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Of chapter 33

    (Next day)"Amelia, will you come down here please?" You 
hear Walker call from downstairs. 

"Coming!" You call back and head down the stairs. 

"We're in the livingroom." You hear him call. 

You walk in there and see Inspector Glicson and two police 
officers again. 

"Look, I already told you everything I know." You say, 
turning to leave the room. 

"Amelia, sit." Walker says calmly. 

You walk cautiously over to the couch and sit down next 
to Diana, you notice she is crying. 

"Amelia, these officers seem to think that you killed Amanda." 
Walker states, looking straight into your eyes. 

"I didn't, I already told them that." You say defensively. 

"We have your fingerprints on one of the liqour bottles, we 
want to do a Toxscreen (I think that's what it's called). We 
will take a urine sample and if it's clean we will let you 
go and never bother you again but if it's not then we will 
be forced to arrest you and make you stand trial. Would you 
be willing to do that?" Martha asks. 

"Uh....." You begin, looking nervously around the room at 
the many eager eyes. 

What do I do, you think to yourself. 

"Ok, I'll do it." You answer quietly. "But only if you 
promise to leave me alone after this." 

"Well, there is the deal of your finger prints on 
the liqour bottle." Martha asks, eyeing you. 

"Oh, she was throwing things into my room that night 
before the murder, I threw everything back down at her and 
she took everything back to her hotel." You answer, proud 
of yourself for thinking up the lie so quickly. 

"Why was she at your house?" Martha asks, sitting down 
across from you and taking out a pad of paper. 

"She came to sing songs to Zac and she was throwing 
letters, stuffed animals, liqour, soda, EVERYTHING 
into my balcony window. I got mad and threw everything 
back at her then went down to confront her." You answer. 

"What happened when you confronted her?" Martha asks. 

"She told me that she belonged with Zac and not me and 
she wanted to go out with him, then Zac said he would 
never go out with her and that we would always be toge-
ther and said she was the ugliest, most annoying person 
he had ever met and no matter what he wouldn't go out 
with her. She got mad and started crying, grabbed her 
stuff that I had thrown back then ran off, I didn't see 
her since then." You answer boldly. 

"Oh, why didn't you tell us all this before?" Martha asks, 
her features loosening a bit. 

"You didn't ask. I watch a lot of lawyer shows and the 
lawyer always says not to volunteer information." You answer, 
still proud of yourself. 

"Oh." Martha says smiling. "Well I am sorry to have bothered 
you, and after that toxscreen, we won't be bothering you 
anymore, you don't seem to have a motive anymore, but I 
still need the toxscreen."  

"Is it really neccessary, since you don't have a motive, 
what's the point?" Walker asks, standing up to walk them to 
the door. 

"It's just a precaution, and it will look good that she 
did it, it won't look like she is hiding something." Martha 
answers. "Goodbye Mr. and Mrs. Hanson, Amelia." 

"Bye." You say and quickly run up to your room to tell Zac 
about this and hopefully find some way to get that toxscreen 
to come out negative.

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