"Milia." Kristen asks. "What's wrong?" 

"I just saw Zac...kissing another girl." You tell her 
in tears. 

"Oh my god, are you sure he was kissing her or was she 
kissing him?" She asks. 

"DOES IT MATTER?" You scream at her. 

"God I was just trying to help." She answers. 

Taylor and Isaac have stopped singing and our looking 
at you and Kristen. 

"Amelia!" Zac calls as he walks down the aisle of 

"Go away!" You say getting up and running down the aisle 
and into the hallway. 

You stop and look back to find Zac following right behind 
you. You begin to walk away. 

"Amelia!!" Zac calls again. 

"Go away Zac!" You yell back. 

He finally catches up to you and grabs your arm. 

"Wait a minute." He says,  spinning you around. 

"No, how could you? How could you do that?" You ask trying 
hard to stop from crying.  "I thought we meant something?" 
"We do." He says. "But she just came in there and kissed 

"Oh she just walked in the room, didn't say anything and 
kissed you?" You say sounding sarcastic. 

"Well no, we talked a little bit and then she kissed me." 
He answers. 

"SO YOU LET HER?" You scream. 

"Amelia, I have something to tell you." He says looking at 
the floor. "Um.." 

"What?" You ask him, finally getting a hold on the tears. 

"Well Amanda, is....she's my....she's my girlfriend." He 
says and looks up at you sheepishly. 

You slap him in the face HARD! 

"I HATE YOU ZACHARY HANSON" You scream as you run in the 
opposite direction. You leave Zac there holding his 
stinging cheek.

You walk up to the bottom of the stairs leading to the 
stage and sit down. 

"How could he do this to me?" You say out loud. 

"Oh look who it is." You hear a squeaky voice say. "What 
is your problem? Coming into my boyfriends dressing room 
and pushing me down. I have a right to kiss 
MY boyfriend you know. I am sorry that you have such 
STRONG feelings for him but he love's me and not you 
so get over it. It's fans like you that give normal 
fans a bad name. All obsessive and everything. Face it, 
you're to ugly, Zac would NEVER go out with you." 

With those last words you jump and bunch (not slap) 
Amanda in the nose. 

She screams and grabs her nose which is 
now bleeding. 

Everyone hears this and comes running. 

You hold your stinging fist in your other hand. 

"Oh my god." Zac says and rushes towards Amanda. "Are 
you ok? What happened?" He asks. 

"She punched me." Amanda says, pointing towards you. 

"Amelia!" Walker yells. "Go wait in the dressing room, I 
will deal with you in a minute!" 

You look at Zac and he looks at you with a concerned 
look on his face. Isaac and Taylor just stand there with 
their mouths open and Kristen is looking at you confused. 

You turn and walk into the dressing room. You sit down at 
the table then get up again and start pacing back and 

The door opens and Walker walks in. 

"Amelia, you have some explaining to do." He says as he 
sits down. 

You explain the whole thing to him, you even begin 
to cry a few times through the story. 

"I see." He says. "Well, I understand and I am not going 
to punish you under the circumstances but I do have to 
tell Mr. Greenburg (HANSON's agent, Amanda's father) that 
I did something to you so I will tell him something." He 
says as he walks out of the room. "By the way, you have a 
good left hook." He says with a smile, and leaves the room. 

Zac walks in right after him. 

"I don't want to talk to you Zac!" You say turning your back 
to him.

He wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you close. 

You try and squirm free but he holds on tight so you stop. 

"You didn't let me finish today, I was telling you that 
yes she WAS my girlfriend, we never officially broke up 
but when she went off with another guy and we moved back 
to Tulsa after finishing Middle of Nowhere, I assumed we 
weren't going out anymore, and don't worry I didn't 
even like her that much, I just went out with her to 
score good points with her dad so he would sign us, I 
know that sounds mean but she is spoiled and her dad 
let's her have everything she wants, I was something 
she wanted.  We never kissed or talked or even touched 
each other, she just liked walking around telling 
everyone that she was going out with Zac Hanson." He 
says hoping you will believe him. 

"Why should I believe you?" You ask. 

"Cause I love you." He says pulling you close for a kiss. 

You let him kiss you on the lips. Then slowly begin to kiss 
him back. You hold him so tightly and hope you never have 
to let go when the door flys open. 

Amanda is standing there with a band-aid on her nose.
"GET OFF MY MAN!!!" She screams and runs at you and knocks 
you to the ground then jumps up off you. You get up and 
Zac begins to come towards her when you hold your hand up 
to stop him. 

