-out?" She says smiling. "My dad hated you for 

"I know, and I was over-reacting. I had a bad 
day at work and I blamed it on them, but Diana they 
betrayed our trust, doesn't that hurt you at all?" 
He asks. 

"Walker? How did you know that they were in the 
woods?" Diana asks. 
"Michelle told me. " He says. 

"MICHELLE? How did she know that?" Diana asks. 

"She lives right across the street from where they went 
in and she saw them go in." Walker says. 

"You actually believed Michelle?" She asks. "You know she 
is obsessed with Zac and does anything she can to hurt 
girls that want to go out with him since he turned her 
down three times in 5 minutes last year." 

"I know but her mom backed it up and her dad's the 
mayor, c'mon, she wouldn't lie." Walker says. 

"Ok, but I think we should let them see each other, you 
are really going to have to work your friendship up with 
Amelia again, there is no way she is going to even talk 
to you." Diana says. 

"I know, I'll let her on the tour, but should we let 
them see each other?" 

"You do what you think is right Honey." Diana says and walks 
out the door. 

    "Zac, Amelia, come down here please." Walker calls 
from the bottom of the stairs. "I am in the living room." 

You hear him and walk down the stairs. Zac walks down right 
behind you. 

"What now?" You ask with a frown on your face. 

He can clearly see that you have been crying, your face is 
wet and your hair is matted to your cheeks. You pull your 
hair out of your face and stand in front of Zac with your 
arms crossed in front of your chest. 

"I have come to the conclusion to let you go on the 
tour Amelia."  Walker begins. 

"OH my god, are you serious?" You ask with a huge smile. 

"Yes and I am going to let you two see each to....." 

You don't let him finish. "YYYEEEESSSS!! THANK YOU!!!" You 
scream and run up to Walker and give him a hug. "Oh thank 
you so much!" You yell again. 

You run into Zac's arms and give him a huge hug. Then you 
kiss him. You kiss him forever it feels like. You hold 
him close to you. You are so happy. You don't know what 
to say.

	"Do you have everything? Are you sure? I don't want 
you to forget anything." Diana says with a smile. 

"I know mom, you're making me feel like a little kid, in 
front of my girl, you're ruining my image!" Zac says 
looking serious. 

"I know but my little baby is going to be gone for 4 
months, what am I going to do? Who is going to make me 
laugh?" She asks, grabbing Zac and squeezing him in her 

"Uh, mom, Zac can't breath!" He says in a squeaky little 

"I am sorry, I just don't want you to go." She says now 
in tears. 

"Mom we have been gone before, what are you trippen' 
on?" Zac asks picking up his bags. 

"Ya, but I went with you. Oh come here." She says again 
grabbing him and hugging him again causing him to drop 
his bags. 

"Mom, you're embarrassing me, my girl is here. MOM!!" He 
says as he finally pulls away. 

You just sit there watching them. You wish your mom would 
care that much about you but who cares about that right 
now, you are going to go on tour with the HANSON bros, 
this is going to be the best summer of your life. 

"MILIA!!MILIA!!!" You turn around and see, the one, 
the only, KRISTEN, wearing a smashing ensemble of jeans 
and a t-shirt and looking especially good for Isaac, 
(nah just kidding:) 

"Can you believe this?" She asks. "This is going to be 
awesome, we get to go on tour with HANSON?" 

"Calm down Kristen, it's ok!" You say with a smile. 

"I know but..." She is interrupted by Walker. 

"Ok guys let's go!" 

"MOM LET GO!!" You hear Zac yell and you see him struggle 
loose from his mom's grasp. 

"Isaac Taylor Amelia, Kristen, you better take real good 
care of my baby!" Diana calls after us. 

"Don't worry I will." You assure her with a smile and get 
on the bus.

   "Ok, guys give me your attention." Walker asks. "We 
need to make some ground rules before we get real good 
and going." 

Everyone moans and groans. 

