The Interesting Concert

"Oh my gosh, can you belive it?? We are almost in!!" You 
shout to your friend over the shouts of screams from the 
fans around you. 

You have been waiting for this day your whole life, you 
actually get to see HANSON perform live.

"I know I can't belive it!" Your friend yells back over the 

"Did you remember your MOE card?" You ask her. 

"Of course what do you think I am an idiot??"  

"Well....... " 

"Don't answer that!!" 

You finally get into the Amphitheatre and stare in awe.

"Wow!" You exclaim. "They are ging to stand right there!!" 

"I know but let's go find the gate to leave our presents!" 
Your friend nudges. 

You two walk around for a couple of minutes till you 
finally find the gate, surprisingly there are only a few 
fans waiting there. 

"Wow, this is going to be easier then I thought!" You 
exclaim to your friend. 

"Oh my gosh there they are!" Your friend yells pointing 
at the three blond babes standing a few feet from the gate. 

Suddenly your friend breaks into a fit of screams until 
she passes out, doctors are there already and promise you 
that they will take good care of her (now that she is out 
of the way we can continue even better!!!). You look back 
at the gate and see the youngest one, Zac, starring at you. 

When you catch his eye he quickly looks away. 

"Hey you??" The security guard yells. "Do you have a 
MOE card?" 

"Yes, yes of course!" You answer. 

"Well then come on in." He smiles. 

Oh my gosh, you think to yourself, this isn't 

You walk in the gate and see a few girls 
standing and talking to HANSON, you walk to the group. 

Taylor reaches out his hand and introduces himself and 
his bros. 

"I already know who you are." You say with a smile. 

"Oh ya, I should have known." Tay responds smiling back at 

Since you werethe only girl there that actually talked to 
them and didn't pass out or scream, the guys spent most of 
their time talking with you.

"Well we have to be going." Isaac cuts in, after you have 
been talking with them for ten minutes. 

"Ya, good luck!!!" You look over at Zac who 
surprisingly hasn't said barely anything the whole time, 
he just stared at you with a weird gaze. 

"Well we'll see you later." You tell Zac. 

"Ya I guess so." He stammers. 

You begin to walk away and turn around and see that he 
is still staring at you. Isaac then walks up behind Zac 
and grabs him on the shoulders and begins to lead him to 
the stage, as he walks away he gives you a little smile 
and wave that totally melts your heart. You walk out to 
find your seat on the lawn with a miliion other fans and 
watch the awesome concert.

"Are you Amelia Dillon?" A security guard asks as you 
are trying to get out of the amphitheatre to find your 

"Yes, did I do something wrong?" You asked confused. 

"No could you come with me please?" He asks sternly. 

"Yes of course." You follow the security guard. 

He leads you to the gate that you had met Hanson at 
earlier. He walks you inside and leads you into a big 
room. "Wait here please." He says as he closes the door 
to the room. 

"Wow!" You stammer. 

You look around the room and see clothes thrown 
everywhere, 3 pairs of rollerblades on the floor, 
a camara sitting at a dressing table and you look up 
at the mirrors and see three names, Isaac, Taylor, 
and Zac. 

"Oh my gosh." You say aloud. "I am in HANSON's dressing 

"Yep you are." A voice says.

You turn around to see Zac Hanson leaning against the door, 
he is wearing his yellow pants with the black stripe, his 
yellow docs (which you love) and a black kind of tight 

Wow, you think to yourself. 

"Um, I don't really know how to ask this but I saw you 
when you came to give us the presents and you totally 
stunned me. You are the frist girl that I 
have talked to in a long time that actually didn't pass put 
when I said hi.!" 

"Really?" You ask, not knowing what to say. 

"Ya." He says, coming closer with everything he says. 
"Do you beleive in love at first site?" He asks as he 
stops directly in front of you. 

You can smell the laundry detergent on
his clothes and you can see straight into his big puppy 
dog brown eyes. 

"Yes, I do." You reply a little shakey. 

"Really?" He asks sounding a little surprised. "I do to."
And with that he leans towards you and kisses you, tenderly 
at first, kind of not knowing what to do. He finally realizes 
that it is all his move and slides his tongue into your 

You slowly respond to this. 

He puts his arms around you and pulls you close. You wrap 
your arms around him and envelope yourself in the kiss. 
He then begins to slide his hands down your thigh, slowly 
stroking it, keeping you totally interested in the kiss, 
then he starts to move his hands up your shirt, he moves up, 
past your belly button, past your stomach and is about to 
reach your bra strap when SLAM. 

The door flies open and Taylor is standing in the doorway, 
you immediatly jump away from each other. 

Zac is blushing badly (that's a first) 

AN HOUR, GET TO THE BUS!!" Taylor yells then walks off, 
probably to the bus. 

"Sorry about that, I have to go." Zac finally speaks up. 

You look at your watch. "Oh my gosh so do I!" 

"Can I have your address and phone number?" Zac asks. 

"Um DUH!" You answer sarcasticly smiling. 

You write down your info and hand him the piece of 

"I will come see you when I can, I promise!!" He 

"Ya, I hope so." You begin to walk out of the room 
then turnn around grab Zac by the shirt and kiss him long and 
hard. "I hope to see you soon." You say as you walk out of the 

"Hey Milia!!" Zac calls,as you are at the door. 

"Ya?" You ask. 

"Um, will you go out with me, I mean will you be my 
girlfriend?" He aks a little shyly. 

"Forever and a day!" You answer with a smile and begin 
your walk to your car. 

Awesome. You think to yourself. This concert went way better 
then  thought it would be!

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