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"So what are we going to do?" You ask as you, Kristen and 
the Hanson brothers all sit in the tree house. 

"I don't know." Isaac answers after a long period of 

"I know!" Kristen suddenly shouts. "I will pee in a cup 
and when you go to the bathroom at the station I will give 
you mine and you can give it to them, they won't know the 
difference as long as it is urine of a female! And I haven't 
been drinking! So, we could do that! Or is that stupid?" 

"Actually." Taylor finally speaks. "That is a very good idea! 
In fact I think it will work. What does everyone else

"It's good." Everyone agrees. 

"Ok then, Kristen you will have to do it close to the time
she does cause it can't be to old. Amelia, all you will do 
is go in, take a few minutes, get Kristen's cup, dump it 
in yours and then give it to the cops, simple as 
that. Hope to god you don't get caught!" Taylor demises as 
everyone gets up. 

"It's tomorrow at 2:00pm, don't be late!" You say as you 
climb down the stairs of the tree house. 

"Don't worry, I'll be there." Kristen assures you.

     "Ok, I think you know the drill, pee in the cup then 
turn it back into me." The lady at the counter tells you with 
a smile. 

You nervously walk to the bathroom that she pointed 
out and carefully lock the door behind you. You slowly walk 
to the window and hope to god that Kristen is there waiting. 
You quietly as possible creek open the rusted window and 
look out, no one. 

"Dang it!" You say a little loudly. You 
immediatly cover your mouth then peek back over the sill. 

"Boo!" Kristen whispers as she jumps out from under the 

You let out a short shriek then cover your mouth 

"Is everything all right in there miss?" You hear a 
women ask from outside the door. 

"Yes, sorry, I almost slipped that's all." You quickly 
lie. "Did you bring it?" You whisper. 

"Yep." She says, and reaches into her bag and 
pulls out the bottle with the yellow liquid inside. 

"Eww, this is gross! It's warm!" You exclaim as you take 
the bottle from her.

"What do you expect! It was in me! Just put it in your cup 
and get out of here!" She replies, ducking down again under 
the window and creeping back to the front of the station. 

You quietly close the window then empty the contents of the 
container into your bottle, flush the toilet, wash your hands, 
then head to the counter. 

"What took so long?" The lady asks with a smile. 

couldn't pee sorry, and then I almost slipped, there's water 
on the floor in there." You answer slyly. 

"Ok, thank you." She answers then begins to go back to her 
own work. 

Ok, that was easy, lets hope they fall for it you say to 
yourself as you hurry out of the station to meet Zac.

	(Next day) "Amelia, phone for you!" You hear Diana 
call from downstairs. 

You rush downstairs and pick it up. 

"Hello!" You greet eagerly into the phone. 

"Hi this is Sarah Ashland with the Tulsa labs. I have the 
results for your toxscreen." The women states quickly. 

"Ok." You answer expectently. 

"You were negative, looks like you haven't 
drinkin' anything in your life. Congrats you're clean." 
She says. 

"Yes, thank you!" You exclaim smiling. 

You replace the receiver then rush up the stairs. 

"THEY BOUGHT IT!!!!" You scream and jump on top of Zac. 

"WHO? WHAT?" He asks looking extremly confused. 

"The police just called, they said I am clean and off the 
hook!!!" You tell him, smiling from ear to ear. 

"YES!!!" He screams and wraps his arms around you. 

"This is awesome, we fooled the police." You say, a little 
quieter now.

"Yep." Zac answers. He just stares at you for a few seconds. 
"If they would have caught you and said you were going to 
jail, I would have gone for you." He says with a sweet smile. 

"Thank you babe." You reply with a smile and gently kiss 
him, running your fingers through his hair. 

You kiss him long and hard, enjoying your new found 

"I love you." He whispers as he kisses your neck and ears. 

You just smile and continue to kiss him.

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