"I know but we have to keep order in the bus, we are going 
to be traveling together for awhile and rules will help 
us keep out of each others hair." Walker says. "First of 
all and the most important rule, when we are in public, 
in other words, where other people can see us, Amelia and 
Kristen are not to hold hands with you guys, kiss you or 
do anything to hint that you are going out."
"Hey what do you mean?" Zac asks. "The whole world has to 
know that I have the most beautiful girlfriend on the planet."
"Hey watch it buddy. " Isaac says with a smile. 

"Zac you and I both know that it isn't safe for either of 
them, you know how crazy the fans go. Now let me continue. 
Lights out at 11:30 pm while we are traveling. If we have 
a concert or rehearsal early in the morning the next day 
then you are expected to at least be in your own hotel 
rooms at 9:00 cause I know you won't fall asleep at nine. 
The girls will have their own rooms you three will have 
your own room and I will be in the room in the middle of 
your rooms." 

"DAD!! How am I supposed to sneak into their room in the 
middle of the night?" Zac asks with a mischievous grin. 

"You don't." Walker says eyeing him. 

He continues with the usual rules, keep your hands, head, 
all body parts in the bus, which of course Zac doesn't like 
cause he wants to make the girls go crazy, and a lot of 
other rules. 

     (8 hours later 9:00pm) 

"Mr. Hanson!" You call. 

"C'mon in." He answers.

You open the door then walk into his study and 
sit down on a chair next to his desk. 

"Um, I really wanted to apologize for yelling at you and 
for lying, I just didn't want to get Zac into trouble 

He cuts you off. "Amelia, I was way to hard on you guys, 
I have been real stressed with this tour and stuff and I 
just took it out on you and Zac. You made me realize that. 
You were right when you said that me and Diana used to do 
the same thing. So I thought about it and I felt where you 
were coming from, so I should be the one apologizing." 

"I do have one question." You ask. "How did you know we 
were in the backwoods?" 

"Well, there is this girl Michelle, I am surprised that 
you haven't heard from her yet, and she is, well she told 
me and her mom backed her up so I knew it was true cause 
her dad's the mayor of Tulsa. Go ask Zac about her, he 
knows." He says with a smile. "So are we friends again?" 
He asks. 

"Ya!" You say smiling. 

"Good then you can start calling me Walker since we are 
going to be on this bus for awhile." He says. 

"Ok cool, goodnight." You say as you leave. 

"Goodnight!" He calls after you.

You spot Zac sitting on his bunk bed playing Nintendo. 
You go over and sit behind him, then put your arms around 
his stomach and rest your chin on his shoulder and watch 
him play. 

"Zac." You ask. "Who's Michelle?" 

He drops the controller and ends up dying (in his game). 
"Um how did you hear about her?" He asks, looking a bit 
"She's the one who told your dad that we were in the woods." 
You tell him. 

"Oh well she is just a girl." He says, then picks up his 
controller and starts a new game. 

"Just a girl huh? Then why did you drop your control and 
why did your dad say you would tell me all about her?" You 
ask sounding a little annoyed. "Is she an old girlfriend?" 

"No, you are my first girlfriend, she is just this girl 
who is really obsessed with me and follows me everywhere 
and every time a girl gets near me she flips and does all 
she can to drive the girl away. I am surprised that she 
hasn't done anything to you yet." He says still concentrating 
on his game. 

You feel the bus driver begin to stop the bus 
and you walk up to the front to see what's going on. 
Isaac, Kristen and Taylor are there talking. You walk 
aimlessly around the bus a little more then decide to go 
back into Zac's room and watch him play Nintendo. You 
slowly open the door and peek inside. The Nintendo is 
off and Zac is sleeping (amazingly enough). You just 
stare at him. He looks so sweet and innocent. You walk 
over to the bed and crawl into it next to him. He opens 
his eyes groggly and see's you next to him and wraps 
his arms around you. You lay your head down on his chest 
and fall into a deep sleep.

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