A Not So Bad Day

     Your walking over to the bus stop. It's a hot day in 
Tulsa and you are VERY tired. You feel like you have been rollerblading all day. You stand waiting for the bus when 
you look down at the schedule, DANG!!!! This bus came by 
here 5 minutes ago you think to yourself. 

WHY ME? You ask as you begin your long skate home. 

Just when you thought this day couldn't get any worse, 
as you are turning the corner to go home a kid comes 
and rams right into to you, knocking you to the ground. 

"Ow! Watch it!" You exclaim. 

You look up at the boy who is laying on top of you on
the hot cement. You look up into the most beautiful 
eyes you have ever seen, you notice his delicate 
features, and best of all, his long beatuful blond 
hair glistening in the sun.

"Hello? Are you ok??" He asks. 

'He speaks' You think to yourself. 

"Um maybe I should go." He says as he begins to 
blade home. 

"No, no I am ok, sorry I was thinking about 
something." You reply quickly. 

The boy eyes you with a thoughtful expression on his 

"I'm Zac." 

"Oh, I'm Katie." You reply. 

Wow I am standing in front of Zac Hanson, this day 
might be good after all, you think to yourself. 

"Hey are you sure you are ok, you could come over 
to my house and maybe out a band aid in your knee 
and get something cold to drink, it's just a tiny bit 
hot out here?" Zac asks. 

You laugh at his shy sarcasm, then look down at your 
knee, that is full of blood, you didn't even realize 
you were bleeding. 

"Ya, I better or I am going to end up dying or 
something from losing so much blood." You reply, 
still a little shakey. 

You and Zac begin your skate back to his house.
Zac is looking at you, he can't believe he is actually 
talking to a girl this pretty and she isn't screaming 
and going crazy.  In fact he is so busy starring at 
you that he doesn't notice the sidewalk is up a little 
bit and he trips over it falls and lands flat on his 

"Oh my goodness Zac are you ok??" You ask trying very 
hardnot to laugh. 

"Ya, I am ok." Zac replies, looking up at you trying so 
desperatly not to laugh. 

"Are you laughing at me?" Zac asks with a sly smile on 
his face, you shake your head. "Your laughing at me 
aren't you? That's it your going down" 

Then suddenly you find yourself on someone's lawn 
with Zac on top of you tickling you to death. 

"No No stop, don't tickle me,...I hate being tickled!" 
You shout between giggles. 

"Well that is what you get for laughing" Zac answers.
Then he stops tickling you but doesn't get up. 

You lay there staring into his beautiful eyes, and he 
leans closer,and kisses you real soft on the lips, 
then pulls away. You lay there bewildered, wondering 
what to do. Just when you are about to speak he places 
his fingers on your lips and leans in to kiss you again. 

This time you let everything go. You kiss him gently 
back on the lips, then harder, he presses himself 
against you and you continue to kiss. 


"What the...?" You ask as you are pulled out of your 
perfect moment, Zac jumps off of you and struggles to 
to his feet. 

"Zac get in the car now we have a photo shoot in ten 
minutes." You see Isaac Hanson in a mini-van with 
Taylor in the passenger seat. 

Zac hands you a piece of paper with his address and 
phone number on it. "Here, call me when you can." 

With that he pulls you into his arms and gives you 
one last kiss, then begins to skate towards the car, 
then turns, still skating. "And fix that knee!" He 
yells towards you. 

"ZAC, WATCH OUT FOR THE....." You don't get to finish 
your sentence, as Zac turns aound he slams right into 
the van, then turns around. 

"I meant to do that!" He says with a smile, then he 
opens the door gets in and the van pulls away. 

I guess this day wasn't so bad afterall.  You think to 
yourself as you skate towards your house.

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