In this story your nickname is Milia, or Mila. You already know the HANSON's and you are staying at their house for the summer (your mom and their parents are good friends). Your best friends with Kristen (you will read about them later in the story). Your dad died when you were little and you live in Salinas, California with your mom.

"Hey Milia, want to go blading?" Taylor asks you with a smile. 

"Sure." You reply, running up the stairs to the guestroom 
where you are staying in the HANSON's house for the summer. 
You reach in your closet and pull out your yellow blades 
(both you and Zac have the same pair) then walk back down 
the stairs to the front porch where Taylor is putting on 
his red blades. You sit down next to him and start taking 
off your shoes and replacing them with your blades. 

"Can Ike and Zac come with us?" You ask Taylor. 

"Um." He replies looking disappointed. "Sure." 

You rush back in the house to look for Ike, he's not home 
(he must be over at Kristen's house) so you look for 
Zac. Where's the first place you go? The family room, and 
of course you find him there playing Nintendo. 

"Hey Zac, you want to come rollerblading with me 
and Tay?" You ask him. 

"Sure, let me get my blades." He says as he moves to 
get up, he notices you bent over figourusly 
trying to fix your pants, you almost get it done when you 
feel two hands on your bum and suddenly you are sprawled 
on the floor. 

"Zac!" You exclaim. "What did you do that for?"
"Well you had your butt in my face, I couldn't resist!" 
He answers with a smile and runs up the stairs to get his 

You walk back out on the porch to find Taylor skating 
in circles in the driveway. 

"Finally." He says when he sees you. "What took so long?" 

"Zac thought it would be funny to see me sprawled out 
on the floor!" You reply. 

"He pushed you?" Taylor asks, sounding concerned. 

"Ya, I was fixing my pants and I had my bum in the air 
and he pushed my bum down." You answer him. 

"He touched your butt?" Taylor asked sounding really 
pissed. "Ya, it's no big deal, he's done it before, 
he likes to knock me down cause the only time he can get me 
down is when he gets me off guard, when we wrestle I always 
kick his bum." 

Just as Taylor was about to talk, you hear a 
scream, and a thud thud thud, then you here the sound of 
blades on linoleum, then Zac comes flying out the door. 

"I'm out of control!!!" He yells as he speeds down the walkway 
which goes to the garage and ends up slamming into the garage 
door. He stands there with his hands out at his sides, pressed 
up against the door, then he slowly falls backwards. You and 
Taylor bust up laughing. 

You begin to walk across the lawn to Zac, whom is still 
laying there, but you are laughing so hard 
that you fall down in the grass. You hold your stomach cause 
it hurts so bad from laughing. 

Zac slowly gets up holding his back like some 50 year 
old man. 

"Wow." He stammers. "Never come down the stairs in 

You can't help it, both you and Taylor are laughing 
majorly hard. 

"Your laughing at me?" Zac asks you with a smirk. 

"No, no,
um...Taylor!" You try to say between giggles. 

"AHHHHHHHHHH!" Zac yells as he pounces on you. 

He begins to wrestle with you but you can't fight 
back you are laughing so hard. Then the torture begins. He 
tickles you a little. 

"No, don't you dare Zac!" You say still laughing. 

"Oh yes." He says with an evil grin. 

"Nooooooo!" You yell as he attacks, tickling your stomach, 
your arms, your neck, everywhere that he knows you are 
ticklish. "No, No, stop Zac No...please!" You say between 

Taylor finally regains his composure and sees Zac on top 
of you, with you screaming, he runs over and pushes Zac 
off of you. 

"Thanks Tay." You say with a smile. 

"Grow up Zac!" Tay shouts out at him. 

"Sorry, I was just messin' around." Zac defends. 

"It's ok Taylor, he does this all the time, it's 
called having fun, you should try it sometime." You say 
defending Zac. 

"Ya whatever, I am going over to Kristen's 
house."  Taylor snaps. 

"Dang he's moody." You say. 

"Hey wanna go blading still." Zac asks 

"Ya, c'mon, let's go!" You answer.

     You two blade for two hours. You actually get a chance 
to really talk to Zac. You find out more about him then anyone 
in his family knows (and you terrorize Tulsa the whole time, 
but that's another story). You finally get back home and it 
is dark outside, you sit down on the porch to take off your 
blades and Zac sits real close next to you. 

"Milia." Zac calls. "What?" You answer. 

" you.....what do you think 
of me? Do you think I am some little 12 year 
old, a brother, or would you want to do something more. 
You know, like boyfriend?" Zac asks. 

"Well." You reply.
Then without even thinking about it you pull his face towards 
yours and kiss him gently on the lips. 

"I would love for you to be my boyfriend." You tell him. 

"Are you asking me?" Zac asks with a smile. 

"Oh ya." You tell him leaning towards his face and 
looking straight into his eyes. 

You kiss him again, this time long. You gently place his 
hands around your waist. Then you rub his sides and bring 
your hand up to his long blonde hair and let it flow 
between your fingers. 

Zac was obviously a little nervous at first but now he 
is getting really into it and he brings his hands down 
your thigh then around to your bum. You jump a little, 
startled by this movement on his part. Then he brings his 
hands up your body, past your waist, past your stomach to 
(you know where he goes from here) then he lays you back on 
the porch (surprisingly the porch is VERY warm). He moves 
in and lays on top of you. 