"Ok you want a fight, you got one!" You say 
holding up your fists in front of your face. 

She runs towards you and grabs your hair. 

'A chick fighter.' You think to yourself. 

You grab her and flip her over your shoulder. 

She lands hard on her back but gets up to go 
at you again. You punch her right in the mouth and she 
falls to the floor, blood spurring from her broken front 
tooth. You lean down in front of her face and pull it up 
to yours and look right into her eyes.

"Back off Bitch!" 

Her eyes go wide and you stand up and walk out 
of the room. 

Zac just stands there with his mouth open then follows 
you out the door.

"I can't believe you did that!" He says as he follows 
you down the hall. 

"Well, she started it!" You answer.

"DADDY!" You hear Amanda scream. "DADDY!!" She screams 

Her dad comes running by you to his daughter. 

"Oh My Gosh, WALKER!!" He yells. 

Walker comes up to see what all the commotion is about. 

"Look at what Amelia did to my daughter, her tooth is 
broken!" Mr. Greenburg yells. 

"Oh my goodness." Walker says as he eyes the damage that 
you caused. "And of course Amanda didn't do anything to 
provoke this?" 

"Of course not, my baby girl would never do 
that." He says holding her in his arms. 

"Get over it!" Walker says as he gets up. "Kay guys, I 
think we have worked hard enough for today, let's go check 
into a hotel and take the rest of the day off." 

"YYEYEEEESSSS!!!" Zac yells. 

     "This is the life." You tell Kristen, laying on an 
inflatable bed thing in the pool. 

"Ya uh huh!" She replies. 

"C'mon Kristen, you can't still be mad at me, I said I was 
sorry." You say sitting up on your bed. 

"Well, there is one more thing I still have to do." She 

"And what is that?" You ask looking at her. 

"Well first of all how is your tan going?" She asks. 

"I only have to be out here for a few more hours and it 
will be perfect, granted I don't get wet." You reply. 

"O, good, you really need a tan." She says smiling. 

"Oh thanks!" You reply laying back down on the 
flotey thing. You look back in her direction and she is 

"Kristen." You call. "Hey where'd ya go?" You look 
around and don't see her then....SPLASH. 

She comess up from underneath you and tip over your 
bed thingy (sorry I don't know what those floating beds 
are called) 

"KRISTEN!" You scream. "Now how am I supposed to tan?" 

"Gotcha." She says laughing. 

"Ohhhh, you bunghole!" You say and start splashing her. 

You two are in the middle of a major splash 
fight when we hear four loud voices scream. 
"COWABUNGA!!"  In unison. 

"Nooo!" You two scream together as all three 
HANSON bros jump into the pool causing a major tidal 

They swim under water where you guys can't see them. 

"Where did they go?" She asks. 

"I don't know." You say looking around. 

"Maybe they..." 

You scream as Isaac and Zac lift both of you out of 
the water on their shoulders and throw you 
guys on the other side of the pool. 

You come to the surface. "LOSERS!" You shout with a 

Zac comes out from under you again, this time tickling 
you to death. You start giggling and begin to find it 
hard to breath. 

"Stop I can't breath Zac!" You shout. 

"ZAC!!" Taylor yells. "Cut it out she can't breath, 
you're going to end up drowning her." 

Kristen, Ike, and Tay get out of the pool to go do some 
site seeing leaving you and Zac alone in the pool. 

"Wow." You say. "This has been one hectic day." 

You begin to float on your back and Zac treads water 
next to you. 

"Ya." He replies. "I just hope that Michelle doesn't 
end up coming to one of the concerts, she is WAY to 
obsessed with me. I mean, I know I am a hottie and 
everything but.." You cut him off. 

"Oh so sure of yourself?" You say with a smile 
and dunk him holding his head under water for a few 

When you let him up he trys to grab you and dunk you under 
water but you are to fast for him (hey you were on the swim 
team he wasn't) you two continue to splash around in the pool 
for a long time and chase each other. You begin to feel a 
little weak from being in the sun for so long so you two 
decide to go back up to the room. 

You get to your door and turn around. "So where do you want
to go today?"

" I don't know." 

"Let's go see if we can find a Laser tag arena. 
I haven't played Laser Tag in so long I think I am 
going to go crazy!" He answers. 

"Too late!" You say with a smile. 

He gives you a quick kiss on the lips and goes into 
his room to get ready to go.

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Chapter 10:
Through Thick and Thin: