In order to understand this story I need to explain a few 
things first. In this story your name has been magically 
changed to Amelia Dillon, you live in Salinas, California 
and you are 15 years old. Your best friend in the story 
besides the HANSON brothers,is Kristen. The 
story is written about you so when it says "You walked..." 
or "You said" it is referring to you. You already know the 
HANSON's, which is explained in the introduction. Also, I 
am in no way related to HANSON or even know them (I wish I 
did!). This story is LOOSELY based on them and things they 
say and do in this story is all fictional. I don't know if 
they would ever do anything described in the story, I am just 
making things up as I go. Please do NOT email me telling me 
things like "Taylor would never do that" or "Isaac would 
never say that" cause this is FICTIONAL. Also there are a 
LOT of typos, just ignore them and if you have any 
questions about the story, email me. Thanks for coming 
to read it and don't forget to sign the guestbook. I 
will have a new section every Monday, so keep checking 

Through Thick and Thin:

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