"I'm going mom. I'm taking out the trash right now!" You 
hear Tay yell from inside the house. 

You push Zac off of you, grab your skates, and open the 
door just as Taylor does. 

"Oh, you guys are finally back!" Taylor says. 

"Yep." You answer. "I'll see you tomorrow, I am going to 
bed. Goodnight." 

You lay in bed thinking about what happened. You hear the 
door slowly creak open and Zac walks in. 

"Milia, you awake?" He asks in the dark. 

You sit up in bed. "Ya, come in." 

He walks in wearing blue and red checkered boxers (ONLY). 
He sits on the bed next to you. 

"Are we,like, going out?" He asks. 

"Yes, I thought we were." You say with a smile. 

"Good." He says with a mischievous grin. 

He leans over and kisses you softly and caringly. 
Then he lays you back down on the bed and lays on top 
of you. He gently touches you in all the right places. 

You decide to be daring and move your hand up his leg (you 
know where your going) he moans softly as you do this. 

He begins to take off your shirt but you stop him. 

"I don't have a bra on." You say.
"Oh." He answers then smiles.

He leans in and kisses you again and puts his hands up 
your shirt. "Like I need to take it off." He says with a 

You two continue to make-out for awhile until you are both 
to tired to do anything else (no you did not do the do, 
you know what I am talking about.) 

"Zac." You hear Isaac calling. "Zac." He calls again. 

"Isaac?" You ask still asleep. "It's 4:00 in the morning." 

"I know." Isaac answers. "But if my mom finds out he slept 
in here, she will kill both of you, I'm just a big bro. 
lookin' after my little bro." 

"Thank you." You tell Ike as you lean over and 
whisper in Zac's ear to wake up. He finally does and 
Ike leaves the room. 

"I better go." He says. 

"Ya you better." You reply. 

You grab the top of his boxers and pull him back to you 
and wrap your arms around him and kiss him and then let 
him leave the room.


You are rudely awakened from your sleep and look at 
the clock, 8:30. Oh ya, the photo shoot. 

You jump out of bed and get dressed then hurry into 
the HANSON's room and try to help them get ready. You walk 
in the room and Zac rushes over and gives you a hug and a kiss. 

"Thank god you're here!" Zac says. "Did you hear? This day is 
NOT going good. I think I am going to die. I am never going to 
be able to live anymore." 

"What, what's wrong." You ask. 

"Well, you know my bullet-proof marshmallows?" He asks. 
"Well, someone shot one and it died! No really HAS ANYONE 

"You lost your docs?" You ask. 

"Don't remind me." He says, diving head first into the 
clothes filled closet. 

"Ohk how do I look?" Taylor asks, walking out of the 

He is wearing a tight red shirt, white, blue, and orange 
jeans, and black boots with red flames on them. 

"OH MY GOD!!" You scream. "What the freak are you wearing 

"What you don't like it?" He asks. 

"Like it? That is the most hideous thing 
I have ever seen! Is that an outfit? That better not be what 
you are wearing!" You yell. 

"What's wrong with it?" Taylor asks looking a little 

"Well for starters, it's WAY too tight, second of all, those 
shoes don't match, and third of all those pants are 
chiccy!" You inform him. 

"Well what do you suggest I wear?" He asks. 

"Um." You answer thoughtfully. "How about your blue checker 
collard shirt and black baggy jeans. Or your yellow shirt 
with the blue stripe on the sleeve." 

"Ok." He answers. "Then what shoes?" 

"Um, your Maroon docs, I love those shoes." You answer.
"Docs! Why did you have to mention docs?" Zac says emerging 
from the pile of clothes in the closet. "I miss my docs, 
I can hear them calling me. Zac, Zac, where are you? We're 
lost, save us! Can't you hear?" He exclaims as he grabs 
your shoulders. "Can't you hear them calling? They need me, 
they can't live without me!" 

"It's ok Zac, don't trip. Did you look under your bed?" 
You ask.

"No I just assumed they wouldn't be under there since my 
bed goes there." He answers in a little boys voice. 

"Well then go check!" You say, pointing towards the bed. 

"Ok I'm ready." Isaac says as he walks out of the bathroom. 

He is wearing a white tank top under a plaid blue shirt 
and black baggy Dickies. 

Wow, you think to yourself, he looks good. 

"How do I look?" He asks, eyeing himself in the mirror. 

"You look REAL good!" You reply as you walk up to him and 
fix his collar. 

"Ok is this better?" Taylor asks. 

He is now wearing his blue plaid shirt 
over some black baggy jeans with his maroon doc. 

"Tay, change the docs and wear some other black shoes 
cause those don't match to wel...." 

"I FOUND THEM!" Zac calls from under the bed. 

"They were under here the whole time, who would 
of known?" 

"Good, now you all look..." You begin. "Zac."

"You're only wearing boxers."
"Oops, um, could someone help me from out of here?" 

You walk over and pull him by his legs out from underneath 
the bed. 

"Thanks." He says with a smile then heads into 
the bathroom with his clothes. When he finally emerges he 
is wearing (what he was wearing for the SNL skit) and 
you think he looks real good.

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