"Zac, are you ever going to even say more then 
two words to me this whole trip?" You ask. "You 
have been playing video games this whole time." 

"Ok I'll stop." He says. He turns around and pulls 
you up into the bed with him and kicks close the door 
to the bunk room and pulls the curtains closed. "Ok, 
I'm all yours." He says with a smile. 

"Finally!" You say and pull him to your face for a kiss. 
He kisses you back. 

You two lay there kissing and holding each other. He 
moves his hand up and down your side until he moves 
it under your shirt. He moves his hand around (and all that 
other good stuff)you. He begins to kiss you on the neck 
the moves down your neck and is about to kiss your.....
...when you are interrupted (you and Zac are in the girls 
bunk room, sorry for the mix-up). 

"Taylor you aren't supposed to be in here." You hear Kristen 

"I just wanted to see if you guys's bunk room was bigger 
then ours." He answers. 

"Tay why don't you go bug Ike or your dad?" Kristen asks. 

"Ike's sleeping and who wants to hang out with my dad?" 
Tay answers. 

"Ok whatever, well why don't you go online?" She asks. 

"Where? You and Ike are probably going to start a make out 
session in the boys room when he wakes up and I don't want 
to be there." He says. 

"Well then go online on my bunk." Kristen answers. 

Ah man, you mouth to Zac. "we can't do 
anything with them in here." You whisper in his ear. 

"Fine!" You say out loud, pushing Zac off of you and 
getting off the bunk. "If you guys are going to be in 
here, we will go somewhere else." 

"No no Milia, we can go into the guys bunk room it's no 
big deal." Kristen says. 

She grabs Tay's arm and pulls him out of the room into 
the guys bunk with Isaac. 

"There see, I knew they would leave, now where were w..." 
Your cut off as Zac pulls you by the shoulders back into 
the bunk. 

"I remember where we were." He lays on top of 
you and continues to kiss your neck. 

"I just don't feel like doing this anymore Zac." You say 
pushing him off of you. "Let's just go hang with them in 
the guys bunk kay?" You say, Zac looks a little mad but 
agrees to anyways.

(Next day) 
"Don't we ever stop?" You ask Zac. 

"No, we have to be in New York by a certain time and 
in order to be there we have to keep driving." 

"Oh." You answer. 

You two have been on the net most of the day answering fan 
mail as much as you can, of course you have a few make-out 
breaks in between. 

"I need a break." You tell Zac pulling 
his face towards you. You close the curtain to the bunk 
and start kissing him, just kissing him. You think to 
yourself, I love this, I am on tour with my boyfriend and 
his dad doesn't mind us making-out, this summer couldn't 
get bad at all. You hear me and Taylor coming down the hall 
arguing again. Kristen and Taylor get right outside the door 
and you hear Kristen. 

"Yep, Taylor, the only reason I am going out with Isaac is 
to get with Zac, I just adore him he is such a hott..." You 
hear as they walk by the door. 

Your mouth is hanging open and so is Zac's. 

"Wow, she likes me!" He says with a smile. 

You hit him in the shoulder. "That's a bad thing. I can't 
believe her, the only reason she is going out with Ike is 
to get to you. I can't believe she would do that to him TO 
ME!!! We are supposed to be best friends." You say getting 
up and standing in the middle of the bunk room. You begin 
pacing furiously talking to yourself. 

Zac steps right in front of you and holds your face.  "I won't 
go out with her if it is any comfort to you." He says with 
a smile. "I know, I will send a bullet-proof monkey with 
carrot stick after her and beat her up." You laugh. 

"What is a carrot stick going to do?" You ask. 

"I don't know, give her good eye sight?" He answers. 

"I am going to get her for this, I can't believe she would 
actually have the nerve to do this, and she was talking loud 
enough like she wanted everyone to hear this. I am going to 
get her." You say feeling very mad (hey this is your man you 
are defending him.) 

"Just let it go Amelia I..." Zac begins. 

"Let it go, I can't let this go, I am going to get her." And 
with that you storm out of the room. 

You walk around the bus for awhile just thinking how 
you can back at Kristen. How could she do this? I thought 
we were friends. I am going to get her.

(that night)
"Are you still mad at Kristen?" Zac asks. 
"Yes!" You say. You two have been just laying in bed for 
a half an hour. 

"It should be on my bed." You hear Kristen 
tell Isaac as she walks into the room. 

"I can't believe you are calling Tay gay!" Isaac says as 
they enter the room. 

"Well, he talks like it, he DRESSES like it, he is 
just a little fruity that's all. I'm not saying he IS 
gay, but hey, he has the potential to be gay." She replies. 

"I don't thought you two were best fr......." Isaac's 
voice trails off as they leave the room. 

"That's it, I have to tell Ike and Tay, she can't keep 
doing this to them!" You say as you jump out of bed. 

"No Amelia, I don't think that is such a good .....idea." 
Zac says as you slam the door closed and head to Ike's bunk.
"I am going to get her for this." You say softly to 

"Ike can I talk to you?" You ask as you walk into the 
bunk room. 

"Ya sure come in sit down." He says motioning 
to the spot next to him on the bed.  "Whut's up?" He asks. 

"Well, I don't want you to hate me for telling you this 
and I don't want you to hate me for it and you have to 
believe me." You say. 

"What's wrong Amelia, tell me." He says looking concerned. 

"Well, Zac and I were in the bunk room you know, and 
Taylor and Kristen walked by the outside of the door 
and they were arguing, and well Kristen told him that 
the only reason she was going out with you was so she 
could get to Zac. And I know you probably don't believe 
me but you have to, I am telling the truth and you can 
even ask Zac he heard it to." You say looking up at Ike. 

He just stares at you with a blank expression on his face. 

"Say something." You ask. 

"I don't know what to say, thanks for telling me I guess, 
at least I know what she really thinks of me now." He 
says. "Can I just be alone for awhile?" He asks. 

"Sure." You say and walk out of the room. 

Now you feel bad about telling him but he deserved 
the right to know and Kristen should not have said that, 
now to tell Taylor what she said. You go to the rec. 
section of the bus and find Taylor in there. You sit down 
next to him. 

"Taylor, I have to tell you something." You 

He turns around. "What?" He says with a smile. 

"Um, I thought that you should know this, um, I over 
heard Kristen talking to Isaac in the bunk room, and 
she said that um, she thinks you are gay." 

"What?" He asks looking confused. "She says that to me all 
the time, we play around like that." 

"She said that you act gay, you dress gay, you 
talk gay, and you look gay, and she thinks you are fruity. 
I am sorry but I thought you should know what she thinks 
of you." 

"Oh." Taylor says just looking at you with a hurt 
expression on his face. "I will um." 

"I will talk to you later." You say as you walk back i
nto the bunkroom and find Zac and Kristen playing a 
video game. 

Kristen is sitting right next to Zac on the bed playing 

"Get out of here!" You yell at Kristen. 

"What?" Kristen asks. 

"You heard me, I said get out of here, Zac and I want to 
be alone." 

"God you could just have asked nicely." She says 
putting down the control. 

You stand at the door waiting for her to leave. 
She walks out the door and you slam it closed. 

"What is the matter with you?" Zac asks. 

"I can't believe you let her sit next to you, what if 
she tried something?" You ask. 

He walks up to you and kisses you on then cheek. "I would't 
let her." He says with a smile and pushes you back onto he
bed. He moves to take your shirt off but you stop him. 

"Zac we already talked about this." You tell him. 

"Sorry." He says and starts to kiss you, he moves his hands 
up your shirt and kisses you softly. Feeling a little daring 
again you move your hands down his pants. He moans a 
little a kisses you harder, then harder and starts to 
get a little restless. 

"Zac." You say, pushing him off of you. "Not so fast, I 
don't like going so fast." You tell him. 

"I'm sorry, I won't do it again." He says as he gets 
on top of you again and starts to kiss you.

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Chapter 8:
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